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Showing you the perfect false eyelashes for celebrating events and holidays, along with pro tips on application and how to get the most out of costume lashes.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Red-White-and-Blue “Fourth of July Falsies”

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes G241 Liberty Glow

Remember this post where we introduced the G241 “Liberty Glow” glow-in-the-dark false eyelashes for Fourth of July?

Well…. It’s almost Independence Day again, and I couldn’t help donning this colorful, patriotic pair of falsies one more time. And guess what? I rediscovered an easier way to wear these big, blinged-out babies.

I’ll show you in a minute what I did to make wearing these lashes even more comfortable (and actually easier to apply), but first here’s a photo of what they look like (minus the crazy makeup and white wig I wore last year).

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july - elegant lashes G241 Liberty Glow glow in the dark false eyelashSorry for the annoying(?) face tilt. I always think eyelashes look better at this angle, though, and this entire blog is dedicated to false eyelashes, so… deal with it. >=)

(Just kidding! =X)

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july - elegant lashes G241 Liberty Glow glow in the dark false eyelash

Yes, the lashes are long (for me), and as you can see in the photo above, they reach up to just below my eyebrows. This is the length of most of our Carnival Color lashes, and now that I think of it, it’s the default length and shape for a grand majority of costume color lashes, regardless of the manufacturer. It may be helpful to know that most Halloween lashes are this length and shape.

Can you tell in the photo where I placed the false lashes? Actually, stop getting so close to my photo. Here’s a close-up:

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july

When wearing any kind of costume eyelash or light-colored eyelash (in this case, it’s both), it’s always a good idea to make use of these 3 handy tips for wearing color/Halloween lashes. I followed tip #3 and placed my false lashes on my crease, rather than directly onto my lash line. This helps take off some of the weight of heavy costume lashes, and makes your eyes look less droopy.

I have a teeny, tiny excuse of a crease, so it’s easy for me to find where to affix my costume lashes at a perfectly comfortable distance from my real lashes so my eyelids don’t feel super heavy.

However, I realize that not everyone has a crease, and some people have large/deep creases that would make the lashes look like they’re flying off their face. If that is you, here’s your tip: follow the line of your eyeliner.

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes Liberty Glow

Placing the false lashes right above your eyeliner gives you a nice dark base from the liner, and because the lashes are higher up, your eyes also look more open and awake. This is especially helpful when wearing light-colored lashes, because lighter colors on your lash line will make your eyes look smaller (which is why we don’t wear white mascara).

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july

I initially applied these lashes on my lash line (without a base lash), and wondered why my eyes looked so closed and alien-y. I didn’t feel like applying a base lash, so I just removed and reapplied the G241 “Liberty Glow” lashes to follow the line of my crease/eyeliner. The result: instant alertness and much more “awake”-looking eyes. My eyes and lashes felt so perky and alive! Lesson learned and forever remembered. I decided to share on this blog. 😉

Here’s what I mean by eyes looking smaller when light-colored false lashes are applied close to the lash line:

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes Liberty Glow Do you see how placing such a huge false eyelash close to the lash line actually closes the eye? Yeah, that eye on the right ain’t too sexy.

 Okay, so now that I gave you this refresher course on how to wear big costume lashes more comfortably and beautifully, on to my favorite part! Time to turn off the lights, ‘cause these babies like to dance in the dark. 😉

Here are some awesome photos of Elegant Lashes® G241 “Liberty Glow” Glow-in-the-Dark eyelashes doing their thing and *G-L-O-W-I-N-G.*

glow in the dark false eyelashes

This photo is taken in blacklight, which is why my shirt is so screaming pink. Blacklight makes glow-in-the-dark lashes look amazing, and they allow the glowing strips to luminesce much more brightly than just being in the dark.

glow in the dark false eyelashesUmm, this is kind of awesome, no? I’ve never seen glow-in-the-dark eyelashes at this angle before, and it’s pretty cool to see the shape and how the lashes really pop in the blacklight.

