Not Your Average Princess – Dolly Hime Gyaru Eyes with Elegant Lashes® M015 Mystic Lashes

Note/Disclaimer/Prologue: This is not a makeup tutorial. I know too little about makeup and wear too little of it in my daily life to claim to have any authority or credibility regarding that subject. However, I do know my false eyelashes very well, and I state what I know. This post is about the M015 Mystic false eyelash, part of the Mystic collection by Elegant Lashes®. Okay, now let’s get on with the goodies.

I’ll tell you a story:

One day I decided to be girly and try out a Japanese hime gyaru look (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). Too bad I don’t own any fluffy, frilly, poofy-foofy lacey dresses to make me look princess-y and ultra girly. All I have is a fringe wig and a slew of awesome, freakin’-great-quality false eyelashes that any girl would die to have at her disposal. Thankfully, that’s all I need.

dolly eye gyaru makeup look with Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

Above is the lash I chose for the look. I chose M015 Mystic Lashes because I noticed gyaru lashes are usually sparse and spiky, rather than full and voluminous, and in any case the Mystic collection is the closest you’ll get to Asian-style false lashes while sticking to an American brand.

gyaru makeup_Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

This is what the M015 Mystic lashes look like on my eyes. This design is definitely straying from my usual small handful of Mystic Lashes which I consider safe territory (the M030 family, M520, and all the various accent lashes available in the collection.) But it worked very well for creating that dolly eye look I was going for.


shyne sunny models dolly eye hime gyaru makeup look with Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

Do I look dolly enough?

dolly eye hime gyaru makeup look with Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

This was my first attempt at a feminine, dolly hime gyaru look, and also my first time trying the M015 lashes, which always piqued my curiosity. Now it is my go-to lash for when I play around with gyaru looks. Someday I’ll be brave enough to try the longer version of this, the M075 Mystic Lash, but I’m taking baby steps here. 😉

shyne sunny models dolly eye Japanese gyaru makeup look with Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

I paired the M015 lashes with an under lash (I think they were #602 Brown cut in half) and actually went out in public like this. I know this is nothing to most people, but to me, this is more makeup than I am used to wearing out in public, and I was a little self-conscious of all the lash action going on. However, I did like my lashes. All four of them. Hahaha! 🙂

Oh, you want a close up? Ok, here you go:

top and bottom false eyelashes for Japanese gyaru makeup

Mmm. Those M015 Mystic Lashes look mighty nice, no? There are short criss-crossed fibers in between the larger spikes, so you get light volume along with defined lashes.

Like all Mystic lashes, the band of the M015 lash is sturdier than human hair lashes, and these lashes will retain their perfectly curved shape even after they’ve been peeled off of their tray. What does that mean for you? No bending the lash band to have it conform to your eye shape. Less fuss, easier application.

Here’s what they look like from the front:

top and bottom false eyelashes for Japanese gyaru makeup

Can you tell I’m smiling/laughing in the bottom photo? I forgot why, though. That means there was no point in telling you I was laughing in that photo. -_-

I’m actually embarrassed about posting this next picture up because it looks so… well, I’m just very uncomfortable with such a large and up-close photo of myself. >.< But I took the darn photo and the camera made my skin look awesome, and I also put a little macro eye insert in it for y’all, so here it comes.

shyne sunny models dolly eye Japanese hime gyaru makeup look with Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic false eyelashes

Okay, so that’s my dolly-eyed, princessy Japanese hime gyaru look, achieved using Elegant Lashes M015 Mystic Lashes. <– (Click that if you want your own pair!)

I think I just wanted to share this underdog Mystic lash with y’all, because it really is a hidden gem and deserves some love. However, I do understand why the M015 is overshadowed by its longer and more dramatic cousin, M075. The M015 is more suited to smaller eyes. I think.

What do you think of this style? I hope this post introduced you to a new style you weren’t aware of before. 🙂 By the way, did you Google what hime gyaru is? If yes, tell me – was I anywhere close to achieving that look? Hahaha! Let me know your thoughts on all this in the comments below! And don’t forget to show some love by clicking the “like,” tweet, and share buttons.

Ok, now that I look like a fru-fru princess… Where is that darn Prince Charming?



10 thoughts on “Not Your Average Princess – Dolly Hime Gyaru Eyes with Elegant Lashes® M015 Mystic Lashes”

  1. Wow! I just found you last night (through the awesome Cora of Vintage or Tacky fame.) I’ve been neglecting all the other things I should be doing right now because I have been leaping from post to post, and scanning the lash selection , too.

    I just decided to “get into” lashes this week. I’ve been interested for over a year, but somehow considered this whole topic above my skill level. Tis site is such a great resource for me.

    I cannot thank you, and Cora, enough!!!

    And it goes without saying that an order is coming soon. Cheers!

  2. This is the style of false lashes I’m always wearing, but I feel a bit too natural with only “one lash” – so I always glue two of them together 🙂
    But that style, as it is, suits you so well!

    On a sidenote, are you wearing a wig in the last pictures? If yes, would you tell me where you bought it? Because the color is so pretty ;;

    1. Hey Ragrunzel! Glad to know someone else around here likes layering lashes! 😀 (I didn’t layer them in this post, but I wrote about it here:

      I’m wearing a fringe (bangs) wig in the pictures where I have bangs. It’s one of the ones by Jessica Simpson. I just picked it up at my neighborhood Ulta store. I just checked the packaging and it says the color is called Honey Ginger. 😉

  3. It looks really nice, especially the bottom lashes… On a slightly unrelated note, how do you make your skin look so great??? I be jealous ^.^

    1. Girl, it’s all the camera!!! Hahaha
      I used my little Samsung point-and-shoot for these photos. It has something called “Beauty Shot” (I call it “Pretty Mode”) and it makes the skin look flawlessly airbrushed. I know, I’m such a cheater. >;)

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