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Elegant Lashes Limited Edition Holiday Lash Kit in Action!

Elegant Lashes Holiday Lash Kit False Eyelashes_Sunny & Bonnie SHYNE

Hooray for the holidays! This time of year calls for holiday parties, and holiday parties call for glamour and sparkle. Lots of it.

So how do you choose which lashes to complete your sparkly holiday look with?


You could look through our 500 styles for the best glittery rhinestone styles to suit your sequined dress, but as Sweet Brown so aptly put it, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So we did all the work for you and came up a gorgeous Limited Edition Holiday Lash Kit that compiles 6 of our most glamorous yet wearable lash styles – including rhinestone lashes! You’re gonna love it. Best of all, these styles can be layered/stacked to create a customized look.

Elegant Lashes Holiday Lash Kit Limited Edition

Sunny and I are appearing in a blog post together for the first time! Isn’t this fun?
We’ll be showing you how each lash looks like on a real human (remember, they’ll look different on everyone since everyone has different eyes) and how to stack (layer) lashes to create a fully customized look. Here goes!

M059 Mystic Lash (cruelty-free faux mink)

elegant lashes M059 Mystic False Eyelashes - Holiday Lash Kit

Mmm, ruby red curls with dramatically long yet completely wearable faux mink lashes. These lashes showcase criss-crossed hairs in the inner corner with a sweeping flared-out look at the outer corners. Who knew drama could look this good?Shyne Bonnie Elegant Lashes M059 faux mink Mystic false eyelashes

Did you know that Makeup Forever sells these exact same pairs for $16? Funny how they’re made in the same factory as ours, too. *cough cough* I just gave you a huge clue as to how to wear designer-brand lashes for dirt cheap. *cough cough*

Here are more closeups of the M059 Mystic Lashes so you get a better idea what they look like when worn:Elegant Lashes M059 faux mink false Mystic false eyelashes

When wearing dramatic lashes, it’s always a good idea to balance out your look with a pair of under/bottom/lower lashes. I used one of our best-selling under lashes, Elegant Lashes #133 Black.

red hair shyne bonnie Elegant Lashes M059 Mystic Lashes

Don’t you just want to touch these lashes? These are the perfect alternative to pricey mink fur lashes. They mimic the shape and cut of mink fur but it’s made of 100% cruelty-free synthetic fibers instead! Better yet, they last just as long – sometimes even longer – than mink fur lashes with proper care. Winning!


#535 Black + D178 Rhinestone Half Lash

elegant lashes rhinestone false eyelashes 535 and D178 rhinestone false eyelashes

Sunny wore two pairs of lashes – D178 Rhinestone Half Lashes on top of super-thick and luscious #535 Black Human Hair False Lashes. I don’t know about you but those rhinestones are looking mighty glamorous to me. They add that perfect touch of festive sparkle for holiday looks and parties.

Elegant Lashes 535 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

Here’s what the #535 lashes look like by themselves. Nice flirty cat-eye effect, eh?

false eyelashes human hair and rhinestone

More pics of the lashes stacked. The D178 lashes actually add even more volume to the already-dense #535 lashes. Talk about drama!

false eyelashes human hair Elegant Lashes 535

Sunny is smiling because we took these photos on Thanksgiving Day and she smells the turkey in the oven.


M071 Mystic Lash 

Elegant Lashes M071 Faux Mink Mystic False Eyelashes

Ah, donning my sister’s high school prom dress for this photo. Lashes look subtle and natural here. Nothing too special, right?

Let’s take a closer look: Elegant Lashes M071 Silver Metallic Hologram False Eyelashes

Whew, look at that silver tinsel!! Although this is the shortest lash style of the Holiday Lash kit, it’s definitely far from boring. The gorgeous silver strips along the lash base catch the light beautifully whenever you blink… kinda like Christmas lights on your eyes!

shyne Bonnie red dress brown wig Elegant Lashes faux mink false eyelashes

Hmm, what am I doing here? Oh, that’s right: I was thinking about how I was going to lift the turkey out of the oven while wearing my sister’s prom dress.

