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Elegant Lashes Sexy Undies Collection Review

Hey, y’all! This post is going to be a little overview of the NEW Sexy Undies Collection that was released just this past Friday!Elegant Lashes Sexy Undies Under/Lower/Bottom False Eyelash Kit

The kit contains 3 of our best-selling under lashes, plus 3 brand-spanking NEW under lash styles, all for your makeup playtime pleasure.

Let’s start with the 3 best-sellers, all modeled here by our Instagram followers. (Follow us if you aren’t already doing so! We share awesome stuff on there everyday!!!)

@Nurmakeup wearing Elegant Lashes #600 Black (top) and #133 Black (bottom)
@MakeupByRiz wearing Elegant Lashes #133 Black Under (Bottom/Lower) Lashes
@MakeupByRiz wearing Elegant Lashes #133 Black Under (Bottom/Lower) Lashes
@BeautyByCassie93 wearing Elegant Lashes #133 Black Under Lashes
@BeautyByCassie93 wearing Elegant Lashes #133 Black Under Lashes

And here are the more dramatic and full #501 lashes (I usually wear them flipped as top lashes for a super-duper natural daytime look):

Photo courtesy of @MariPrettee
Photo courtesy of @MariPrettee
Photo courtesy of @Makeupdolls
Photo courtesy of @Makeupdolls

And here’s our natural yet sexy black-banded #529 Under Lash, voted top 5 Best Lower False Eyelashes on!

@Nurmakeup wearing Elegant Lashes #148 Black (top) and #529 Black (bottom)
@Nurmakeup wearing Elegant Lashes #148 Black (top) and #529 Black (bottom)
My eyeball wearing Elegant Lashes #045 Black (top) and #529 Black (bottom)

Those were the top-selling lashes. Now for the exciting part – the 3 NEW bottom lash styles!

This first under lash, the #017 lash, is sooo fun! Perfect for dolly or cosplay looks.

under lower bottom false eyelashes _ Elegant Lashes #017 Black Sexy Undies Collection
@SillyWittleSarah wearing Elegant Lashes #017 Black Under Lashes
Bonnie wearing NEW Elegant Lashes #017 Black under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes
Bonnie wearing NEW Elegant Lashes #017 Black under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes
Closeup of Sunny wearing  NEW Elegant Lashes #017 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes.
Extreme closeup of Sunny wearing NEW Elegant Lashes #017 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes.

The new #018 Under Lash is the most daring of the 3 new styles. I tried them on as top lashes (not photographed) and noticed they made my eyes instantly look wider and more awake! Me likey~~~ 🙂

2 pairs of M016 Mystic Lashes (part of the upcoming Black Velvet collection) + NEW #018 Under/Bottom/Lower Lashes
2 pairs of M016 Mystic Lashes (part of the upcoming Black Velvet collection) + NEW #018 Under/Bottom/Lower Lashes

My eyes look so hairy. Hahaha!

Our third and final new bottom lash style of the kit is our most natural-looking under lash to date. The hairs are super short and therefore super wearable – Bonnie and I love them so much we wear them almost every time we go out! Here’s the NEW #052 lash on Bonnie’s eye vs. my eye:

Bonnie wearing Elegant Lashes #705 Black (top) and NEW #052 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes
Bonnie wearing Elegant Lashes #705 Black (top) and NEW #052 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes.
Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes NEW M016 Mystic Lash (part of our upcoming Black Velvet Collection) and NEW #052 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes
Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes® NEW M016 Mystic Lash (part of our upcoming Black Velvet Collection) and NEW #052 under (lower/bottom) false eyelashes

There you have it! I hope this post helped you get to know our Sexy Undies Collection a little better. Bonnie and I are super excited about the new styles, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

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All the Pretty Eyelash Photos You Missed on Instagram

Sheesh, haven’t posted in so long! Sorry! >.<

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, however, you’ll know that we’re not dead. But for those of you with neither Facebook or Instagram, here are all the photos of lashes and looks shared by us and other Elegant Lashes® fans.


Here’s our first ever Instagram post! (btw, we’re at @ElegantLashes. <– Follow to see pretty pictures!)

