Elegant Lashes Diamond Rhinestone False Eyelashes

Sparkling Holiday Lashes – Elegant Lashes D175 (Rhinestones! Yay!)

Elegant Lashes D175 Diamond Rhinestone False EyelashesThe holidays are the perfect time to don a pair of fabulously sparkly rhinestone and glitter lashes to glitz up your look. Here’s a close-up look at Elegant Lashes D175 Decorated Eyelash (worn in the promo photo above :)).

This is a beautifully shaped spiky lash with a subtle blend of navy blue-and-green hairs, finished with a gorgeous rhinestone band.

Elegant Lashes D175 Diamond Rhinestone False EyelashesI’ll be the first to admit that rhinestone lashes aren’t the easiest to apply – any decorated false eyelash (diamonds, rhinestones, crystals, glitter, beads, studs, etc.) will require a stiffer band to keep the decorations/embellishments in place. Decorated lashes just take a little more practice to apply, but they ain’t too bad. 😉

dark navy blue false eyelashes with rhinestonesOnce the lashes are on, they feel surprisingly weightless and are actually quite comfortable. I was really pleasantly surprised with how light they felt – I forgot I was wearing lashes at all! ^O^ And no, I did not feel the rhinestones when I blinked. 😉 5 stars for being beautiful AND comfortable!

natural looking false eyelashesIf you were worried about these non-black rhinestone lashes looking ostentatious or obnoxious and over-the-top, fear not! Notice the photo above: do those lashes look crazy obnoxious to you? I think not! The D175 rhinestone eyelash is sophisticated enough for an elegant gala while adding subtle color and a unique sparkle to your look!

shyne sunny_navy blue and green rhinestone false eyelashWhat do you think? Would you wear the D175 rhinestone lashes to your next party or special occasion? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

P.S. Want these lashes without the pretty rhinestones? Check here to review and compare the equally stunning no-bling version, Elegant Lashes M064 Mystic Lash.


More decorated eyelash reviews to come, so check back soon! ^^



6 thoughts on “Sparkling Holiday Lashes – Elegant Lashes D175 (Rhinestones! Yay!)”

  1. Sunny – love the eyelashes on you…but where did you gt your earmuffs! I have been looking forever for a pair of white “big fluffy” muffs! Awesome!!!!!!

    Hope you can share that info with me.


    1. Hi Vee!
      Thanks for loving the fuzzy earmuffs! Haha
      I got them when I visited Seoul, Korea a few years back. It was sold in front of some department store…
      I know that’s terribly vague – sorry!

      Hope you have some luck finding fluffy earmuffs where you are!

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