How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly

DIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at home

We’ve all heard of a friend or some lady or other who lost all her eyelashes from wearing falsies all the time. The truth: that could have been prevented. *Gasp!*

Peeling strip lashes off your eyelids is the easiest and most common way to remove them. It’s also the best way to create premature sagging in the eye area as well as loss/damage to your natural lashes.

will fake eyelashes make my real natural eyelashes fall out

Don’t run away now! The damage will only occur if you’ve been peeling off your lashes every single day for the past few lifetimes.

The best way to gently remove false eyelashes without damaging your own is actually a two-step process:

  1. Use a gentle non oil-based eye makeup remover to soften the glue. Soak up a cotton pad (or cotton swab) with remover, hold it to your eye for a few moments, and let the false lash slide off. Totally pain-free and lash-friendly. (No tugging necessary!) Gently peel off any remaining glue on the falsie. DIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at homeDIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at home
  2. After the false eyelash has been completely removed, soak a cotton swab with olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, or any gentle oil-based eye makeup remover to remove any residual glue on your eyes. The adhesives will soften and lift off once it comes into contact with oil. DIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at homeDIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at homeImportant: DO NOT use any kind of oil to remove the false eyelashes themselves. Be especially careful to never let oil touch the lash band. You’ll find that any leftover oil makes it very difficult for the glue to bind to your lash line the next time you try to put them on.

DIY how to remove false eyelashes painlessly properly at home

Now wasn’t that helpful?
Not only have you found a completely pain-free way to remove false eyelashes, but you’ve also found a way to do it without pulling & tugging on your eyes and damaging your own lashes!

What a wonderful blog this is 😀

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36 thoughts on “How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly”

  1. So useful. i only started wearing false eyelashes this week, but I was doing the dreaded pull!

    Thanks for setting me straight. 🙂

    Could you please recommend an non-oil based makeup remover? At this point, in my life before lashes, I have been using an oil based makeup remover because that what has worked for me over the years.

    I’m more than willing to buy a separate product if it will extend the life of my lashes and prevent tugging, but I sure would love a point in the right direction. TIA

    1. Hello! There are plenty of drugstore eyemakeup removers that are oil free, but the one I’m currently using is Almay Oil-Free eye makeup remover. It will loosen the false lashes, but it will not remove the residual glue left on your lids. (That’s where the coconut oil or oil-based eye makeup remover comes in!) It’s always easier to just use one product to remove everything from lashes to eyeliner, but trust me – oil and adhesive do not like other!

      Oh! Forgot to mention, I know I’m using a cotton pad in the photo to remove the lashes, but I actually prefer using cotton swabs instead! Human hair lashes are very delicate and excess moisture (ie. a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover) can warp the shape of the lashes if you don’t concentrate on moistening only the lash band. Cotton swabs are easier and safer for those starting out in falsies such as yourself =)

  2. Thanks for the tips! Had false eyelashes put on at a salon not he individual lash type….can I use this method to remove?

    1. You’re welcome! You can most certainly use this method to remove your lashes! If your salon gave you good quality lashes (100% Human Hair lashes), I suggest removing with the cotton swab saturated in oil-free makeup remover. Human hair lashes are pretty delicate, so any excess moisture will actually warp the shape of the lashes. Lashes made of synthetic fibers are sturdier so you can use the cotton pad moistened with oil-free makeup remover to get those off. If you’re not sure, just play it safe and remove with the cotton swab. Just make sure your makeup remover is oil-free!!

    1. I actually wouldn’t use the makeup remover wipes. Most of them contain some kind of oil to help break down heavy eye makeup, so although it wouldn’t ruin the actual lash band, it would definitely make reusing your lashes difficult to do. Makeup remover wipes are pretty dry in general – oil-free or not – which means you’ll have to do quite a bit of rubbing as compared to using a cotton swab or pad saturated in oil-free makeup remover.

      Remember, we’re trying to be gentle with our eyes! Using a cotton swab moistened well with oil-free makeup remover is the best way to remove your lashes gently and painlessly. =)

      Hope this helped!

    1. If you used strip lash adhesive to apply your individual lashes, then yes! However, if you used individual lash adhesive to apply them, that’s a whole different story. Read more on the difference here. Since the adhesive used for eyelash extensions (aka individual lashes) are formulated to provide a semi-permanent hold, you need to use an individual eyelash adhesive remover. You can get the stuff here.

      Hope this helped!

  3. Thank you SO much for this, I wish I had read this earlier. I’ve probably been wearing false eyelashes for 9 years, always just pulled them off no problem (didn’t know about the premature sagging yikes). Two days ago I ran out of glue so I used the Victoria’s Secret glue that had come with a pair of lashes….BIG MISTAKE. I waxed a quarter of my eyelashes off. Started with Avance lash serum but the whole experience still makes me want to cry. I love your blog, thank you for getting the message out on PROPER eyelash removal.

    1. You’re very welcome, Gina! It means a lot to me to hear that these posts are helping people out. Make sure you share this post with your friends so they don’t make the same mistakes! We’ll be pushing out more helpful posts for ya, so don’t forget to come back! <3

  4. I’ve tried individual eyelashes for 3 weeks omg it took off my naturally long lush lashes underneath? Wtf? How do I get them back! Help

    1. Hey, Cathy! Hate to break it to ya, but you just gotta wait it out. Good news: they WILL grow back! In the meantime, you can put some conditioning stuff on (like coconut oil, vitamin E oil, etc.) but honestly, not sure if it’s going to help you grow your lashes like some people claim.

  5. Hello,
    You can put a little bit off lotion on the end of a q-tip and rub it over the area that you are trying to remove and let it sit for a few seconds. and then take the other end of the q-tip to rub off the lotion, the color from the tint comes right off!!

  6. Thank you for this information. This is my first time getting individual lashes, and it freakin’ sucks! Can’t wait to go home and take these suckers off. Never again.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Chrys! Just FYI, if you had the individual lashes applied using individual lash adhesive, the removal method I showed in this post is not really going to work. Use individual eyelash adhesive remover instead (or even baby oil) to remove the individual lash adhesive. It will take a long time and will require lots of patience.

      On a brighter note, you can also get the look of extensions without the commitment. Take a look at my post on DIY eyelash extensions (Link is here: that you can do at home!

  7. Omg thx for that awsome tip !! I never used falsies but now i have to cuz i was using the rapid lash eyelash enhancer and ive used it for 5 months and now a quarter of my natural eyelash is gone

  8. Omg thx for that awsome tip !! I never used falsies but now i have to cuz i was using the rapid lash eyelash enhancer and ive used it for 5 months and now a quarter of my natural eyelash is gone

  9. and can u tell me what kind of glue would u recommend thats good for the real ones and are u sure the oil free makeup remover will not rip of any real lashes ? Even one ? If u would reply, i thankyou soo much

    1. I love using latex-based glues since they’re softer and have a more flexible formula, but if you are allergic to latex, try the Duo Brush-on glue. It is latex free AND it has vitamins A, C, and E to help nourish your lashes.
      And I promise you that you will not lose any of your lashes if you remove with the method I showed you. It does take a few minutes, but it really is so much gentler and less painful than yanking it off. Check out our YouTube video if you want a live demonstration!

  10. Oh! I am using coconut oil for removing the glue, as well! I melt it in a warm temperature (on the heater or in a warm water) and use it. To make sure, that my eyelashes are comforted and cared about after wearing falsies, I always apply Cherish Lash conditioner. It strenthens them a lot!

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