How to Wear Color Lashes

a.k.a., 3 Tips for Wearing Halloween / Costume False Eyelashes

Unless your name is Lady Gaga, Halloween is about the only time you can go out wearing crazy makeup without eliciting strange looks. Many of you will take advantage of this fact and wear big, colorful eyelashes with your Halloween costumes this year, so here are a few little-known tips on how to get the most out of your fun and outrageous lashes!

Video version available at the end of the post! 😉

how to apply halloween color false eyelashes

Tip 1: Wear a base lash

No one really knows about using base lashes, which is quite unfortunate since it helps tremendously when wearing bright or white lashes.

Brights and whites are fun, but they have a tendency to close the eyes rather than opening them up. (Ever wonder why black and brown mascaras rule? And why nobody goes out in public wearing white mascara? I’ll give you a second to think about it…)



Okay, so now that you’ve thought about it, here is Bonnie wearing a very popular feather lash.

How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash

Make Up For Ever calls this the 115 Erin and sells it for $15 a pair. We call it the F357 Feather Eyelash and sell it in a 2-PAIR PACK for under 12 bucks.How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash

Why two pairs? Because you’re undoubtedly going to destroy one of them in your excitement to put them on, and then you’ll desperately wish you had bought another pair. Or you’re like Bonnie and things just have a tendency to fall apart in your hands for no reason at all. -_-

Either way, two is always better than one. 😉

Back to the eyelashes.

How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash

Now, this look ain’t bad, but it certainly isn’t spectacular. It definitely needs some.. OOMPH.

Enter the base lash:

short thick false eyelash


Bonnie is wearing the #696 Black False Eyelash, which she blogged about in the last entry. This is perfect as a base lash because of the uniform length (as opposed to a spiky lash), so it’ll look more natural under the light-colored F357 Feather Eyelash.

The result?

How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash


SO much better! Her lash base is darkened because of the layer of false lashes underneath the pink, livening up the whole look and balancing it out. There is a depth to the eyes that was lacking before. Yay!


Tip 2: Don’t Forget Your Undies

I’m talking about your under lashes.

There is a certain very popular American female rapper who has a tendency to wear ginormous lashes on top and nothing much on the bottom. Although I love her makeup and colorful wigs, I always thought her eye makeup was a little off-balance, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why.

how to apply false eyelashes_big thick long Halloween false eyelashes like Nicki MinajThen it dawned on me: Girl needs to get herself some bottom lashes!!

If you’re planning on wearing big eyelashes for Halloween, please don’t forget to balance out your look with a pair of under lashes, or at least line the bottom of your eyes with some eyeliner & mascara to balance the look out. I find it very odd when girls wear huge lashes on top and don’t balance them out with anything on the bottom. Things must have BALANCE.

bottom false lashes_under lashes_lower false eyelashesHere is Bonnie wearing our new #529 Black False Eyelash.  (I swear this looks so much like that model on our homepage…) This is the shortest under lash we carry, and also my favorite. 🙂

Pair it up with the #696 Black base lash and the main F357 Feather Eyelash, and you get this:

How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather EyelashSee how her eyes look much more alive than in that fourth photo?
Not only are the eyes more defined with the base lash, but the overall look is also better balanced because of the bottom lash.


Tip 3: Rest on the Crease

Halloween lashes are BIG. If you’re not accustomed to wearing big eyelashes, wearing dramatic costume lashes MIGHT make your lids feel heavy.

The solution? Apply the lashes onto your crease, rather than on your lash line. This way, there will be less weight on the ends of your eyes. You’ll feel lighter, be less sleepy(-looking), and the lashes will actually feel more secure.How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash


If you want, you can fill in the space between your natural lash line and the false lashes (a.k.a., your entire crease) with black liquid liner. Here, I just Photoshopped Bonnie’s eye so the space between the lashes is dark:How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Halloween Feather Eyelash


Side by side comparison:How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Feather Halloween Eyelashes

IMPORTANT: Try wearing your Halloween lashes for a few hours at home (before Halloween day) to see whether your eyes feel heavy or not. If you find that your eyelids can’t take the weight of your big color lashes, definitely wear your lashes on your crease instead. You don’t want your false lashes to be ruining your Halloween fun. 🙁

All these tips are optional, of course. However, I really do think base lashes make all the difference in the world, so I’m going to drop in another photo to drive my point across:How to apply false eyelashes_Pink Feather Halloween Eyelashes

Watch our video if you would rather watch than read. You can also enjoy some pretty cool glow-in-the-dark lashes in action.

Hope this helped! As always, experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for your desired look or costume.

Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or helpful in any way. Happy experimenting!!


17 thoughts on “How to Wear Color Lashes”

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  2. Brilliant!

    This reminds me of the day I learned what tight lining means. It’s the same concept: a dark band around the eye (in the case of tight lining, it is created with eyeliner) gives an “anchor” to the look.

    Now I know what I’ll be doing next Halloween.

  3. Is it safe to use under lashes?I mean : don’t they scrath the eye?Should I place them far from the inner corner of the eye(like with the lashes for the upper eyelid) or it doesn’t matter ?What is better material for the under lashes:synthetic or natural human hair?

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Yes, it is safe to use under lashes! (Otherwise there’d be huge legal issues here!) It’s all in the application, though. As a general rule, placing lashes a bit further away from the inner corners will help with the comfort, but it’s all a matter of preference.

      As for material, definitely 100% Natural Human Hair is the best way to go. I always prefer Human Hair to synthetic. Again, it’s a matter of preference, but you’ll find that Human Hair lashes are easier to apply since they’re softer and more pliable (flexible/bendable) than synthetic materials.

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