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Brown False Eyelashes – Why You’re Missing Out (You REALLY Should Read This)

Did you know…?
Elegant Lashes® carries the most brown lashesof any false eyelash brand in the world! If you’ve never tried brown false lashes, here are a few reasons why you should start looking into them now:brown false eyelashes
The color of your false eyelashes can have a huge impact on your overall look. Brown lashes create a more subtle, soft, and pretty look while black lashes create more drama and sexiness with a bold emphasis. Wanna know how else you can use the sweet subtlety of brown lashes to your advantage?


Friendly to first-time falsies wearers


When you don’t want everyone to know you’re wearing false eyelashes.
Everyone wants full, gorgeous lashes, but not everyone wants to advertise the fact that they’re wearing fake ones. Brown lashes give off a more understated look, granting you the ability to pull off longer lengths without drawing too much attention to yourself or looking too over-the-top. Brown lashes are also great for casual, natural, or daytime looks.


Ideal for natural blondes and redheads

Unless you’re going for a goth/rocker chick look, natural blondes and redheads know that black eye makeup can come off as too harsh or severe on their naturally light hair and light skin tones. Brown lashes are the best way to kick up your look without breaking up the balance and harmony of your features. Using clear eyelash adhesive with your brown lashes will ensure that your look will be seamless, especially when paired with your own naturally light-colored eyelashes.


When your favorite style in black is out of stock

Most people overlook the fact that all of our human hair lashes come with a brown counterpart. When your favorite black lash is out of stock, use a tinting mascara – not lengthening or volumizing – on a brown version of your favorite lash style to help mimic your desired look in black. (Regular lengthening or volumizing mascaras can change the look of your falsies, so if lash color is the only thing you want to change, forego the lengthening and volumizing formulas.)


I hope you lovelies learned a thing or two from this post. If you’re also a fan of brown lashes or are inspired to wear them after reading this blog, let us know on Facebook and Twitter, or in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

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We <3 brown lashes!


18 thoughts on “Brown False Eyelashes – Why You’re Missing Out (You REALLY Should Read This)”

  1. I’m SO pleased I found this blog! I’m a little obsessed with eyelashes and I’m always looking for a great mascara and false lashes!! These look gorgeous


  2. I love to read all of your blog **and I have to say l learned a lot about falseeyelashes .
    as always thank you for your sweet and well written posts.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I’m trying false lashes for the first time, so this article (and many others on this site) are very helpful.

    Just to clarify, is it okay to use brown false eyelashes if you have dark brown hair? All the pictures I’ve seen of models wearing brown falsies have light brown, blond, or red hair, so I’m not sure if brown lashes would suit someone with dark hair (like, would I have to buy a tinting mascara because the brown lashes are so light that they don’t blend in with my natural lashes?). Please let me know. Again, thanks for the post!

    1. Hi, Angie! So glad you asked! <3
      Brown lashes will be fine with your dark brown hair! It'll definitely give you a softer look which is great if you want the fullness/length of false lashes but don't want the obvious fakeness.
      My advice: don't use mascara when you wear brown lashes. Most brown mascaras are too dark compared to brown lashes anyway and it kinda kills the "light and soft" effect that brown lashes give to your eyes.

  4. Hello! My name is farzana and really interested in knowing which products to buy because I have deep state eyes and they are small. Everytime I try it does not look so great so I leave Everytime. Can you please help me how put it on myself and I leave in canada where can I get the right staff to help me be good at it!
    Thanks alots!!!!!

    1. Hi, Farzana! If you have small, deep-set eyes, the best eyelash for you is something short in length and very curled. The curl will lift the look of your eyes making your eyes look more open and brighter.
      Try #824 for the most natural look ( and #067 for lightly longer, but still natural look (
      You can always check out our other lashes on our website, We provided images of the side view so you can see the curl.

      Here are tips on how to apply your lashes easily:


    1. Hey, Brenda! So glad you found our site! If you need Extra Short and thick, check our Medium Density-Extra Short Category ( All our lashes are organized by density and length for easy browsing.

      If you can’t find something, check out our Brownie Kit (a collection of our 6 best-selling brown styles). Like is here:

      Hope you find something that suits you!

  6. Where can I buy some brown eyelashes in Geneva, switzerland? I am a natural blonde with pale, short, sparse eyelashes. My eyes are light hazel with an olive green ring around the outside. My eyebrows are also pale and I am always looking for a natural looking light brown, not reddish, pencil. hank you.

    1. Hi, Anya! Not sure where you buy brown lashes in Geneva, but we ship our lashes worldwide so you can order your lashes directly from us! We also have the largest selection of brown lashes available in the world!
      As for brown pencils, try Maybelline ExpertWear in the shade “Blonde”. It’s a very light brown with no hint of red at all. I suggest you try that if you can find it in your country. =)

  7. I guess there is no light volume in brown in extra short, only in medium volume. I want super natural looking and the medium volume though extra shirt is still a tad too much foru taste.

    Can the bottom lashes be worn on top lashes?

      1. Thanks for your response! Question : will the glue I bought to apply a different brand of false lashes work with all the lashes on your site and the individual ones?
        I hope you guys can one day create light volume brown extra short. I would buy that instead of the individual lashes that I am considering . Please advise so I can place an order soon for some photos I might be taking for work. Thanks again .

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