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Everything you ever wanted to know about false eyelashes, including reviews, lash dupes, creative tips, and how-to’s, written by two sassy, savvy girls who grew up in the false eyelash industry and are now the co-founders of the amazing ElegantLashes.com.

how to apply false eyelashes glue properlyNo other lash company is willing to give you in-depth reviews of their own products (we have over 500, so be patient while we get through them all!!), provide little-known pro tips, share photos and looks, and dish out juicy industry secrets (like what high end brands are selling our lashes repackaged and marked up) like we do.

And all this glorious, life-changing information for FREE.

Trust us when we write our handy-dandy, informative False Eyelashes 101 posts and LOTD (Lash of the Day) lash reviews. We can be brutally honest (people say Sunny is so blunt it hurts), so don’t think we’re sugar-coating our posts. If you think we’re praising our own products too much, … honestly, it’s really because we truly are surprised at how astonishingly awesome our products are. Especially when we’ve grown up with them and considered them the norm, only to learn the painful truth that not all false lashes are created equal. Yep, there are some hideous, horrendously cheap-looking fugly lashes out there, even from high-end brands (*gasp!*), and we can’t tolerate that. When we say Elegant Lashes® are the best quality false eyelashes in the world, AND at the best value, we state that as irrefutable FACT!! So take it or leave it. (I say take it! …and save yourself some money, please!)
The awesomeness of this blog cannot be explained or experienced in just this dinky About page, so read the fun, informative posts and see how False Eyelashes Blog will change YOUR life! Muhaha! (or you can just look at the pretty pictures and leave. -__-;;)

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21 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Since 1961 I have had to wear false eyelashes due to a car accident. Only on the left eye. I need real false natural hair eyelashes and safe glue. I have been having problems with my latest ones I ordered from Maybelline. Can you help?

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      First of all, I’m so sorry about your car accident. :'( I do have some good news for you, though!
      We have over 300 styles of 100% Natural Human Hair false eyelashes for you to choose from. As for glue, if you’re allergic to latex or have sensitive skin, we have a new brush-on Duo adhesive that is enriched with nourishing vitamins AND is latex-free. You might be allergic to something else in the glue, though, so check the ingredients list first (we have a photo of the ingredients) and always do a patch test on your skin to test for sensitivity before applying any glue to your eyes.

      I hope this was of some help to you!

  2. SHYNE?! Wow, I was in the mood for some old school music and listened to Shyne and not quite sure how I ended up here but its you guys, right?!

    Wow, howd you guys come about making a beauty-related website?
    And both of you grew up to become even more prettier!

    1. Hey, Sylvia!
      Looks like you found us! Haha Amazing what you can find on the Internet, right? X)
      I’m honored to know you listen to “old school” Shyne music. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! ^O^

      1. i’m sick of seeing your face everywhere I go…
        i’m sick of receiving gifts when it’s all for show…

        long time fan of that one. 🙂

        I’m so shocked that song was never released/performed in Korea. I thought it was the best song on your guys’ album. The damn song isn’t even on youtube. I had to re-rip it literally get it from the CD…

        Just finished

        1. oops got cut off.

          Just finished a Kpop related script and sent it out to Hollywood. There’s some interest, but no guarantees. In the .0000001% off chance it works out, would you guys be interested in cameos? ;P

  3. Do you sell your outstanding lashes in any european webshops? Love cheap, quality lashes, but shipping at 33 $ suddenly makes them very expensive….

    1. Hi Lotte! Trust us, if USPS would make international shipping a lot more affordable, we’d love it! Then again, I guess higher shipping is still saving more than paying $16 for our lashes repackaged as MAC lashes? 😉

  4. I’m impressed with your business and site! You guys have done an awesome job.

    Maybe I need to start looking into getting some eyelashes for myself… =)

    I guess I was wrong with the “nalrari” comment… kind of~~ =P

  5. Hi there, I wanted to ask some help with an eyelash problem I have. I have an affliction called trichotillomania, which causes me to pull out my eyelash hairs and has left me with bald eyelids and damaged stubs of eyelashes. I use natural-looking, short, sparse false eyelashes to cover that up, but I have a hard time making the base of the fake lashes (where they attach to my eyelid) look natural without real eyelashes to camouflage the eyelash band. The end result looks fake because of two reasons: (1) the eyelash glue leaves a strip of shininess that contrasts with my makeup, and trying to cover that up with liquid eyeliner just makes my eyelids looks bulky/mucky, and (2) the knots in the band are pretty obvious when I look downwards since I have none of my own eyelashes to cover them up. Do you have any advice as to how I can attach false eyelashes on in the most natural looking way possible?

    1. Hi, Bella! Sorry about your trichotillomania. We do have several customers just like you and I always recommend our #824 lashes because they are short, somewhat sparse, and don’t have a knotted band. Anything with a “chromosome band” (i.e., #006, #082, #082A, #561, etc.) is really good for natural-looking bases since the the base hairs cross over each other like natural lashes do. You can also try thicker density lashes that don’t have knotted bands.

      As for the glue bit, use clear glue but apply as thin as you can make it. You won’t need to go over the glue with liner or any other makeup if you do this correctly. It takes practice, but definitely worth investing the time in perfecting!

    1. We’re located in Los Angeles, California! If you need to purchase in bulk for your store/business, please select the bulk options in the drop down menu. Everything on our site is pre-discounted for professionals and business owners!

  6. I am having an allergic reaction to the glue. I have been having individuals put on and just all the sudden it started happening. My eyes itch and swell. Any suggestions of what I can use? My natural eyeleashes are short and not full.

    1. Hey, Debbie! Sorry about the reaction you’re getting. Try staying away from extensions for a bit and bring the glue you were using to an allergist to figure out which ingredient in there you are allergic to. In the meantime, try using temporary methods with a latex-free strip lash glue (latex allergies are common and you may have developed it over time).

      DIY temporary eyelash extensions: http://blog.falseeyelashessite.com/diy-eyelash-extensions/

      Latex Free eyelash adhesives: http://falseeyelashessite.com/cart.php?m=search_results&headerSearch=Y&search=latex+free

  7. I have been ordering your lashes for several years now although today is a different story! There is a problem on your website and no orders can be placed at all. I looked for a phone number to call you but there isn’t any I can find so I am writing on this blog to you. Please let me know when your website is working so I can place my “bulk” order.

    1. Debbi, we are sooo sorry – and thanks so much for being quick to reach out to us. We’ve had some issues with our servers being down since Friday but it’s finally back up (although lagging at the moment, to be honest).
      If you need assistance, please contact customer support at cs@elegantlashes.com and they can assist you with any concerns you have. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

      P.S. Look for our next newsletter. It’ll include a 10% coupon code for you to use as our apologies for this inconvenience. ;P

  8. Wow sunny and Bonnie! I don’t know if you remember me but this is amazing 🙂 I will definitely try your lashes out soon! I hope you two are doing well.

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