But first, stare at my eyeball! This style is perfect if you want a more natural look but still crave a little holiday pizzazz to spice up your eyes. As with all our lashes in the Holiday Lash Kit, you can stack it on top of another eyelash for added length and volume.

Elegant Lashes M071 Faux Mink Mystic False Eyelashes

Loving the natural length and flattering criss-cross hairs of M071 Mystic Lashes!


#038 Black + D126 Rhinestone Lashes

Shyne Sunny Lee for Elegant Lashes Holiday False Eyelash Kit

Aww, look at my sister <3

Once again, Sunny wore two pairs of lashes on top – a human hair strip lash with a rhinestone eyelash on top for added sparkle. Here’s what the #038 Black lashes look like by themselves:

Elegant Lashes #038 Black Human Hair False Eyelash

These #038 Black lashes are part of our Light Density – Long category, and yes, they looked very long on Sunny. Not ideal for everyday office looks, but definitely appropriate for parties and nighttime!

Elegant Lashes false eyelashes for dancers

And now with the rhinestone lashes on top! You can see that there is a mysterious bit of shimmery something on her eyes. Rhinestone lashes look so pretty under any kind of light. 🙂

rhinestone diamond false eyelashes Elegant Lashes D126

Closeup of the lashes! The D126 Rhinestone lashes are applied on top of the #038 Black Human Hair lashes. Sunny also wore #133 Black bottom lashes for a little more drama and to balance out the potentially top-heavy look.

Elegant Lashes #038 Black False Eyelashes, D126 Rhinestone Eyelash - Holiday Lash Kit

The complete look: eye-catching and sparkly holiday/New Year’s Eve makeup without looking heavy or overdone. Yay! ^O^



I hope this helped to introduce you to the Holiday Lash Kit styles and gave you some ideas on how to utilize this amazing kit! If you want a kit of your own, get it here before it’s gone!

Remember, you can combine the 6 lashes in the Limited Edition Holiday Kit in whatever way you want to create your own customized look. Or, you can simply wear each lash by itself without stacking/layering. It’s up to you and what look you want to achieve, so go ahead and be creative!

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DIY Colorful Halloween Lashes

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creativeI’ve been waiting to write a blog on this look for the longest time and what better time to post than Halloween season? This is a really simple and fun arts-and-crafts-type project for those looking for a little pop of color from their lashes but not something that’s too crazy that they would feel self-conscious in. Best part is, you can customize the color scheme to whatever you want! I chose to do a neon-colored theme which is perfect for raves, glow-in-the-dark events, 80s themed costumes, and pretty much anything that welcomes a wide range of bright colors.

What you need:
– Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes  (available here: false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
– Nail polish of various neon colors
– Toothpick or nail art dotting tool
– Tissues/napkins to clean off nail polish on toothpick/dotting tool (optional)


  1. Brush the polish of your choice onto the end of your toothpick or dotting tool.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  2. Carefully place the dot of polish onto one of the ivory diamonds on the lashes. Make sure you coat the corners of the diamond for best results.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  3. Repeat above steps until all ivory diamonds are coated with polish.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  4. You’re done!false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

Don’t forget to wait for the polish to completely dry before you attempt putting them on. If you find that the lash band is too long for your eye shape, cut off the outer corners a little bit.

I love the way mine turned out! The eyelash itself is surprisingly wearable since the basic shape is a nicely fanned-out spiky lash with average density and a reasonable length. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice it made my eyes look. =P

Ready for a photo parade?

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative, asian girl
Oh, look at that lovely flyaway hair…


false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative  Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes, diy halloween custom lashes

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative, flyway hair
Gotta press down that flyaway…

Take a look at the differences between a normal Elegant Lashes D413 eyelash and my newly created neon bling version. The unexpected burst of colors that show whenever I blink or look down definitely keep this lash style from being anything but boring!

