I Hate That I Love These Brown Eyelashes

Dang it. I was looking forward to experimenting with at least 10 different styles of brown lashes until I came across my favorite one. That day came too soon, because I think I’ve already found The One. *confused emotions of disappointment and joy*

natural brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown

I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #046 Brown False Eyelashes in the photo above, and I must confess: I am hopelessly in love with these. I really wish I didn’t like them so much, because now I will be biased and compare every other brown eyelash to #046 Brown, but man…. These #046 lashes are really, REALLY something.

natural brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown

I love everything about the #046 lashes – the shape, the length, the density, the lash band, and of course, the final effect it gives to the eyes. I am a huge fan of Elegant Lashes #046 Black, which I wore to a friend’s wedding and on many different occasions after that. Each time I remember thinking, “Man, I love these. They’re so freaking perfect. I hope I don’t get addicted to them.” Well, I went out and tried the brown version, and … shucks, I’m addicted. (-_-)

natural brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown

But how can you not fall in love with a product that makes you look like you were born with something you weren’t? I love what Elegant Lashes #46 Brown does for my eyes. I wore them this past Sunday for Easter Service, and they were so perfect and appropriate – pretty but understated (don’t wanna offend any grandmas visiting at church! Haha). What did I do to deserve wearing something as wonderful as this pair of brown eyelashes? Oh. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to fuss with annoying mascara. Haha! Good things come when you least expect it, I guess. I LOVE these brown lashes!

natural looking brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown

And look at that. Me likey. Because this style has black hairs mixed in with the brown, it blends more easily with your own lashes for an effortlessly beautiful, natural look. Nobody will know you’re wearing falsies! 😀 But beware – girls might hate on you for being born with naturally luscious lashes. Tsk tsk…. That is the beautiful secret of brown false eyelashes. X)
Oh, forgot to post a picture of the lashes in their packaging. Here you go!

natural brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown in packagingPretty!!!!!!

Ok, I have done enough raving for now. The #046 lashes get too much love from me (even though it is rightly deserved). I’ll end this post with an irrelevant photo of me holding a tiny little bunny. Because it was Easter a few days ago. But mostly because I am wearing Elegant Lashes #046 Brown and I think the pic is kinda funny. X)

easter bunny and natural brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 46 Brown

I hope you give the #046 lashes a try! They are my personal recommendation for medium-size eyes (whatever that means… try the brown version if you’re new to falsies) and are also great for elongating your eye shape to create the illusion of larger eyes. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to “like,” tweet, and share! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “I Hate That I Love These Brown Eyelashes”

  1. i’m online shopping for bulk lashes & brown ones in particular when i came across your website/blog. you guys are down right hilarious. found myself giggling more than once. thinkin about stockin up on some browns for my spa parties!!!

  2. Approximately how long will it take to ship to Malaysia? Love your blog, seriously. Love the way you blog and present the products.

      1. Argh just realised that international shipping is too expensive! More than the purchase itself. Can’t afford the shipping. Maybe next time 🙁 Keep up the great blog though!

        1. It’s worth it if you’re a makeup artist and order lots, but yeah, international shipping is super expensive for us, too. 🙁 Must find a way to ship overseas that’s just as secure and fast but not as expensive..

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