How to Take Care of False Eyelashes

Aka How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last… a Really, Really Long TimeHow to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last


Behold, my most-used pair of lashes, Elegant Lashes #705 Black.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastPretty, huh? =D

I first picked up this pair because I felt it wasn’t exactly fit for sale due to some of the hairs not looking perfectly uniform and all. It’s not something anyone would really notice once the lash is applied, but I didn’t want any of our customers to get something that was less than perfect, so I decided to take it home with me and use it for myself.

Here’s a close-up of my adopted eyelash with its little quirks compared to its more “perfect” twin. Aside from the fact that the hairs aren’t 100% impeccably aligned, this lash is perfectly normal looking.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last

Now, everyone who has purchased and used Elegant Lashes® knows that the quality is superb and that the lashes are highly reusable blah blah blah (you’re welcome, makeup artists and lash junkies!). But I was curious just how many uses could one get out of these lashes? Thus prompted my little experiment where I made a tally mark on the back of the lash tray every time I wore this particular style.

Here’s what I have so far:
How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last

Yup, twelve* uses as of today, and believe me when I say I feel like I can EASILY get twelve more uses out of this pair. These lashes have retained their shape beautifully through over a year and a half of birthday dinners, trade shows, casual outings, and nights out on the town… and yet they feel sturdy enough for many more uses while still managing to be light and comfortable when worn. Insane, right? Go on and take a second look at the opening photos of the lashes and tell me you’re not amazed. I mean, even the lash tray is more banged up than the lashes are. Quality really does speak for itself. Quite loudly, too X”)

*Update as of December 2, 2013: I have used these lashes for a total of 28 times so far! Thought only expensive mink lashes could get you 25 wears? Now you have proof you don’t have to blow your budget to get the most bang for your buck!

I’m pretty sure that you want to learn how I kept my lashes looking so good for so long. Well, don’t stop reading now. You’ll be surprised at what these 4 very simple guidelines can do for the longevity of your lash life.



    1. Use quality products ebay lashes are bad How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastI know we harp on quality a lot here, but that’s because so many people are unaware that quality is essential to the looks and longevity of false eyelashes. That doesn’t necessarily mean buy the most expensive lashes money can buy. Like we explained in this post, quality lashes elegant lashes vs. mac lashes shu uemuraMAC and Shu Uemura lashes are up-the-wall expensive, but Elegant Lashes uses the same manufacturer and we are one of the most affordable brands of lashes out there. It just proves that price does not always equal quality.  (Keeping that in mind, stay far away from those 10-pairs-per-box lashes. Those are a disgrace to the beauty world and were originally not intended for human use. Think about that for a minute…)
      Main point: Using high-quality lashes is the #1 best thing you can do to save yourself money and make your false lashes look great while lasting you a very, very long time.


  • Skip the mascara.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastOf course I’m all too aware of everyone telling each other that you should wear mascara with your lashes if you want them to blend with your own, but that’s not always the case (see full post here!) and it definitely won’t help in extending the life of your lashes. Do your false lashes a favor and just leave them alone. Not only will they last longer, but they will be much easier to take care of, easier to store, and far more sanitary than lashes that are worn with mascara.



  • ALWAYS remove lashes with OIL-FREE makeup remover
    We all know and love how easily oil-based removers remove heavy eye makeup, but if you want to get as much use out of your false lashes as possible, never let oil touch the lash band.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastOils act like a repellent so unless you want some drama when trying to re-use your newly oil-infused lashes, I suggest you heed my warning. Learn more cool things you didn’t know (and how to do it right) by checking out my post on How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly.



  • Store your lashes in their original package
    People don’t realize just how quickly and easily false lashes can collect dust when they leave their lashes out in the open on either their vanities or their bathroom counters. This is a bad habit that I beg you to correct because not only is it unattractive to see dust bunnies on eyelashes, it is also very damaging and irritating to your beautiful eyeballs.How to Take Care of False EyelashesAka How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last… a Really, Really Long TimeMoreover, leaving your lashes so exposed means that there’s also a very good chance that a spider and a few poop-loving flies paraded all over your lashes during the night as well. But hey, what you can’t see can’t hurt you so those don’t count, right? How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastIf you want clean, comfortable, long-lasting lashes, store them in their original trays. This will not only protect them from dust and accidental spills from water, lotions, cosmetics, etc., the tray’s rounded molding will help retain the lovely curve of the lash band.


…Another reason why those 10-pair-per-box lashes are so ridiculously stupid.



Well, there you have it. Now you know where to get the best quality lashes on Earth (ahem, at and how to make them last forever!