Which do you prefer? Ivory diamonds or multi-colored ones?false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

Here are some close-up shots (of the multi-colored diamonds).false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creativeGet ready for flyaway hair again!false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

There are hundreds of color schemes you can come up. Best of all, it only take a few minutes to create and complete your very own set of customized lashes! Perfect for Halloween, don’t you think?

If I were to categorize my neon-themed lashes to a specific costume, I guess it would best be categorized as something related to Lisa Frank. (Anybody remember Lisa Frank?!? Oh man, I just visited their ridiculously colorful website and came back with an eyesore in 20 seconds flat.)

For those of you who don’t know, Lisa Frank is pretty much unicorn barf come to life: tons of neon colors, stars, sparkles, and of course, unicorns.

neon lisa frank eyelashes false eyelashes halloween
Ah, nostalgia…
courtesy of

Of course, you don’t have to stick to my neon color scheme. Here are a few (really awesome) color combination ideas for popular Halloween costumes:false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes, diy halloween custom lashes halloween costumes, femaile costumes, batgirl, harley quinn, harlequin, captain america, wonder woman, supergirl, poison ivy

Is this little project something you’d want to try? What are you planning to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget to Like and share this post using the handy social media buttons below!

The Best False Eyelashes for Summer – 3 Styles to Keep Your Look Fresh and Summer-Ready

false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashesI always think of summer as the season where most girls opt for a more natural look: minimal makeup, dewy skin, and casually tousled beach hair. For some of us, however, long and luscious lashes will never go out of style so here are a few ways to achieve beautiful summer-appropriate lashes that look soft, natural, and effortless.   Individual Flare Lashes

false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, individual eyelashes, eyelash extensions, lash extensions, girl at pool, girl at beach
I’m wearing Elegant Lashes Individual Flare lashes in Medium, Short, and X-Short (Under)  Black.

These may take longer to apply than regular strip lashes, but they look incredibly natural once they’re on because all the little clusters are applied between your own lashes – not on top of them. (Click here for tutorial on how to apply individual eyelashes. Click here to get your own set.) If you want your lashes to last a bit longer through humidity, perspiration, and excess oil, sweep on a coat of waterproof mascara to bind your false lashes to your natural ones.

Tip: use strip lash glue for easier application and removal. In case you’re wondering why I splashed water all over myself, I simply wanted to find out if using waterproof mascara on my finished lashes would result in waterproof lash wear. I know from personal experience that waterproof eyelash glue sadly isn’t really waterproof, so I tested if waterproof mascara would provide any help.  Judging from the results…false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, individual eyelashes, eyelash extensions, lash extensions, girl at pool, girl at beach … there is no such thing as waterproof lash wear. Sure, waterproof mascara can hold a curl and beat sweat, but as for helping false lashes stay on in water…. neither waterproof strip lash glue nor mascara will guarantee all-day hold at the beach or pool. Semi-permanent individual lash glue will work, but apparently not strip lash glue, waterproof or not. See my eyelash falling off at the end? ‘Nuff said. The mascara flakes and smears on my lower lash line are telling me my waterproof mascara isn’t very waterproof, either. XP   Accent lashes, a.k.a., demi lashes or half lashesfalse eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, accent lashes, demi lashes, half lashes These are really great for beginners since the shorter band provides great control.  Accent lashes are applied on the outer corners of your eyes, giving you a cat-eye effect that’s sexy for summer but not as dramatic as a full strip lash. I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #315 Black and let me tell you: they are a must-have!false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, accent lashes, demi lashes, half lashes Can’t find an accent lash that suits your needs? No worries. You can always make your own pair of accent lashes by trimming off the inner corner – or outer corner, depending on your eye shape and the look you’re going for – of a regular strip lash.   Speaking of strip lashes… on to my all-time favorite summer lash style EVER!!     Brown Strip Lashes (any kind!) brown false eyelashes, summer makeup tips Brown lashes truly are the gems of the eyelash world. They’re great for creating a more “casual” or daytime-friendly look due to the subtle and soft effect they create on your eyes – perfect for wearing in the warmer months of summer. No need to worry about looking too dolled up when you wear these chocolate-y bad boys! I’m especially loving all the random, uneven, fuzzy hairs on these RDW Brown lashes. Makes my fake lashes look so darn-diddly natural. Gah, I love brown lashes!! XD***   If you haven’t tried brown lashes yet, I highly recommend you pick up a Brownie Lash Kit from our site! It’s a fun kit filled with twelve of our most popular brown lashes from our huge collection. (The RDW Brown lashes I’m wearing in the photo above are included!) Your summer looks will never be boring with chocolate-y brown lashes in your arsenal! brown false eyelashes, elegant lashes, false eyelashes, fake lashes, human hair eyelashes, bulk, wholesale, makeup

