Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Myth: use mascara if you want your natural lashes to “blend in” with your false ones.

How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Truth: NOT EVERY LASH STYLE LOOKS GOOD WITH MASCARA. Nor does every lash style need it.

False eyelashes are supposed to do ALL the work for you – fullness, volume, length, curl, separation, softness. With mascaras, you’re limited to either length or volume. And if you get both, well, it sure doesn’t look like anything false lashes can do.

Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
difference between mascara vs false eyelashes
The difference is more pronounced when I close my eyes. Aren’t false lashes amazing??

See what I mean?

Now, I’m gonna break down which three general lash styles go well with mascara and which don’t – regardless of brand, quality, style, etc. As a general rule of thumb, steer clear of How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Lastmascara altogether if you want to re-use your lashes. (Read this post for more tips on false eyelash maintenance and how to make your lashes last a really long time. Or just click on the photo to the right.)

However, if you can’t pry yourself away from that mascara wand, make sure to always apply mascara and wait until it completely dries before applying your false lashes. 


Let’s get this learning party started!



Light Density Lashes
This is the style that most people go for when they don’t Elegant Lashes 082A Black Human Hair False Eyelashwant to make it look too obvious that they’re wearing falsies. Used more for length enhancement than for volume enhancement.
Mascara compatible? No


why you should not wear mascara with false lashes
So you want your lashes to look like this? Oh, I see.

Never looked at yourself from that angle, did you? Tsk tsk. Well, here’s something else you didn’t know: EVERYBODY ELSE HAS.


Individual flare lashes (eyelash extensions)
A.k.a., eyelash extensions or cluster lashes. These are individual lashes false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesindividual clusters of 6-10 hairs (depending on brand) and can be applied all across the lash line or just at the ends.
(See tutorial for DIY eyelash extensions here.)

Mascara compatible? Yes, as long as you’re using strip lash glue.

These lashes look prettiest when worn alone, but it is also the only lash I would actually put mascara on directly. Why? Because I usually just throw these guys away at the end of the day since I don’t plan on re-using them anyway. Without mascara, you get very clean, fluffy, natural, perfect-looking lashes (see below).

natural looking false eyelashes_individual flare eyelashes
Individual flare lashes applied on outer corner of eye

With mascara, you give yourself that clumpy look that mascara is so great at giving you, so although it doesn’t look as clean or perfect anymore, in a way it can look more natural because… imperfection is natural. Make sense?

how to apply false eyelashes with masacra


Knotted band lashes:
One of the most popular styles of lashes due to its false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesnatural-looking effect. It is essentially a line of perfectly spaced-apart individual flare lashes (see above) disguised as a strip lash. Provides the perfect amount of natural-looking density and comes in all kinds of lengths.

Mascara compatible? Depends.

If your natural lashes are somewhat thick to begin with, no need for mascara. Doesn’t matter if your lashes are short. If they’re thick at the roots, let the lashes work their magic on their own. However, if your natural lashes are really sorry and sparse like mine, wearing mascara will darken/thicken your lash roots, camouflaging the spaces along the lash band better.

No clue what I’m saying? Here. Look at the photo below:
mascara with knotted band lashes


Remember, if you’re gonna opt into wearing mascara, always let your mascara dry completely before putting on your false lashesespecially if you plan on re-using them. I have a favorite pair of knotted band lashes (#705 Black, baby!!! Aka the lashes I’m wearing in the photo above) and I’ve gotten 19 applications out of them so far! Just goes to prove how far good quality and proper maintenance can take you 😉

If you still have questions, ask away in the comments section below and I’ll answer them in as much detail as I can! Remember, I’m your friend in this huge world of lashes and I’m here  to help.

For the rest of you folks out there, tell me: do you wear mascara with false lashes? Yes or no?




19 thoughts on “Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?”