Big lashes and bold blue makeup

I wore Elegant Lashes® #040 Black lashes on top and #602 Black Under Lashes on my lower lash line. The #040 lashes be cray cray, they’re so thick and long and dramatic. But hey! A girl’s gotta have fun. I went all out with the under lashes and err’thang because big, bold lashes call for big, bold makeup. And more lashes.. Of course I didn’t go anywhere looking like this….

soft brown false eyelashes

These are the #028 lashes in Brown. (I wrote a review about them here. They’re also included in our deliciously cute Brownie Lash Kit. Yay!)  So soft and purty!

best favorite false eyelashes

My absolute favorite – Elegant Lashes® #046 Black False Eyelashes. Just perfect.

natural false eyelashes

Amazing lash application by @gwenfauxglaux (Follow her!) She used Super Flare Individual Lashes to create this sexy cat-eye lash look. Short on inner corners, medium in the middle, and long on the ends. So dang perfect!

fourth of july makeup and colorful lashes

And here’s our lovely Bonnie rocking Elegant Lashes® G241 “Liberty Glow” Glow in the Dark False Eyelashes for her red, white, and blue Fourth of July look. She’s also wearing #066 Black false lashes as her base lash and #133 Under Lashes on her lower lash line.

red white and blue false eyelashes

Closeup of the eyes and lashes.  🙂

black feather false eyelashes

These are the F430 Premium Feather Eyelashes. Cute, no? They also come in a slightly longer version for those with bigger eyes than me. 🙂

neutral natural makeup and lashes

Elegant Lashes® #109 Black lashes. Simple tightlining and no eye shadow. All about the lashes, baby~~

elegant lashes #109 black false eyelashes human hair

Same lashes, different makeup.  I think I took these photos on the same day, actually. One natural-looking eye, one smoky eye. Hahaha! I’m ridiculous…. -_-

most natural looking false eyelashes

Why is my sister wet, you ask? She had me throw buckets of water into her face trying to see if waterproof mascara would prolong the life of false lashes in the water. Wanna know the answer? Click here. (BTW, Bonnie is wearing Elegant Lashes Individual Flare Lashes in Extra-Short, Short, and Medium.)

thick false eyelashes with cat eye effect

Dang, haven’t taken a selfie in ages. It was quite awkward, let me tell you. Anyway, I wore our brand-new Limited Edition Elegant Lashes® #148 Black False Eyelashes to a friend’s wedding. Super huge and glamorous (at least for me). There are like a million layers of lashes on this one strip. Me likey~~~ very durable. I’ll probably get like 26 uses out of these. X)

BTW, we now have a better closeup photo these lashes. Here you go:false eyelashes human hair - elegant lashes #148 black

You’re welcome.


false eyelashes - elegant lashes 034 black human hair false eyelashes

I love this sexy green eye by @brittany_nicole_mua!!!! She used Elegant Lashes #034 Black False Lashes to top off this look. All that green and glitter.. so gorgeous. <3

false eyelashes before and after

Who doesn’t love before and after photos? @beprettybychelsea shared this photo of a bride-to-be wearing Elegant Lashes® human hair falsies. She’s so cute – she reminds me Jennifer Lawrence!!

Sugarpill eyeshadow and Elegant Lashes false eyelashes

Can’t get enough of this. @sandykani90 used Elegant Lashes® #704 Black Lashes on top and Individual Short Flare Lashes on her lower lash line. Love the colors and that gold brow. And I always love when people wear individual lashes on their lower lash line and actually make it look good. This is just yums…

halloween makeup and false eyelashes

Aaaaand last photo, posted on Friday the 13th. To get into the Halloween mood. X) Closeup photos are from this review. The creepy Glasgow look is from this post using the same pair of Elegant Lashes® #030 Black Lashes.


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Which of these looks/lashes are YOUR favorite?  😀


Thick, Long Caterpillar Lashes! (Elegant Lashes #040 Black Product Review)

Just another short post reviewing a pair of lusciously thick #040 Black falsies I stole off the shelves. >:) First off, here’s our first-ever photo posted onto our brand-spankin’-new Instagram!

elegant lashes #040 and #602 Black human hair top and bottom false eyelashes
Follow @elegantlashes for more fun pics! 😀

Y’all know I don’t feel comfortable (a.k.a., I look silly) with super-thick, super-long drag-style falsies. However, remember my stupidly simple golden rule for wearing big, dramatic, over-the-top lashes:

If your lashes are too dramatic for you, simply wear more (dramatic) makeup.

