False Eyelashes 101 Tip: How (and Why) to Layer False Eyelashes

Here’s a very useful but little-known tip: like clothes, false eyelashes can be layered to create a completely customized look. Brilliant in its simplicity, layering false lashes is a very handy technique used to add volume, dimension, color, or sparkle to a makeup look. And trust me, it does not look messy. Here are some different ways you can layer your false eyelashes to fit your unique style/mood:

Double up on false eyelashes to create intense volume:

Layering two pairs of the same style of false eyelashes is ideal if you love the shape of a certain style but want more volume. I love the curl and wearable length of Elegant Lashes 824 lashes (I switch off wearing black and brown styles depending on my mood), but one day I wanted to see what I would get if I combined the two and wore them together. Let’s see how that went:

natural looking false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 824 Brown False Eyelashes
First, this is how Elegant Lashes 824 Brown looks on my eyes. When I’m wearing some makeup.
natural looking false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 824 Brown False Eyelashes

Here are the 824 Brown lashes again, on a more naked eye. My natural lashes are completely invisible in this picture, but believe me – they’re there. Somewhere….

Elegant Lashes 824 Brown + Black Mascara
Elegant Lashes 824 Brown, with a coat of black mascara. Now it looks just like 824 Black. Cool.layering black and brown false eyelashes for natural voluminous lookAdded some 824 Black lashes on top of the 824 Brown. See how there’s instantly more volume? 🙂natural looking false eyelashes_layering black and brown false eyelashes for natural voluminous lookThe complete look. Yay! I loved my lashes this day. Perfect length, extra hairy and full. Me gusta. 😀

Add intensity, definition, and flair:

Sometimes you need more drama. On the eyes, that is. While I can always depend on my trusty #213 Black lashes for a beautiful look, I wanted to have really unique, cool-looking lashes for my birthday. Layering a pair of Elegant Lashes M081 Mystic Lashes on top of the #213 Black false lashes I was already wearing gave me the perfect flair and edginess I was craving. (Sorry, I didn’t take any high-quality close-ups of the eyes, so these snapshots will have to suffice.)
False Eyelashes_Elegant Lashes M081 Mystic Lash and 213 Black False Eyelashes

I LOVED my lashes this day (and my nails – ha!). And I was darn proud of my little birthday lash concoction. Adding a defined spiky false eyelash on top of soft, wispy lashes gives the eyes a very nice lift and accent, with the added bonus of more definition. I am genius.

Try this out for yourself – apply your favorite soft and full lash, and then apply a spiky, more defined lash on top. Your look will change completely. I’ve also paired #045 Black and #220 Black together and really liked what I saw. 😉


Soften or fill out super spiky/sparse false lashes:

If layering false eyelashes can have the effect of intensifying your look, the opposite is also possible. If you feel that a certain lash is a little too intensely spiky or sparse, add a layer of fuller, wispier lashes to soften the look and/or fill out the spaces. Here I applied M355 Mystic Lashes (a criss-cross accent lash) on top of Elegant Lashes #220 Black.


See how the lashes look softer and fuller towards the outer corner? That’s the softening and volumizing effect of layering a sparse, spiky lash with a fuller accent lash.

layered false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 220 Black and M355 Mystic Lashes criss cross accent lashes

Applying accent lashes (mini false eyelashes that are applied on the outer corner of the eye) on top of spiky lashes emphasizes just the outer corners, giving the eyes a nice lift and flirty cat-eye effect. I now always wear my #220 lashes with some kind of accent lash at the ends, because I like the extra oomph, and because … well, because I need all the help I can get. -_-


Add sparkle to ordinary false eyelashes:

Everyone knows that false eyelashes add the perfect finishing touch to any look. But when the occasion calls for something more, layer your favorite falsies with some rhinestone half lashes to add some beautiful, glamorous sparkle. When you don’t want to fuss with a full strip rhinestone eyelash but rhinestone half lashes alone aren’t enough, layering is your best friend.

Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic Lashes and D178 rhinestone false eyelashes

Bonnie paired Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic Lash with D178 Rhinestone Half Lashes applied on the outer ends. She gets the lengthening and volumizing benefits of a full strip lash, while the beautiful rhinestones make this look worthy of any special occasion.

Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic Lashes and D178 rhinestone false eyelashes

When her eyes are open, she has beautiful lashes with just a hint of something special going on. The treat is when she blinks, and the rhinestones glisten as they catch the light. So pretty!


Add color and texture to costume looks:

I love when artists get creative and combine different colors and textures of lashes. There are so many possible combinations, and layering lashes allows you to customize every detail to match your unique vision.

black and white feather eyelashes_Elegant Lashes F131 F404 Patrick Boltinghouse

Above is a photo sent in by the amazingly talented makeup artist Patrick Boltinghouse. Most people are content with using/wearing just one pair of feather eyelashes, but this combination of F131 white feather eyelashes and wispy F404 black feather lashes is to die for! I love how the feathers here are torn and combined to create this whimsical fantasy look.

Bonnie also came up with her own colorful false eyelash combination using Carnival Color Lashes, which she wore for her Mardi Gras look:colorful purple and gold false eyelashes, mardi gras colorful makeup

The glistening gold effect on the tips is achieved by layering golden tinsel C748 Carnival Color Lashes on top of purple C842 Carnival Color Lashes.

For a much simpler and more wearable look layering color lashes, try combining a colorful under lash, like Elegant Lashes C049 Carnival Color Lash, with your favorite “normal” falsies. Here I used C049 blue under lashes with a similar-looking under lash, Elegant Lashes #049 Black, and used both as upper lashes.

natural false eyelashes, lower bottom under lashes, blue false eyelashes

Blue neutralize reds and yellows, making the whites of the eyes look brighter. If your eyes are tired and red (as mine often are), wear blue-tinted lashes, mascara, or eyeliner to help create the illusion of  clearer, whiter eyes.

natural false eyelashes, lower bottom under lashes, blue false eyelashes

The blue lashes are subtle and understated, but they really bring a nice, fresh pop of color to your everyday look.

