How to Properly Apply False Eyelash Glue (All about Adhesives, Part I)

How to PROPERLY Apply False Eyealsh Glue
Self-explanatory title, self-explanatory picture. Let’s get to the meat of this post!

1. Only use as much as you need. Using too much glue will show, even if you’re using clear adhesive. See how bad all that glue looks? Not pretty. Really, a thin strip is all you need.

don't use too much eyelash glue or it'll end up looking like this


2. Wait 40-50 seconds for the glue to become tacky. I know the glue packaging says otherwise, but this is the better wait time. The drier the glue, the better it will stick to your eyes. (Think SuperGlue®: you always wait for the glue to dry a bit before you bond things together.)

how to apply false eyelash glue
How long should i wait for eyelash glue to become tacky?

Sunny didn’t believe me and tried it just now. She admits: 50 seconds is much better! SCORE!



3. Apply more adhesive at the endsas the inner and outer corners of the lashes tend to come off the easiest.

how to apply false eyelash glue



4. When applying glue onto the lash band, make sure that your lash is hovering above your tube of glue(as pictured above). Why? Well, there are plenty of instances where the glue just gushes out and gets all over your falsie when you do it the other way to apply false eyelash glueHolding adhesive over your lashes like this can lead to…


SPILLAGE!!how to apply false eyelash glue
See the glue that spilled over onto the other side? (I told you it happens! And I was trying so hard not to get glue all over this pretty eyelash, too!) If your glue is held upright and squeezed from the bottom, you’ll have gravity working against you, therefore giving you more control over the flow of your adhesive. See? Beauty and science can go hand in hand.

How was that for the first lesson? Not bad, right? ^^ I still have a lot more information I want to smother you with, so stay tuned for the second wonderfully informative installment to my All about Adhesives series:
what's the difference between clear eyelash glue and dark eyelash glue

I hope you learned a lot from this post! Leave your comments or questions below should you have any!


34 thoughts on “How to Properly Apply False Eyelash Glue (All about Adhesives, Part I)”

  1. That was pretty helpful. Now can you pls do a blog on how to properly clean your false eyelashes? I haven’t found a good way to really do this and I’d like to get as much usage out of my lashes as possible. Thanks!

  2. Great blog!
    I am a professional makeup artist & hairstylist & I’ve been applying false lashes to clients for many years. Fortunately I was blessed with long, thick lashes & have only really used false lashes for myself on occasion, as a costume piece. However, due to a recent poor decision, I am temporarily left with short, not so thick lashes & can’t stand the way it looks. So, I’ve resorted to using false lashes while I wait for my own to grow back in. Only problem is… I’ve come to realize that I’m not so great at putting falsies on myself! What I can do in 5 seconds on a client, literally takes me 20 minutes on me.

    Help! Any tips or advice for a quick, fool proof self-application?

    1. I totally understand what you mean! We’ll get a post up on how to self-apply the lashes soon. It’ll include helpful and insightful tips which I’m sure you’ll find useful! <3

  3. I really appreciate this information and was wondering where I can go to read up on how to apply the actual eyelashes? Thank you so much!

  4. Not eyelash related, but I have to say that I love the pictures you took for this post. You two are so talented in MANY ways!

    1. Glad to know you found it helpful! Hope to see you around the blog more often – we still have so much more to share for both new and seasoned lash wearers! <3

  5. for this halloween i am being a peacock lady and was wondering if u had any suggestions on what fake lashes i should get? : )

    1. Love how you’re already thinking about your costume, Rachel! Have you looked into our Wild Color or Carnival color section? I like combining different lashes to customize my look. (Check out our Mardi Gras post for an example.)
      We also have some blue+green lashes in our Mystic Lash category that might fit your needs. Here’s a post that compiled all the blue+green lashes together:

      Hope this helped!

      1. yes it helped very well,and i saw your link and was wondering what section or where i can find them on this website : )

        1. You can always go to the “Shop” button by the menu on top. Did you try the links I provided in my response? If they didn’t work, I’ll give you the direct links here:

          For Wild Color lashes (ridiculously long and huge color lashes):
          For Carnival Color lashes (fun, colorful lashes):
          For blue+green lashes: I provide links preceding each lash photo, so click on those.

    1. Hey, Debra! Sorry but I don’t think there’s a way to thin out the glue. (At least, not that I know of.) Over time, adhesives will become thicker and thicker due to their exposure to air. Best thing you can do to slow down this inevitable process is to tightly cap the glue whenever it’s not in use.

  6. Thanks so much! I am 53 and thinking of trying! My hands shake and your tips should help! I was about to lapse back into my “that shipped sailed a long time ago thinking”! Bless you!

    1. LOL, “that shipped has sailed”!! Elbows on the table may not be good manners, but it is DEFINITELY good practice when applying false eyelashes! Good luck!

  7. I have never tried to apply them before but am really excited to give it a shot. Do you have any tips on how to apply mascara or eyeliner after and what type of makeup remover do you think works best? Also, do you recommend any brand of lashes in particular? Thank you!

    1. You should always apply mascara BEFORE applying lashes. This will increase the longevity of your lashes and allow for multiple uses over time. Oil-free makeup remover is best for removing your lashes. Once the lashes are off, use oil-based remover or coconut oil to remove any residual glue. Detailed instructions here: How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly

      As for brand of lashes: Elegant Lashes, of course! Made from the same manufacturers as Shu Uemura and MAC, quality is top notch but up to 80% cheaper.

  8. When I go to the elegant lash website it tells me it’s for professionals only. Is there a site anyone can order from?

    1. Hi, Michelle! Although our website ( is created for professionals, you can still order your lashes on there! You’ll just be the lucky person who gets the pro-discounts without being a pro. =P Keep in mind that since we are catered to pros, we sell lashes in multiple units (Triple Packs, Dozen Packs, Bulk 50 pairs, Bulk 100 pairs, etc.) AKA, if you want to only buy one pair of lashes, you won’t find that anywhere.
      The best way to try out lashes is through our lash kits:
      I highly recommend the Best Sellers Kit since it’s a lovely set of all our top selling lashes! Hope this helped!

    1. Hi, Christina! That’s kind of a weird question for me to answer because eyelash adhesives wouldn’t be made for eyes if they were toxic. =P I’m not sure what “toxic” ingredients are, but you’re more than welcome to take a look at the photos of the ingredients on the sides of the boxes that we put up on our website:

      Hope this helped!

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