brown false eyelashes, natural looking fake lashes, elegant lashes brownie kit, brown fake eyelashes, false eyelashes for men


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Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Myth: use mascara if you want your natural lashes to “blend in” with your false ones.

How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Truth: NOT EVERY LASH STYLE LOOKS GOOD WITH MASCARA. Nor does every lash style need it.

False eyelashes are supposed to do ALL the work for you – fullness, volume, length, curl, separation, softness. With mascaras, you’re limited to either length or volume. And if you get both, well, it sure doesn’t look like anything false lashes can do.

Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
difference between mascara vs false eyelashes
The difference is more pronounced when I close my eyes. Aren’t false lashes amazing??

See what I mean?

Now, I’m gonna break down which three general lash styles go well with mascara and which don’t – regardless of brand, quality, style, etc. As a general rule of thumb, steer clear of How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Lastmascara altogether if you want to re-use your lashes. (Read this post for more tips on false eyelash maintenance and how to make your lashes last a really long time. Or just click on the photo to the right.)

However, if you can’t pry yourself away from that mascara wand, make sure to always apply mascara and wait until it completely dries before applying your false lashes. 


Let’s get this learning party started!



Light Density Lashes
This is the style that most people go for when they don’t Elegant Lashes 082A Black Human Hair False Eyelashwant to make it look too obvious that they’re wearing falsies. Used more for length enhancement than for volume enhancement.
Mascara compatible? No


why you should not wear mascara with false lashes
So you want your lashes to look like this? Oh, I see.

Never looked at yourself from that angle, did you? Tsk tsk. Well, here’s something else you didn’t know: EVERYBODY ELSE HAS.


Individual flare lashes (eyelash extensions)
A.k.a., eyelash extensions or cluster lashes. These are individual lashes false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesindividual clusters of 6-10 hairs (depending on brand) and can be applied all across the lash line or just at the ends.
(See tutorial for DIY eyelash extensions here.)

Mascara compatible? Yes, as long as you’re using strip lash glue.

These lashes look prettiest when worn alone, but it is also the only lash I would actually put mascara on directly. Why? Because I usually just throw these guys away at the end of the day since I don’t plan on re-using them anyway. Without mascara, you get very clean, fluffy, natural, perfect-looking lashes (see below).

natural looking false eyelashes_individual flare eyelashes
Individual flare lashes applied on outer corner of eye

With mascara, you give yourself that clumpy look that mascara is so great at giving you, so although it doesn’t look as clean or perfect anymore, in a way it can look more natural because… imperfection is natural. Make sense?

how to apply false eyelashes with masacra


Knotted band lashes:
One of the most popular styles of lashes due to its false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesnatural-looking effect. It is essentially a line of perfectly spaced-apart individual flare lashes (see above) disguised as a strip lash. Provides the perfect amount of natural-looking density and comes in all kinds of lengths.

Mascara compatible? Depends.

If your natural lashes are somewhat thick to begin with, no need for mascara. Doesn’t matter if your lashes are short. If they’re thick at the roots, let the lashes work their magic on their own. However, if your natural lashes are really sorry and sparse like mine, wearing mascara will darken/thicken your lash roots, camouflaging the spaces along the lash band better.

