NEW! Knot Free Double Flare Lashes


Love the natural look of Knot Free Flare Lashes but wished it had the dramatic volume of Double Flare lashes? Love the convenience and drama of our Double Flare lashes but wished it didn’t have the knot at the end?

elegant lashes knot free double flare individual lashes



Your lash genie has granted you your wish: everything you love about both our Knot Free Flare lashes AND our Double Flare lashes have been merged together to create the most beautiful love-child that has ever been conceived in the lash world:

elegant lashes knot free double flare lashes


Yep. It’s real.

Now you can get twice the volume in half the time AND have an impossibly natural-looking lash base. Who doesn’t love a great 2-for-1 deal?

This style is the first of its kind in the lash industry. As the only false eyelash company and website in the world to cater specifically to professionals in the beauty and entertainment world, you can bet we will be offering the best value for your hard-earned money!

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As always, you can get your paws on these lashes in bulk year-round. Whether you’re buying our gorgeous Individual Pro Dozen Packs to take with you on your jobs or setting up stock in your salon with our 50- or 100-pair bulk options, we’ve got a purchasing option that’s right for you.

Check out our YouTube video below!

Are you excited about having your clients try the new Knot Free Double Flare lashes?



One thought on “NEW! Knot Free Double Flare Lashes”

  1. I have used the 2X flare for about 5 years and thought I’d try the knot free. Was very disappointed with them as they seemed very stiff and had alot of clear glue on them from sticking to the card holder. They seemend to get stiff and brittle after afew days of wearing which I rarely had this problem before. I ordered 12 boxes and only used 4 before I decided to just re-order the 2x flare again as I had been using before. I will not order the knot free again.

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