shu uemura false eyelashes dupe_Elegatn Lashes M093 Mystic False Eyelash

Shu Uemura Black V’s Not-So-Evil Identical Twin (Lash Dupe!)

Everyone loves bargains. And if you’re a makeup artist or a makeup junkie who likes to keep up with trends and use designer products, a lash dupe can practically be a godsend.

You see, unlike eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks, false eyelashes are the type of beauty product a makeup artist can’t use over and over again on different clients. That’s where Elegant Lashes comes in! #shamelessplug

For example, Shu Uemura has this pair of gorgeous V-shaped false eyelashes aptly named “Black V False Eyelash.” They look a little something like this:

Too bad they’re $23 a pop. Yeah. $23 for ONE pair of eyelashes. That’s $11.50 per eye.

Now take a look at this baby:

This is Elegant Lashes M093 Mystic Lash. It is nearly IDENTICAL to Shu Uemura’s Black V false eyelash, but you can get SIX pairs of M093 Mystic Lashes for the price of one Shu Uemura lash. *omgomgGASP*

Now let’s put these two side by side:shu uemura false eyelashes dupe_Elegatn Lashes M093 Mystic False EyelashAmazing, isn’t it? This is actually just one of many Shu Uemura false eyelash dupes from Elegant Lashes.

If you’re lusting after some Shu Uemura falsies, why not trade your splurge for a bargain? Both brands are made by the same manufacturer, so you’re guaranteed to get the exact same quality without having to pay such a pretty penny. Yeeeaaahhh~~~

What do you think of these lashes? Are these worth Shu’s $23 price tag?

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