NEW & IMPROVED – Pro Dozen Pack!

You didn’t think we’d be able to do it, but we did: we improved on the  ingenious Pro Dozen Pack that has eased the lives of countless makeup artists and lash enthusiasts – all while still looking pretty and professional. We took what you loved about the first Pro Dozen Pack and made some tweaks to make life even easier, smarter, and more clutter-free. Take a look!

Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack: 12 premium bulk lashes. One ultra-portable packageElegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack - 12 bulk false eyelashes


By now, you know that good things come by the dozen. You’ve been able to haul around 12 pairs of  your most frequently used lashes, all in one convenient, travel-ready, eco-friendly box that is as compact as it is cute.



Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack - Ultra Portable Travel-Friendly


But did you know we actually made is even smaller?



Even smaller and more portable so you can truly take your Pro Dozen Pack anywhere you go!


No inner tray means it’s even more eco-friendly and now easier than ever to grab lashes in a rush!


Because we really do believe in making the world more beautiful – one Pro Dozen Pack at a time.


Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack, bulk dozen lashes


Don’t worry – the new Pro Dozen Pack still comfortably holds 12 of your favorite lashes as well as your other beauty essentials as lashes are used!

Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack - eco friendly recyclable bulk false eyelash packaging


There’s a sliver of room at the top of the box for you to stash in tweezers, glues, and other small lash essentials so you can have all your lashes and tools in one handy box. Yes, we really do think of everything.

Elegant Lashes - Pro Dozen Pack (lashes by the dozen, bulk dozen lashes)


Whether you plan to have these as a staple in your makeup kit for picky clients, need to find a way to organize all the lashes on your vanity while still looking pretty, or are looking for a travel-friendly option for carrying your collection of lashes to that awesome trip that’s coming up,  the Pro Dozen Pack is a must-have for all lash enthusiasts everywhere.

Take a look at this beauty in action:

Have you tried our Pro Dozen Packs yet? What lashes are your favorite? Leave a comment below!


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