Elegant Lashes #484 Black

Gosh, look at those nice, soft, fluffy hairs. See why 100% human hair eyelashes are so great? If you like hard, stiff-looking eyelashes, go ahead and rock your cheap eBay finds, but I like my lashes looking full and soft.

Whether it’s a cute look or a sexy look you’re going for, these lashes can take you there.

Elegant Lashes #484 Black False Eyelash

In a sense, these lashes are like accent (or demi) lashes – you know, the ones that you put only on the outer corners of your eyes?

Elegant Lashes 315 Black accent false eyelash (demi lash, half lashes)

Accent lashes are great for first-time lash wearers because they’re easy to apply, but if they’re too long or you don’t already have long eyelashes to begin with, you can pretty much tell where your accent lash starts and ends.

With Elegant Lashes® #484, however….

Elegant Lashes #484 Black False Eyelash..you just get a seamless line of soft, fluffy lashes that get denser at the ends – perfect for those who love the subtle intensity of accent lashes, but also want the all-around lengthening benefits of a full strip lash!

Elegant Lashes #484 Black False Eyelash
Here’s Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #484 Black. Man, do I love the quality of our lashes!!

See how gorgeous and seamless that is?!!? Uniform in length, but increasing in density at the outer corners – what a perfect lash!

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6 thoughts on “Elegant Lashes #484 Black”

  1. love ur photos! I got these lashes in the mail yesterday and they really are so pretty! i looooove how soft they are <33333

    1. Thanks, Sonya! They are a beauty, aren’t they?! <3 Make sure you post of picture of yourself wearing them onto our Facebook page – we’d LOVE to see you in them!
      We’re also making a longer, MUCH more curled version of this for those who are looking for more drama. You’re the first to know so keep an eye out for it! 😉

  2. I always have a very hard time getting any lashes to stay for the entire day. What would you suggest as the best adhesive??

    1. I’ve honestly only used two adhesives in my life so I’m really limited in my adhesive selection knowledge (and therefore can’t really tell you which is the “best”) but I will tell you this: waiting 40-50 seconds until your adhesive becomes tacky will greatly increase your wear time cuz the adhesive is so much tackier than when you wait the usual 10-20 seconds only. Read more on how to properly apply false eyelash glue here: http://blog.falseeyelashessite.com/how-to-properly-apply-false-eyelash-glue/

      Happy reading!

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