Lessons I Learned from Elegant Lashes #067 (A Painfully Honest Product Review)

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Today I’ll be introducing and reviewing a lash style which I thought was very ugly.

Yes, you read that right.

There are some styles that we carry which I have absolutely no interest in. But I am intrigued whenever I find those certain “unappealing” styles flying off the shelves like there’s no tomorrow. And then I get curious…about people’s tastes. Just kidding! ;P

Here’s the style I’m talking about:

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash

“Dude, what’s so bad about that??” you ask.

There’s nothing wrong with it, of course! It’s just totally not something I’d go for. Why? Because those stick-straight edges on the sides give the whole lash a very harshly geometric, trapezoidal look that really, really annoys me. (I cannot explain this, and don’t try to understand; it is just one of my peculiarities.) I prefer the more “balanced,” rounded edges of the #006 and #012 lashes, which are the same in general style and density but don’t have that irksome sharp/straight edge.

Elegant Lashes #006 Black False Eyelash  Elegant Lashes #012 Black False Eyelash

(Note: I have tried neither the #006 lashes nor the #012 lashes, so I essentially have no right to say which one is better. Nonetheless, I prefer the general shape of those two over the shape of the #067 lashes.)

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Well… at least the #067 false lashes are curled really nicely. Like, really curled… nicely. Dang, look at those curves.




Anyway, the last time I tried something because everyone else was doing it, I was pleasantly surprised and raved about my experience not once, but twice: here and here.

So I tried the Elegant Lashes #067 Black false lashes, just to see how (bad) it would look.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Ohhhhh, man. Oh, how I was humbled. I remember just standing in front of the mirror staring at my eye for a good minute or two. Because this is NOT what I was expecting.

Question: When you’re proven horribly wrong and end up liking something you were set on hating, are you supposed to feel happy or angry? Because I sure didn’t know what to do with myself.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Remember those super-straight edges that were the main reason for my disdain of this style? As soon as I saw what the lashes looked like when worn, they totally made sense. They made total, complete sense.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

And believe me when I say that I was greatly, greatly humbled.

The full and generous width of the lash, extending from inner to outer corner without poking my inner eye, is just what I like in a pair of falsies, and I sure did not expect to get that (or anything positive, for that matter) from the #067 falsies. 

natural bridal makeup Elegant Lashes #067 Black 100% Human Hair False Eyelash Product Review

And yes, evidently Elegant Lashes #067 Black looks awesome in photos. I would never think to wear this kind of eyelash, but I do admit they look great in these pictures. Maybe this is why it’s good for bridal makeup/weddings, a.k.a., the most photographed day of a woman’s life? Hmm….


Let’s talk about length:

Elegant Lashes #067 Black human hair False Eyelash Product Review

Elegant Lashes® #067 is part of our Light-Short category, but of course our definition of “short” is not your definition of “short.” (Hey, take a look at our Long category, and then try to tell me you still think these false lashes are long.) Look at that photo above – you can see how my natural lashes (yes, those stunted hairy things) compare to the length of these #067 lashes.

Perhaps these lashes are more for those who want more length than volume from their falsies while still keeping it all low-key. I personally prefer shorter lashes with more hairy goodness (I usually grab from the Medium-Extra Short or Medium-Short categories), but I see the appeal of these. More length with fewer hairs looks softer and more romantic… I think. At least, that’s the feeling I got when I looked at my photos wearing these lashes.


And let’s talk about that curl…

curled curly human hair false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Man, these lashes are so curled, I can sometimes feel them brushing my eyelid. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to personal preference: some people like curled falsies, others like straight ones.

I, however, think it’s pretty cool that these particular lashes are so darn curly (kinda like the way our #824 lashes are darn curly). It means they’ll always look perky and sit high (not sagging or drooping down), making your eyes look open and wide. And if you think about it, isn’t that why most people wear falsies? 


bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black human hair False Eyelash Product Review

I’ll be the first admit that the #067 Black false lashes look pretty good here. And I just realized something: where the heck is the lash band? Even I am impressed by how natural-looking and undetectable the lash band is. (Seriously, I didn’t edit it out. So where is it?) Hidden among the jungle of my mini lashes, I presume.


product review Elegant Lashes #067 Black 100% Human Hair False Eyelashes

Final thoughts on Elegant Lashes® #067 Black False Eyelash:

The #067 lash is a heck of a lot nicer-looking than I thought it would be (I would even dare to call it beautiful) and looks a darn lot nicer worn than sitting in the packaging. To all those people whose tastes I questioned for purchasing this style, I’m sorry – you guys know how to choose good-looking lashes and are far less judgmental than I am!

Lesson learned: you’ll never know if you (really) hate it until you try it.

So! Give these under-appreciated (by me) #067 lashes a try. If you’re anything like me, you may be very, very pleasantly surprised.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Want another brutally honest product review?

In the next post, I’ll review and share a lash style that I thought was pretty pointless. (Mind you, I did not say “unpopular” or “ugly,” because the style IS one of our best-sellers among bridal makeup artists, and I acknowledge that it does have a pretty shape. I just considered it completely and utterly pointless … until I tried it.)

Now let’s talk:

When’s the last time you tried something you thought you’d hate and ended up liking it? Share your story in the comments below! And of course, “like,” tweet, and share this if you enjoyed. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from Elegant Lashes #067 (A Painfully Honest Product Review)”

  1. I usually never comment on anything, but I just had to say: your photos are AMAZING. It’s SO nice to finally be able see lashes from multiple angles instead if just in their packages. Thanks a bunch. You girls are great.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dolores!
      You’re right, it is hard to find photos of lashes from different angles… which is why we’re working to change that! Glad to know our little efforts are appreciated. 🙂

  2. I have stayed away from falsies with that shape for the same reasons as you! They look SO GOOD on you from a little further away (I don’t like these ones close up as much) will definitely keep them in mind for special events where there’s going to be a lot of photos taken 😉

    1. Hey Sabrina! Glad to know we think alike! Despite now knowing these lashes actually look good when worn, it’s still hard for me to go to them when I’m looking for something pretty. Guess it takes a little time to get over my negative image about this style. X) Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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