What do you think about layering false lashes? Would you try it out? If you have, let me know how you got creative in the comments section below (or better yet, share your photo with us on Facebook!).

Have fun trying out different combinations of lashes! Don’t forget to *like* *tweet* and *share.* Buttons are provided below so you  don’t have to work so hard to show your love.  >:D


13 thoughts on “False Eyelashes 101 Tip: How (and Why) to Layer False Eyelashes”

  1. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how to layer eyelashes? For example, do I put one eyelashes at a time, or do I put the two lashes together first and then apply to my eyes? I tried putting one a time, and had a difficult time.

    1. Hi Kasie,

      I think it’s a case-by-case and personal preference thing. If the two lashes are similar in shape, length, lash band width, etc., it’ll be easy to glue the two together and then apply to the eyes (that’s how Bonnie layered her purple and gold lashes for the Mardi Gras look). If the lashes are different (or you’re doing an accent lash on top of a full strip lash), applying one eyelash at a time allows for more leeway with positioning that second lash just the way you want it.

      Layering may be difficult if the lashes are very different from each other (e.g., one is sick-straight and the other is very curled), but with all things, layering gets easier with practice. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Yay!

    I never would have thought of this myself. I am looking forward to increasing my skill level so that I can try this ASAP.

  3. Sunny,your idea is amazing,like it so much.I’m wearing false lashes just for a month and they heart my eye.It’s such a pity.Not every time,but few times my right eye was SO red.But on the next day the eye was always ok,it’s really strange.I couldn’t even understand that the lash harmed my eye,I thought the redness was a result of the eyelid pulling under the lash.Now it even seems to me that I see a scratch on the sclera of the eye.I don’t wear my lashes anymore.For a week already,just beams sometimes.Such a sad story because of two reasons:afraid to wear lashes and the eye began to see worse. I’d like to try layers with falsies so much….but I’m afraid to heart myself even worse.
    Have you ever had similar problems during the beginning with falsies?
    You’re beautifull

    1. Hi, Nancy! Maybe you’re having a reaction to the eyelash adhesive? I don’t know about other companies, but our lashes are just made using sterilized, sanitized human hair and water, so the only reason you should feel irritation is if you apply incorrectly.
      Despite how pro I think I’ve gotten at applying falsies, sometimes I apply the lashes too close to the inner corner and it pokes, stings, hurts to blink, etc. So painful! Just this past week I applied lashes too close to the inner corner of my right eye and I was crying and itching for 10 minutes! Re-application further away from the inner corner fixed everything, though. No more pain after that. 🙂

      Try applying further away from the inner corner, or try latex-free glue formulas if you think it might be the glue you’re having a reaction to.
      Good luck!

      1. Thanks for the answer,Sunny!
        Well,I’m using the DUO adhesive which is white and then becomes transparent,it contains latex,maybe it was really allergic reaction to latex.But I guess that’s unlikely because I’m not an allergik,I have never had any allergic reactions since birth.Actually i have bought this adhesive because internet reviews about this glue are all good.
        I guess that maybe I have bought an overdue glue but I don’t really know that exactly cause I can’t find ANY site which will be able to say the exact shelf life of my DUO adhesive.The only thing I know is what the information on the cover tells: the adhesive may be used for 2 years after opening.I started the usage just resently.That’s a real problem because the glue was uncheap in the store where i’ve bought it..and I still continue to use it for the beams in the outer corners of the eyes.Maybe you could advice me where to go to check the shelf life of DUOadhesive?
        I have experience of using synthetic eyelashes only(by KISS).Have never had false lashes made of natural material.
        You are right about my incorrect application of false lashes.I really placed them too close to the inner corners of the eyes every time.And I’m such a dummy that I used to suffer without re-application from this incorrect usage during the whole day every time I applied falsies.And after the day of wearing such incorrectly placed lashes I was surprised,like “oh,why my eye is so red?!”,isn’t it stupid?The situation aggravated cause the lashes were very solid.I just hope that I couldn”t scratch my eyes much by them,eyes look ok.Hope I will never have problems with eyes in future because of the described situation.
        I have to say that I’m really a “walking problem”:I have been trying the method of applying mascara when you lay the loose powder on the first layer of mascara and then apply one more layer of mascara to your natural lashes.No falsies that time.Near the inner corner of the right eye the mascara formed something like a lump which also seemed to scratch my eye.Maybe I’ve got too little eyes or my natural lashes are placed so low in the inner corner of the eye and when I apply mascara too close to the inner corner it makes my “stoned” lashes scratch the eye.
        Well,that’s a real problem when you like to apply eye makeup and you’re a perfect idiot in it at the same time.That last phrase describes my situation.

        1. I’m glad re-applying helped alleviate the pain and redness! Also, synthetic lashes are really stiff and thick, which is why 100% Natural Human Hair lashes are recommended for maximum comfort and easier application. (The band is much softer and more flexible, making it easier to apply and more comfortable to wear.)

          As for the DUO glue, yes, it is the most popular glue, but it might not be for everyone. You just might be allergic to latex – allergies can develop overnight and one day you’ll find you’re allergic to something you’ve never been allergic to before. (I developed cat allergies in 8th grade. This past year I just found out I’m now allergic to dogs, too. Sucks).

          Final tip: always curl your natural lashes before applying mascara or falsies. Not only does it make your eye look prettier/more awake, but curling keeps the hairs out of your eyeball and therefore free from irritation.

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