Runway Lashes Like Gisele


No, not that Gisele. Well, actually, mabe…

I was browsing the false eyelash selection at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and saw this pair of Ardell lashes called Gisele, which were retailing for $5-6 dollars.ardell runway lashes gisele


And all I could think was, “Dude, this looks exactly like one of our lashes!” Except, of course, you can get 2 or 3 pairs of Elegant Lashes® falsies for the price of one Ardell lash. Time for another lash dupe blog!! ^O^

So here’s Elegant Lashes #600, which, in my opinion, is a very good alternative to the Ardell Gisele lash:

Elegant Lashes 600 Black - compare to Ardell Gisele lash dupeThe #600 lash (shown above in black) has the same jagged, kinda random pattern of spikes as the Gisele lash from Ardell. Maybe the #600 lash has softer volume, but I can’t be too sure since I took the photo of the Ardell lashes with my camera phone inside the store, where lighting wasn’t very good.

Just to be fair, here’s a photo of Elegant Lashes #600 Black false eyelashes, also taken with my camera phone in a place with not-so-great lighting.

Elegant Lashes #600 Black_Ardell Gisele lash dupe
Keep in mind that Ardell lashes come on a tiny tray, so the lashes will LOOK a lot bigger than Elegant Lashes when in the packaging, even if the lashes are actually the same in length and size. Kinda like how putting your dinner on a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking you have more food…

And because people like to see what products look like on a real human, here’s what Elegant Lashes #600 Black looks like on my eyes. (I was going to an LMFAO concert this day, and wanted to show off my cool neon nails and my favorite star ring. Hence the stupid pose.)Elegant Lashes 600_False Eyelashes Similar to Ardelle Gisele

ZOMG, I love these lashes, and they sit VERY high on my list of favorites. I am a big fan of the random jagged edges, and the length and density make this a perfect “going out” lash for me (although I know lots of girls wear this style as part of their everyday, going-to-school/work look).

Yay for another lash dupe discovery! (^O^)/ If you’re looking for affordable, professional-quality false eyelashes similar to Ardell Gisele,  you know where to find ’em. 😉  (Hint: here)

Hope this helped!





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