If you’re not going to be hanging around a black light when you’re donning your glow-in-the-dark falsies, make sure you hold the eyelashes up to a bright light source before applying them to make the glowing effect last longer and be stronger. (I shouldn’t have to explain why you should not stand next to a bright light source while wearing your falsies, right? ;P)

If you want these statement-making lashes for your own Fourth of July look, click here and get them now!
(Here’s my sublte sales pitch: BUY NOW! Hahaha)

In all seriousness, though, there is still some time to get these in by the 4th of July holiday, but you’ll really have to hurry your honey buns over and get them quick – I honestly can’t guarantee you’ll get them in time if you procrastinate. *serious face*

What do you think of these falsies? Have you tried applying big lashes on your crease/eyeliner, rather than the lash line? Let me know if you learned a thing or two in this article, and “like,” tweet, or share if you enjoyed what you read/saw. 🙂



Festive Color and Feather False Eyelashes for Mardi Gras!

colorful artistic eyelashes feather for Mardi Gras green purple gold makeupWho’s ready for Mardi Gras?!?!?

With this time of celebration and festivities only a few days away, we’ll show how you can use fun, festive, vibrantly colored false lashes to create a stunning look for any occasion.

My look: colorful purple and gold false eyelashes for Halloween costume Mardi Gras

I actually paired two different lashes (Elegant Lashes C748 and Elegant Lashes C842)  together – one directly on top of the other:
gold false eyelashes halloween mardi gras costume dancerpurple costume false eyelashes halloween mardi gras dancer

to get this:

If you have large eyes or naturally have very long eyelashes, you can wear these lashes as they are. My eyes, however, are definitely not large enough to pull off this length or shape, so I trimmed them with a pair of scissors and altered the shape to make it work with my own eyes.layer false eyealshes gold and purple costume halloween eyelashes

Layering and reshaping are just two ways to customize false eyelashes to suit your eye shape and achieve your desired look.

mardi gras makeup look_gold and purple false eyelashes


Sunny’s Look:
All you need for this look are a pair of feather feather false eyelashes for Mardi Gras, Halloween, costume, dancerAren’t these green feather lashes stunning? And they’re so soft, too.

For her look, Sunny used a new style from Elegant Lashes: F040 Feather Eyelash.Elegant Lashes F040 Green Feather Eyelashes

Instead of applying the lashes onto her lash line, Sunny actually applied them onto her crease. This makes the eyes look more open. (If you haven’t done so already, read our blog post on How to Wear Color Lashes for more awesome tips like these!)
green feather eyelashes mardi gras makeup look Halloween costume dancer

Hope this inspired you to get creative for Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Eyelashes gold purple green false eyelashes
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The Most Practical(?) Rhinestone Eyelashes Ever!

Elegant Lashes D179 Diamond Rhinestone Accent Half False EyelashesSo you want the dazzle of a rhinestone eyelash without the fuss of a full strip lash, eh?

Half lashes are the way to go!Elegant Lashes D179 Diamond Rhinestone Accent Half False EyelashesRhinestone half lashes are perfect for those who want to add intrigue and glamour to their look but aren’t too experienced with embellished false lashes, or want something a little more subtle (however subtle a rhinestone eyelash can be).

Here are our two rhinestone half eyelashes: Continue reading The Most Practical(?) Rhinestone Eyelashes Ever!

Halloween Looks with False Lashes: Glasgow

Searching for a Halloween look that will make a bold statement without requiring you to go out and buy an expensive costume?

A pair of big, spiky eyelashes is sometimes all you need to inspire a great Halloween-appropriate look! Case in point:

Halloween costume false eyelashes_Glasgow smile makeup

Halloween eyelashes don’t have to be crazy or colorful, and they certainly don’t have to be that cheap, itchy kind found in all the Halloween shops. In fact, the lashes I’m wearing are worn by other girls (and guys) as party lashes or even normal, everyday lashes!

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