bridesmaids sunny bonnie at charmill's wedding


Over the weekend, we had the honor of being bridesmaids for a dear friend (and fellow twin!). Just thought I’d share some pics from the wedding with y’all!  🙂

Done with hair and makeup! I’m (on the left) wearing Elegant Lashes #046 Black. Bonnie (right) is wearing Elegant Lashes #484 Black.

bridesmaids sunny bonnie at charmill's wedding
With the blushing bride, just minutes before the ceremony.^O^ *squeal*

It’s official! Another friend has gotten married and left the single ladies club. Photo time!




The six bridesmaids! The maid of honor gets to wear a distinctly different dress. Can you guess who she is?? 😉

Congratulations, Charmill and Jake!!!!! (/^O^)/ \(^O^)/ \(^O^\)

After a beautiful day of celebration and festivities, it’s time to pack up and take our aching feet and tired tushies home!

two sets of girl twins_sunny bonnie charmill cherishCheck this out – two sets of twins in one photo! Ah haha~! (Please excuse the glowsticks on my wrist. It was party time. ;))

Charmill, it was an honor to be a part your momentous day. What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to the new husband and wife!!

Aaaaaand for those who want a closer look at the eyelashes that were worn at the wedding, here you go…  I lugged myself to the bathroom when I got home and took these nice photos specifically for this blog. 😉

Elegant Lashes #046 Black False Eyelash

For the wedding, I wore a “spiky” false eyelash, Elegant Lashes #046 Black.After spending an entire day in them, what do I think about these lashes? Let’s see….Elegant Lashes #046 Black False EyelashThey’re super comfortable (as are all Elegant Lashes®)…

Elegant Lashes #046 Black False Eyelash

Elegant Lashes #046 Black False Eyelash

… and of course, these are the highest quality false eyelashes in the world (I state that as FACT, y’all), so they’re extremely well-made and kept their original shape when I removed them (using the method we showed you in the last post, of course! ;))

Here’s Bonnie wearing Elegant Lashes® #484 Black.Elegant Lashes #046 Black False Eyelash

I couldn’t get a good close-up photo of her in the #484 lashes, but she loves these lashes and has plenty of photos wearing them, so expect a blog post on these very soon!


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaids!”

  1. This is not eyelash related, but I have 2 other comments I can’t resist making.

    FIRST: Two sets of twins, both stunningly gorgeous..OMG! I love it!
    SECOND: I love that the bride allowed (for lack of a better word) the bridesmaids to wear slightly different dresses. I think this is a much more flattering way to handle a wedding party than the tradition of “making” each woman wear identical styles. <— And it can be downright cruel to some girls if the one dress is actually totally wrong for her figure! And I thing it was very interesting to have the Maid of Honor (and Best Man) wear something completely different. Why the heck not? I have not seen this personally before these pics (but that also could be that I am not in the phase of life to be planning a wedding. So perhaps your friend is not the very first to do this, but still, it's a pretty new trend, right?) and I love it. I think many of the standard "rules" about wedding parties need to go bye-bye.

    1. I think there’s a recent trend where all the bridesmaids wear dresses of different lengths, styles, and sometimes color! It definitely gives the bridesmaids some personality, althougth I think it’s always a good idea to have one uniting element to bring it all together. 🙂

      And yes, two sets of twins in one photo IS pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself. ;P

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