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P.S. What is the most number of times YOU wore a pair of lashes? Leave your comment below!


21 thoughts on “How to Take Care of False Eyelashes”

    1. They can definitely be re-used, Sheena! Especially if they’re good quality. See how nice mine look even after twelve uses in the first photo? =) Anyhoo, come back for more great tips on this blog! There’s a lot more to lashes than people think! XD**

    1. Sure there are! You can just use the clear plastic case they came in, but if you threw that away, too, try using a medicine/pill case or a small Altoids tin. Either of those are readily available at any drug store and affordable, too. =)

  1. Love your blog, love the tips. Do you have any special tips for getting all the adhesive off, other than maybe using less in the first place? I used to try soaking the lashes in baby oil (disaster!), soaking them in water (less of a disaster, but still not helpful), but my lashes end up either crusty (adhesive remaining) or mangy (I pull lashes out with the last of the adhesive).

    1. Thanks for loving this blog, tdgor! <3 Read this post to learn how to remove your lashese properly and painlessly: < -- Definitely an informative post that will change how you feel about removing false lashes! Removing lash adhesive from the lash band will be a piece of cake with that method I show above. If you get adhesive on the actual lash hairs, use the dense part of a DRY brow brush thingy-ma-bobber (not sure what those things are called. Here's a link to a photo for referece: or mascara spoolie brush to sweep off the excess adhesive.

  2. luv your site. luv the tips provided. spent approx 2 hours the first time on your site. didn’t know any of the info your site provides. extremely informative and cant wait to get my purchase and put your guidance to use. will keep you posted 🙂
    ps: u ladies are the absolute cutest.

    1. Aww, thank you bri!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! We love helping people out with their eyelash questions and we’re so excited to share our passion with everyone else! <3

  3. KUHHRAZZZINEESS (: thanks for the tips. i think i’ve gotten at the most 9 uses.. no more than that. i’m sure ill get a tone more after reading the blog ! (: YAY

    1. Yay!! Yeah, I honestly can’t believe my lashes lasted that long myself. (I guess I never noticed it before since I never thought to make those tally marks on the back in the first place.) 9 uses it still good, though! I mean, $0.25 per use sounds like quite the bargain to me! XD***

  4. What do you mean by “and were originally not intended for human use”, in regards to the 10 pack cheap lashes sold on eBay? I’m a poor student (laughs) and I just bought a bunch of those ten packs (considering they were $2.07 AUD each pack!) as I can’t afford to spend $8 AUD on one pair (lashes are expensive here in Australia ;A; ), but I never knew they weren’t for human use! :/

    1. Hi, Molly! So glad you asked! Ever see department store mannequins with eyelashes on? Now take a look at the cheapo eBay lashes. Nobody would waste beautifully handmade high-quality lashes on plastic mannequins. Those 10-pack plastic lashes were originally intended for mannequin use, but since false eyelashes have risen in popularity over the years, companies started marketing that junk to people like you and me! Kinda sucks, right? A pair of good-quality lashes will last a really long time (I’ve used my favorite pair 19 times so far!) so even if you think you’re paying at lot initially, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

  5. Since you asked, I just finished wearing the same pair of eyelashes for 56 days, wearing them everyday, with mascara. When I take them off, I pull the adhesive off and rinse them in cold water to dissolve the mascara. I do store them in their original box, but I don’t think any of that has anything to do with their longevity. I’ve been wearing false eyelashes for 20 years almost everyday because I have a very sparse area on one eye, and occasionally I’ll find a pair that just last forever. I can’t figure out why. With this pair, I had kept the little cardboard with the name and number so I immediately bought half a dozen pairs just like them once I saw they were holding up so well, and in the two weeks since my “wonder lashes” gave out, I’ve gone through four pairs of them. The left lash from the good set is still in great shape…

    1. 56 days – that’s crazy awesome!! XD*** I’ve done 25 with my favorite pair so far, but I think I want a new pair just for the sake of getting a new pair =P

      1. I was looking up reviews on EBAY lashes (the ones you say were not meant for human eyes??) I bought 4 boxes. I received one box so far and after a bit of struggle I can finally manage the lashes and get them to look pretty darn good. I was looking up how sanitary it is to reuse the lashes so they could last even longer and save $$. I never realized people reused lashes so many times!! I threw out the lashes after one use (my ebay ones) and I am on my second to last one and saw I was running low (my other boxes have not arrived yet and I am hooked). Well I used my second to last twice before both fell apart and I had to cut them…So I can use them at least once more but as half lashes. Then I’ll be on my last pair. Anyway…I have a question, where did you read that these lashes were not for human use?? That is so weird!

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