When Did You First Start Wearing False Eyelashes?

Even though I grew up surrounded by the best false eyelashes, listening to our competitors repeatedly admit our quality is better than theirs, I was a tomboy until high school and didn’t care much for makeup or even wear any until my twenties.

I probably wore my first pair of false eyelashes when I competed in a pageant in high school (thus starting my transition out of tomboy-ness). Then I had to wear them when I was in the entertainment biz during my late teens and early twenties.

sunny bonnie shyne japan
I don’t know if we wore false eyelashes here, but our Japanese stylists understood I have a boyish side, and told me to wear the black dress instead of the pink one. (Yess!!!! hahah)


Everyone’s Favorite False Eyelashes: Part 2

Have you ever tried a product just because everyone else was
raving about it and you wanted to know what all the hype was about?

Elegant Lashes #220 Black False Eyelash_MAC 7 lash dupe
I’ve done that. And I don’t regret it.

As co-owner of FalseEyelashesSite.com and having worked with Elegant Lashes® for years, I take notice of what people buy, and the #220 lashes seem to be a pretty popular choice among makeup artists and non-professionals alike.

(Here’s what they look like, in case you were curious.)

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