LOTD: My Favorite Criss-Cross Lashes (M520 Mystic Lash!)

I think the title of this post pretty much explains it all. The M520 Mystic Lash has been my go-to lash for super natural glam looks since the day I first tried it on. I absolutely love it, and I always recommend this to friends who are just starting out with falsies, or need something very short and very natural-looking.

natural criss cross false eyelashesThese eyelashes don’t overdo it with the drama – they’re actually quite subtle but still have a way of making you feel glamorous. 🙂


Here’s what Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic false eyelashes look like in their packaging: Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic False Eyelashes in packaging

Now, I know everyone has their own preferences for their ideal false lash, but here are a few reasons why Elegant Lashes M520 is my favorite of the Mystic Lash collection:



Criss Cross Lashes Look Realistic

Did you know that criss-cross false eyelashes are actually the most natural-looking? Criss cross lashes mimic the overlapping growth pattern of your natural eyelashes. What that means is that your falsies look more believable, less detectable. I love that no one can tell I’m wearing falsies when I’m rocking the M520s. It just looks like I have naturally fabulous lashes. Oh, the deception! 😀

short natural criss cross false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic LashJust look at those lovely, perfectly shaped eyelash hairs. I like how the criss-cross starts near the root, not mid-length. Who would say this looks fake?! Elegant Lashes M520 are hands-down the most natural-looking false eyelashes ever. Yay for oxymorons!


Believable Length

If you have an aversion to fake-looking lashes, here’s your savior. Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic Lashes are short enough in the inner corner to pass as your own natural lashes, and the flared ends are just long enough to create a “wow” factor without overdoing it. What can I say? It’s perfect for daytime looks, but also for nights when you want to look great without looking like you tried too hard. The M520 Mystic Lash is ideal for that I’m-always-this-naturally-beautiful look. 😉

natural-looking short criss cross false eyelashesHere’s Bonnie wearing Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic Lashes. Don’t these look sooooo nice?? 😀

 short natural criss cross false eyelashesHere’s my eyeball wearing the same exact pair. Isn’t it cool how the same style eyelash can look so different on two people?


Flirty Flared Ends

I love lashes that get longer toward the ends, because it gives the illusion of longer, bigger, sexier eyes. (Also, I am the world’s worst hand at winged eyeliner, and flared lashes help me achieve that “cat eye” look without having to do any actual work myself. Ha! I know, I am lazy… whatever.)accent false eyelashes flared_Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic Lash

Mmm. Flared lashes look so good.



Okay, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the M520 lash just DOES something for my eyes… I cannot explain it (which is terribly unhelpful, I know), but there is just something about the effect it gives… And no, it cannot be explained as, “They make my eyes POP!” because that’s completely not what it is. It’s more like… the eyes look ethereal… Ok, never mind. -_-

Here’s a photo I took after I wore the M520 Mystic lashes to a friend’s birthday. (I knew I was going to meet lots of people that day, but didn’t want to look like I tried too hard. I think I fooled everyone into thinking I am naturally this fantastic-looking. Hahaha just kidding!)

natural criss cross false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic Lash

Maybe this magic is something only I can see, but still… Confidence is what makes or breaks a look, and the M520s definitely give me confidence, especially when I’m rocking these falsies on an otherwise bare eye.

Bottom line: I super-highly recommend this for people who cannot/do not wear long false lashes (or think that our Human Hair lashes are all too long). If you’re a fan of flared lashes, then definitely give this is a go. Otherwise, check out the other short criss-cross Mystic lashes (M030, M032, M033) which are longest in the center and give a rounder, cuter, doll-eye effect.


Hmmm… I like the M520 Mystic Lashes so much I want to share them with y’all. Here, I’ll give you a code: enter FreebieM520 at checkout and you’ll receive a FREE pair of M520 Mystic Lashes as a gift when you order $20+ worth of stuff from FalseEyelashesSite.com. Just make sure to use the code by Oct. 10th (of 2012). So easy to get free lashes, seriously… X)

So! Do you like these types of flared falsies? Ever considered trying criss-cross lashes? Voice your opinion in the comments section!

And do me a favor – if you know someone who’s starting to get interested in false lashes but doesn’t know where to start, share this post with them. It’ll save them a lot of time shopping around. 😉



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