Big makeup makes sense for big lashes. And that’s how I was able to pull off this look using Elegant Lashes® #040 Black and #602 Black Under Lashes:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black and #602 Black Bottom False Eyelashes

Mmmm, big, thick, hairy caterpillar falsies and a very defined bottom lash. I don’t think I have the courage to actually go out in public like this (so far it only looks cool in photos. Ha!), but still,  I managed to make these huge lashes work for me by wearing bolder makeup than I am comfortable with.

bottom under lower false eyelashes, 100% Human Hair Elegant Lashes #602 Black

Yum, look at those delicious bottom lashes. This is the first time I’ve ever worn the #602 Under Lash in Black, and also the first time I ever wore the #602 lash (black or brown) in a full strip. (I usually cut it in half and apply only on the outer corners only.) With a more dramatic makeup look, however, the under lashes don’t look so garish or overpowering at all. 🙂

elegant lashes #040 thick long black human hair false eyealshes

The #040 Black falsies are part of our Thick-Long category. And trust me, these aren’t even anywhere close to how long our other lashes can get. The #040 lash is actually one of the more “wearable” lengths in our Thick-Long Human Hair category. These lashes are perfect for dancers, performers, cheerleaders, and evening/night looks. Or maybe for just a casual trip to the supermarket. 😉

thick long Elegant Lashes #040 Black Human Hair false eyelahes

Okay, so I’ve been constantly saying that big, bold makeup makes big, bold lashes less overwhelming. So to prove my point, here’s the #040 Black lash on a more natural, naked eye:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black human hair false eyelashes
Yeah, yeah, my tiny, sparse lower lashes are absolutely to die for. Hahaha!

See how the hugely thick, long lashes are overwhelming and actually look heavy on my more naked eye? This is why bold lashes call for bold makeup. End of story.

Ending this post with another electric blue eyeliner cool photo to make up for that awkward naked eye one.

elegant lashes #040 and #602 Black top and bottom false eyelashes

If you want your own pair of either of these luxuriously soft human hair falsies, get em here:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black False Eyelash
Elegant Lashes #602 Black Under Lash

And don’t forget, WE’RE FINALLY ON INSTAGRAM, Y’ALL!!!

Follow @elegantlashes to see behind-the-scenes stuff and use hashtag #elegantlashes to have your own creative work featured. We love seeing what kind of magic you make with Elegant Lashes. 🙂

Elegant Lashes #028 Brown False Eyelashes (Yay, Product Review!)

Pardon me, blonde Asian coming through.

shyne sunny wearing elegant lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes

I just tried a style I thought was a little weird-looking. It’s called #028 Brown and it looks like this:elegant lashes #028 Brown human hair false eyelashes in packaging

brown human hair false eyelashes

I think I’ve said numerous times that I’m a big fan of the spiky style lashes rather than the ones with even lengths. However, this style was a little too chunky-spiky for me, and the spikes were a little too few and far between for my liking.

028 Brown False Eyelash_LRG

However…… I will never forget the time we temporarily ran out of the #028 Black for a little while and people were freaking out and yelling at us to bring it back ASAP. Sheesh.

human hair false eyelashes100% natural human hair false eyelashes

So…  somebody out there must like these chunky spikes.

I never tried it, though, so I couldn’t judge… until like 10 minutes ago, when I found an extra pair of #028 Brown lying around and decided to play with it. Yay!


Ok, so how’d it go? Let’s see…

shyne sunny lee modeling Elegant Lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes



short brown false eyelashes

false eyelashes

The #028 Brown False Eyelash is part of our Medium Density-Short category. Surprisingly, this is one of the few lashes where I actually think “short” is a good word to describe the length of this style. Actually, it’s not really short, but it is definitely one of the more wearable lengths of our gigantic collection (although this is all completely subjective). I don’t feel self-conscious at all with this length. It’s a pretty natural and believable length. Good job!

side view of Elegant Lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes



I feel like #015 and #028 are very similar styles in that both are very short lashes with very defined spikes that are generally on the more dense side, especially for our Medium Density section.  (The #015 lash has more spikes, is slightly shorter in length than the #028 lash, and has a shorter band, which means you never have to trim it to fit your eyes. You’re welcome.) natural looking short brown false eyelashes

I’m wearing a brown pair, so of course the lash isn’t gonna look all crazy dramatic and as defined as a black pair of the exact same style.

natural false eyelashes, neutral eye shadow makeup

Still, I like the amount of thickness in this lash because it’s not overwhelming or heavy-looking. I don’t know what the #028 Black looks like when worn, but I am completely comfortable with the short length and adequate thickness of this particular brown pair of falsies. 😉

natural looking false eyelashes



brown false eyelashes

In the packaging, the #028 lashes look kind of scary because they’re so spiky. The spikes actually remind me of those spiked clubs and round nun-chuck things that Vikings and bridge trolls used… you know, these things:

Image credit:
Image credit:


Seriously, every time I look at a pair of #028 lashes, I am reminded of this.




