Human Hair Eyelashes vs. Synthetic Hair Eyelashes

We take a lot of pride in carrying 100% human hair strip lashes, but many people still aren’t sure  what the difference is between human hair and synthetic lashes and how you can tell if your eyelashes are made from human hair or not.

First off, the concept of getting 100% human hair for your false eyelashes is the same as getting 100% human hair for your hair extensions: the real thing feels more real, looks more real, acts more real. That’s obviously because they are real. (Those who have had experience with hair extensions know exactly what I’m talking about!) Hair extensions made from synthetic materials just don’t look, feel, or move the way your real hair does – which is why you always look for 100% real human hair extensions.


Human hair

human hair false eyelashes and hair extensions
Me wearing 100% human hair extensions



Fake hair! Yes, it’s a costume wig, but you get the idea. (Image credit:

Same goes for false eyelashes.

(Image taken from actual ebay seller)

A lot of the cheap false eyelashes that you get from eBay say “100% human made” or “100% human hair quality” and come in a shoebox-type packaging with 10 pairs of lashes stuck onto a piece of cardboard. These sell for around a dollar. Now, that may sound like an awesome deal, and to some, price is everything, but when you think about what you’re getting, it’s not really worth putting cheap products on your eyes. There’s a reason why you get so many eyelashes for so cheap – they don’t last long, they’re obviously lower quality, and they were most likely meant for use on department store mannequins rather than human eyes. (Please don’t get all offended now. If you think about it, it just doesn’t make any sense to put high quality human hair eyelashes on plastic mannequins! Plastic people deserve plastic eyelashes, end of story.)

Having used and worked with both synthetic and human hair lashes, I can pretty much feel the difference right away. Human hair lashes are noticeably lighter and a lot more delicate than synthetic hair lashes. When you brush your fingers up against the length of the hair, it feels feathery and soft to the touch and has less of that tell-tale glossy sheen that is characteristic of synthetic eyelashes. (If you’re dying to know, all of our regular strip lashes [the ones that fall under the category “False Eyelashes” and are organized by density and length] are 100% natural human hair, so you’re guaranteed to be getting the best of the best in your false eyelashes!)

Another plus about human hair falsies:  the band is much more pliable (soft), and can easily bend to fit any eye shape. Lashes made from synthetic materials, on the other hand, not only have stiffer hairs (making them much harder to curl), but also stiffer and thicker bands.human hair false eyelash vs synthetic fake eyelash

I myself am actually a huge fan of the Mystic Lashes which are made from synthetic fibers, and unlike most people, I actually like the stiffer bands as they create a crease for me in my fairly crease-less Asian eyes!

Now let’s put some falsies on those eyes…

^ Pardon the Halloween makeup in the left photo. I drew spiderwebs on my face.

Not sure if you can really tell the difference, but I for one can definitely feel the difference. Granted, any pair of false eyelashes will give me a deeper crease than I actually have because my eyelids are already fairly thin. But because the Mystic Lash band is so much thicker and stiffer than 100% human hair lashes, they give me a much more prominent crease, and I feel like my eyelids are being pushed back a lot more. Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times I feel like those Mystic lash bands are giving my eyelids a severe workout.

Basically: if you’re looking for comfort, quality, softness, and pliability, 100% human hair lashes are the only way to go. If you prefer the stiffness of synthetic materials, make sure you at least get well-crafted synthetic lashes (like our Mystic Lashes ;-)), or lashes that aren’t too dense or try to imitate the human hair styles, because it’s pretty obvious when they’re synthetic (the fake-looking synthetic lash sheen will totally give it away). Unlike our human hair strip lashes, Mystic Lashes are intentionally geometric or criss-crossed, which pretty much screams out “unconventional” from the start, so no point in trying to fool anyone there! Everyone has their preferences on human hair vs. synthetic, but no matter what, make sure you don’t embarrass yourself with low-quality “bargain” lashes that can’t measure up to the real thing.


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