  1. I have never been successful at putting on strip lashes. Years ago I began using what were then called “eye tabs”. They were single lashes applied to your own. They were wonderful, not that hard to apply with just a little patience and JEWELERS TWEEZERS C16. However, the brand of lashes I was using went out of business and since then there have not been any comparable ones available to the general public. You must be a licensed cosmetologist, doctor or professional who has been certified by taking a class (very expensive). I did locate some which seemed to work well, were easy to apply and I THOUGHT I was all set. But – guess what – the lashes were apparently too heavy and my real lashes began to fall out. I now have so much difficulty using the individual lashes because there are very few real lashes to attach them to. I later learned that if I ordered the UNDER lashes 6 cm they worked fine and look far more natural than short, medium or large. If you do want to try them I recommend getting them from Elegant Lashes (they have the glue also but I accidentally got a tiny vial of glue from an off the rack package and it was better – DUO is its brand). You have to get the tweezers from a jeweler – not ones allegedly to be used for lashes. You will also need a 5X magnifying mirror. It is quicker if you remove the number of lashes you think you might need and put them on a tissue so they are easier to pick up when you begin to apply them (I actually use the upper part of my leg). Lastly, DO NOT USE MASCARA WITH FALSE LASHES. YOU DO NOT NEED IT AND SOMETHING IN IT CAUSES THE LASHES TO COME OFF QUICKER. IF YOU USE EYELINER, IT IS BETTER TO APPLY IT BEFORE APPLYING THE LASHES. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE,. GOOD LUCK!

    1. Hey, Brenda! You and I are on the same page on a lot of things (i.e. the part about applying eyeliner first and not applying mascara)! I’m gonna try out that tip about taking out in advance all the lashes I think I need. Seems like a nice time saver!

  2. I always like to try ndividual lashes and now I would like to try more , it looks very clean and natural really pretty.

  3. I am using individual lashes for the first time to fill in a pretty big gap in lash line. I applied mascara to natural lashes so at the end of day, how do I take off mascara without the individual false eyelashes coming off or should I be taking off everyday? Also will this hinder new lash growth where it looks like they got accidentally pulled off from eyelash curler?

    1. Hi, Joy! If you’re applying individual lashes using strip lash glue like I did here, then your lashes will definitely come off when you remove your mascara. If you applied your lashes with individual lash glue, then try removing your mascara with non oil-based eye makeup remover. (Oil will dislodge the semi-permanent adhesive quicker.)

      By the way, applying lashes will not hinder new lash growth if you use the temporary method I wrote about (called “DIY Eyelash Extensions”). This method makes sure you apply to the actual lash line instead of on your lashes which can potentially be weighed down by the individual lashes.

      Check out our blog post on How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly to learn how to remove your false lashes without damaging your natural ones!

  4. I have short,sparse eyelashes- i am wanting to try false- so i should put mascara on my own lashes first, the. Put on the falsies and see if they need mascara too? Im scared of botching it up~ thanks!

    1. Yes, apply mascara before applying lashes. You shouldn’t need to apply mascara after your lashes are on. If you feel like you want more volume however, you can always add in individual lashes or just wear fuller lash styles. =)

  5. Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I also have questions. Ive been asking youtube make gurus with these but I’ve never received replies. Can you actually curl your fake eyelashes before you put mascara on it? If so, can you re-use the fake eyelashes for later?

    1. Firstly, I never recommend putting mascara on false lashes since it really reduces the longevity of them. You can curl your fake lashes before putting them on, but if you’re using 100% human hair lashes, they’re gonna look more bent than curled since human hair is so delicate delicate. The only lashes that can look decent when you curl them are synthetic fiber/faux mink lashes since they’re sturdier than human hair and can handle the pressure from an eyelash curler. And yes, you can definitely re-use your curled synthetic fiber lashes.
      Hope this helped!

  6. I need false eyelashes for a performance, so I can sacrifice them looking more natural. I have dark brown medium width long eyelashes. What brand should I use? And I only need them for a total of 3 days and will only use mascara on the last day(performance day, other two are dress rehearsals).

    1. Hey, Lina! Sorry I didn’t see your comment until now.
      Why don’t you try Elegant Lashes – creators of this blog? =D
      We have a huge selection and the largest selection of brown and under/bottom lashes in the world! I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love – including the dancer’s favorite: rhinestone lashes!

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