No clue what I’m saying? Here. Look at the photo below:
mascara with knotted band lashes


Remember, if you’re gonna opt into wearing mascara, always let your mascara dry completely before putting on your false lashesespecially if you plan on re-using them. I have a favorite pair of knotted band lashes (#705 Black, baby!!! Aka the lashes I’m wearing in the photo above) and I’ve gotten 19 applications out of them so far! Just goes to prove how far good quality and proper maintenance can take you 😉

If you still have questions, ask away in the comments section below and I’ll answer them in as much detail as I can! Remember, I’m your friend in this huge world of lashes and I’m here  to help.

For the rest of you folks out there, tell me: do you wear mascara with false lashes? Yes or no?



Giant Green False Eyelashes for St. Patrick’s Day! (Elegant Lashes W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lash Review)

Hooray for last-minute blog posts! And random eye(lash) photos!

long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day

Today is March 14th, which means that in three days, countless strangers will find it their rightful duty to pinch you in the _______ (fill in the blank) for the mere reason that you aren’t wearing a certain color to celebrate a certain holiday that most people don’t know the reason of celebration for. (Google it if you don’t know.)

I’m talking about Saint Patrick’s Day!

… Do green false eyelashes count as pinch protection? Because here comes a pair:

Elegant Lashes W581 Shamrock Wild Color Lashes - long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day

This huge, gigantic green monster of an eyelash is from our Wild Color Lash category (an entire family of freakishly gigantic, colorful lashes), is a perfect candidate for a St. Patty’s Day look, and is aptly named the “Shamrock” lash (formally known as Elegant Lashes® W581 Wild Color Lash).

I cannot stress enough how darn HUGE these lashes are. I don’t understand how people wear these, but they are freakin’ fun and awesome for Halloween and costume/party looks.

long green false eyelashes for saint patrick's day & Halloween

These lashes are so long that they extend waaaay past your eye. Perfect for.. men? And drag queens? And people with abnormally large eyes? Hahaha.

And let’s be honest, these are some giant lashes, so there is definitely gonna be some weight. Look at those lashes drooping a little at the ends. Hahaha

So how the heck do you wear such a huge eyelash comfortably?

Contrary to popular belief, false lashes don’t HAVE to be worn exactly as they come in the package. You can trim, shape, and customize any pair of lashes to your liking.

The W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lashes are way too big (width- AND length-wise) for me to wear as is, so I simply trim the ends off to fit my eyes: 

how to trim false eyelashes for halloween, costume, and dance

The Wild Color lashes are long enough at the tips (they flare up) to trim the falsies to a width that is shorter than my actual eye length without actually looking shorter than my eye. When trimmed this way, the lashes don’t droop as much at the ends, but they still have that nice, lengthy flared-up tip. 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Award-winning photo right here. ;P

This is the W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color lash trimmed to fit my eyes. Look at all that green goodness. Darker forest green at the roots for intensity and depth with brighter lime green at the tips for highlights and FUN! 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Some more photos of this giant green false eyelash. Even after trimming, this emerald beauty provides PLENTY of length. Don’t worry about running out of that. 

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

 Wow. These funky lashes sure pack a punch with extreme length and a fun, flared cat-eye tip. Nice. =D

Final photo!

long green false eyelashes for st patrick's day, Halloween, dance

Hey, look. I looked at the camera for you. X)


The W581 “Shamrock” Wild Color Lashes are an amazing(ly dramatic) way to get your green on and celebrate St. Patty’s Day with style. Get it here before you lose a perfectly legitimate excuse to wear giant green eyelashes on a day other than Halloween.

If super-long, ginormous green falsies aren’t your cup of tea, check out this page for some other equally fun St. Patrick-approved green lashes. Just remember – don’t be boring. 

green false eyelashes for Saint Patrick's Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!