Exciting News from Elegant Lashes

Okay, so I intended to do a series of posts on the best false eyelashes for your eye shape, but Sunny and I have been working our tails off in anticipation for something really exciting going on!

Take a peek at the video below!


Sexy Undies Collection: 

  • Launching April 18
  • Our 3 best-selling under lashes + 3 NEW under lash styles.
  • You’ll see that one of them is very similar to House of Lashes in “Darling” (purely coincidence – our lashes are planned months in advance!)

Black Velvet Collection: 

  • Our first-ever premium luxury lash line consisting of 6 brand new styles
  • 4 luxuriously gorgeous top lashes, 2 beautifully smoky bottom lashes
  • Pure jet-black for maximum drama
  • 100% cruelty-free synthetic hairs
  • launching May 2014 (exact date will be announced later)

elegant lashes, black velvet, sexy undies, bottom lashes, lower lashes, under lashes, false lashes, false eyelashes, fake eyelashes, fake lashes, best false eyelashes, shyne, sunny, bonnie, eeyelash, false eyelashes siteRemember, all Elegant Lashes are pre-discounted for pro MUAs and business owners with bulk options. aka,, FalseEyelashesSite.com is the only place where you an buy false eyelashes in bulk year round! This would be the perfect time to stock up on quality dupes of higher-priced brands (remember, they’re all made in our factory) in preparation for prom/wedding season!

We’ll be posting more info on our Instagram (@elegantlashes) so make sure you’re following us.

Which collection are you excited about? Leave a comment below!


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