How to Get Thick, Full Lashes Like Miss Piggy

So the Muppets are all over the media again due to the recent DVD release of their movie, The Muppets, and their monumental achievement of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They subsequently happened to be on the cover of a subscription that I receive:

I couldn’t help but notice how thick and full Miss Piggy’s lashes were. Of course, MAC released a special-edition Miss Piggy collection to commemorate her return to the big screen when the film came out, but unfortunately many people were underwhelmed by the tiny 3-piece set.

Le tiny 3-piece set.

And let me just say… those MAC 36 false lashes that were in the Miss Piggy collection? Those are Elegant Lashes #704, which I just reviewed in the last post, and while they are indeed beautiful, you KNOW those falsies aren’t gonna give you the super-diva look of Miss Piggy’s luscious lashes!!!

Miss Piggy’s lashes are super-ultra-mega-crazy-dense, and they flare out at the ends while keeping a mostly straight shape. So if you REALLY want to rock thick, divalicious lashes like Miss Piggy, here are my suggestions for you to try:



Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelash:thick volumizing short black false eyelashes for cat eye look

Previously reviewed here, Elegant Lashes #696 False Eyelash is nearly identical in shape to Miss Piggy’s eyelashes, but are much shorter in length – ideal for girls who want dramatic volume, but don’t want drastic length.


Elegant Lashes #535 Black False Eyelash:

A classic favorite, these cat-eye falsies are a little longer than the #696 lashes and are another great contender for achieving the lusciously thick flared lash look that is Miss Piggy’s signature style.



Elegant Lashes #079 Black False Eyelash:

Previously reviewed in brown, the #079 false lash gives plenty of volume to achieve that perfectly plush Miss Piggy look.



Elegant Lashes #203 Black False Eyelash:thick long dark black false eyelashes

I think a pair (or maybe even two!) of these thick false lashes will give you the look Miss Piggy is rocking.



Elegant Lashes #102 Black False Eyelash:This thick, long false eyelash is for super divas, like Miss Piggy! It’s the perfect shape and density to achieve that glamorous Miss Piggy look! Hahaha!

Ok, I honestly think Miss Piggy uses TWO pairs of falsies to get that glamorous, voluminous look, so maybe we should all do the same if we really want to get lashes like hers. She is certainly pushing the boundaries of makeup! I don’t see too many people (or pigs!) wearing two pairs of false lashes in their makeup look (although I do like layering falsies, myself. :))

I hope you enjoyed this fun post! Which of the above lashes is your style?? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Thick, Full Lashes Like Miss Piggy”

  1. I swear to you that I once performed atop a piano singing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” deliberately off key, no less, dressed in a home-made Miss Piggy costume!!!*

    Hee hee. In my defense, it was in the third grade!

    *The skit was our riff on The Gong Show. I was one of the deliberately bad acts, so that our “real” act would “win”. Ha. That is the full extent of my show biz experience. Too bad I didn’t have doubled up sets of Elegant Lashes #102’s on my eyes. 😉 But then again, if I was rocking’ your lashes, I wouldn’t have gotten gonged, and the entire premise of our skit would have been ruined. Mua ha ha ha!

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