Remember how I mentioned the chunky spikes are few and far between?

I discovered this actually has an unexpectedly cool effect when worn. Because the spikes are so far between and are cut so close to the lash band, you won’t get a big whopping dose of volume…

brown false eyelashes

… but what you WILL get is an effect that is surprisingly very similar to a super-spiky, super-separated lash like #043 Black or #220 Black/Brown.

short natural false eyelashes

See what I mean? Very similar to the effect of wearing  Elegant Lashes #043, #220…. or MAC 7 Lash. (Ha! Didn’t think this would be a lash dupe post, did you? Well, it’s not, but still. Why would you pay $16 for MAC lashes when you can get the same effect and same high quality for soooooooo much less?)

Insert random photo of #028 Brown lashes being modeled:shyne sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #028 Brown False Eyelashes

Anyway, that is the #028 Brown false eyelash in a nutshell.

100% Natural Human Hair, flexible and comfortable band, not too long, not too dramatic… definitely not what I thought they would look like when worn. I like ‘em!! 😀

(Bonnie wore them over the weekend and she LOOOOVVES them.)

Try them out here – if I were you, I’d just buy them by the 6-pack since I’ll probably wear them every day and go through them in no time.



Giant Green False Eyelashes for St. Patrick’s Day! (Elegant Lashes W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lash Review)

Hooray for last-minute blog posts! And random eye(lash) photos!

long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day

Today is March 14th, which means that in three days, countless strangers will find it their rightful duty to pinch you in the _______ (fill in the blank) for the mere reason that you aren’t wearing a certain color to celebrate a certain holiday that most people don’t know the reason of celebration for. (Google it if you don’t know.)

I’m talking about Saint Patrick’s Day!

… Do green false eyelashes count as pinch protection? Because here comes a pair:

Elegant Lashes W581 Shamrock Wild Color Lashes - long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day

This huge, gigantic green monster of an eyelash is from our Wild Color Lash category (an entire family of freakishly gigantic, colorful lashes), is a perfect candidate for a St. Patty’s Day look, and is aptly named the “Shamrock” lash (formally known as Elegant Lashes® W581 Wild Color Lash).

I cannot stress enough how darn HUGE these lashes are. I don’t understand how people wear these, but they are freakin’ fun and awesome for Halloween and costume/party looks.

long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day & Halloween

These lashes are so long that they extend waaaay past your eye. Perfect for.. men? And drag queens? And people with abnormally large eyes? Hahaha.

And let’s be honest, these are some giant lashes, so there is definitely gonna be some weight. Look at those lashes drooping a little at the ends. Hahaha

So how the heck do you wear such a huge eyelash comfortably?

Contrary to popular belief, false lashes don’t HAVE to be worn exactly as they come in the package. You can trim, shape, and customize any pair of lashes to your liking.

The W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lashes are way too big (width- AND length-wise) for me to wear as is, so I simply trim the ends off to fit my eyes: 

how to trim false eyelashes for halloween, costume, and dance

The Wild Color lashes are long enough at the tips (they flare up) to trim the falsies to a width that is shorter than my actual eye length without actually looking shorter than my eye. When trimmed this way, the lashes don’t droop as much at the ends, but they still have that nice, lengthy flared-up tip. 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Award-winning photo right here. ;P

This is the W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color lash trimmed to fit my eyes. Look at all that green goodness. Darker forest green at the roots for intensity and depth with brighter lime green at the tips for highlights and FUN! 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Some more photos of this giant green false eyelash. Even after trimming, this emerald beauty provides PLENTY of length. Don’t worry about running out of that. 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

 Wow. These funky lashes sure pack a punch with extreme length and a fun, flared cat-eye tip. Nice. =D

Final photo!

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Hey, look. I looked at the camera for you. X)


The W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lashes are an amazing(ly dramatic) way to get your green on and celebrate St. Patty’s Day with style. Get it here before you lose a perfectly legitimate excuse to wear giant green eyelashes on a day other than Halloween.

If super-long, ginormous green falsies aren’t your cup of tea, check out this page for some other equally fun St. Patrick-approved green lashes. Just remember – don’t be boring. 

green false eyelashes for Saint Patrick's Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!