Shyne Sunny Bonnie colorful feather eyelashes for Mardi Gras green purple gold makeup Elegant Lashes

Festive Color and Feather False Eyelashes for Mardi Gras!

colorful artistic eyelashes feather for Mardi Gras green purple gold makeupWho’s ready for Mardi Gras?!?!?

With this time of celebration and festivities only a few days away, we’ll show how you can use fun, festive, vibrantly colored false lashes to create a stunning look for any occasion.

My look: colorful purple and gold false eyelashes for Halloween costume Mardi Gras

I actually paired two different lashes (Elegant Lashes C748 and Elegant Lashes C842)  together – one directly on top of the other:
gold false eyelashes halloween mardi gras costume dancerpurple costume false eyelashes halloween mardi gras dancer

to get this:

If you have large eyes or naturally have very long eyelashes, you can wear these lashes as they are. My eyes, however, are definitely not large enough to pull off this length or shape, so I trimmed them with a pair of scissors and altered the shape to make it work with my own eyes.layer false eyealshes gold and purple costume halloween eyelashes

Layering and reshaping are just two ways to customize false eyelashes to suit your eye shape and achieve your desired look.

mardi gras makeup look_gold and purple false eyelashes


Sunny’s Look:
All you need for this look are a pair of feather feather false eyelashes for Mardi Gras, Halloween, costume, dancerAren’t these green feather lashes stunning? And they’re so soft, too.

For her look, Sunny used a new style from Elegant Lashes: F040 Feather Eyelash.Elegant Lashes F040 Green Feather Eyelashes

Instead of applying the lashes onto her lash line, Sunny actually applied them onto her crease. This makes the eyes look more open. (If you haven’t done so already, read our blog post on How to Wear Color Lashes for more awesome tips like these!)
green feather eyelashes mardi gras makeup look Halloween costume dancer

Hope this inspired you to get creative for Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Eyelashes gold purple green false eyelashes
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10 thoughts on “Festive Color and Feather False Eyelashes for Mardi Gras!”

  1. Now I cannot wait for NEXT year’s Mardi Gras to roll around, considering that this is now June. 🙂

    I love Mardi Gras colors, and I love dressing up for Mardi Gras. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. There are so many fun, colorful lashes to try out for Mardi Gras! We were limited to only 3 in this post, but we’ll showcase some more next year! So excited! ^O^

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