natural looking under lashes (lower / bottom false eyealshes)

Natural-Looking Top AND Bottom Lashes (Our 2 NEW Styles!!)

*We interrupt our awesome All About Adhesives blog series to bring you this quick post – because we just couldn’t wait to show off our new styles!

natural looking under lashes (lower / bottom false eyealshes)Have you ever seen anyone wearing fake lashes on both the top AND bottom? I know, that sounds like all kinds of crazy, but that’s exactly what’s going on in the photo above… and it doesn’t look crazy, right??! 😀

We just got these 2 new styles in yesterday, and I was so excited about them, I had to try them both and show ’em off!

Here’s what I’m wearing as my top lashes:

These Elegant Lashes #043 false lashes are very similar to MAC 7 Lash (minus the oversized price tag ;)), and have a design closely resembling everyone’s favorite #220 lashes. The softer diamond-shape spikes and shorter ends of the #043 lash actually make it even more natural-looking than the #220s. :O

On the bottom, I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #133 Under Lash:I just *LOVE* how SHORT and natural-looking these are! These chic under lashes are the perfect length for people who can’t pull off the look of long false eyelashes on the bottom (like me :().

under lashes bottom lower false eyelashesGosh, don’t they look so natural and real? (OMG, yes!) Who would ever guess that you’re wearing false lashes on the bottom? (No one!) And that’s a great thing. 😀

When worn, the #133 Under Lash just looks like an upgraded, perfect version of my real lower lashes. Oh how I wish I could get this look with mascara… but then again, that would take away the fun of wearing falsies. 😉

Hope you love our new styles just as much as we do!

Can’t wait to get your paws on these beauties? Seriously, why wait?! There’s a limited supply of these, and I have a feeling they’ll sell out fast, so get yours NOW! 😀

P.S. Both styles currently come in black only for this first shipment. Would you like a brown version of these, too? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter! 😉


7 thoughts on “Natural-Looking Top AND Bottom Lashes (Our 2 NEW Styles!!)”

    1. Hi Lulu!
      Yup, I know of Dolly Wink – and I also know they are quite pricey. :/ If I can get under lashes that are 100% human hair, natural-looking, comfortable, AND cost 5 times less than DollyWink, I’d much rather stick with those. ^O^

    1. Hey Colleen,

      The band is made of a wonderfully transparent (clear) material that will not show at all when applied. That’s what makes these two lashes so awesome and natural. 🙂

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