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Individual Lash Glue vs. Strip Lash Glue (All About Adhesives, Part III)

Individual Lash Glue vs. Strip Lash Glue Up until now, all information in the All About Adhesives series was pertaining to strip lash glues. (We’ll talk more about what a strip lash is in just a second.)There are two main types of glue formulas out there, and I’m here to shed light on how to use both.

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Clear Glue vs. Dark Glue (All About Adhesives, Part II)

There’s a time and a place for everything, and yes, that includes eyelash glues. Luckily, our options are limited to just two: CLEAR and DARK.clear false eyelash adhesive vs. dark false eyelash adhesive glues

Now that you know how to properly apply your false eyelash glues (if you need a review, you can click here), the next big question is… what to use when? As your friendly false eyelash experts, we decided to dish out our expertise…




If you’re new to false eyelashes (or are just plain terrible at putting them on)…

how to apply false eyelashes clear false eyelash glue vs. dark glue
original illustration by yours truly!

…clear tone adhesives are your best friends.
Most false eyelash newbies have a tough time applying their lashes; they slide them around, peel them off, drop them onto their eyelids where they didn’t want them to fall, etc. We totally understand. Luckily, clear glue really does dry clear so go ahead and make all the adjustments you need to achieve that perfect fit. No one will know you’re not a pro.



If you’re wearing light/white/bright feather or color lashes…

use clear tone glue when wearing light/white/bright feather or color lashes

…clear adhesives are the way to go.
Can you imagine looking at this gorgeous picture only to find that you can see dark glue at the base of every single feather piece? The last thing you want people to notice about your fabulous lashes is the glue they’re clinging to. Choose clear glue when wearing light colored color or feather lashes to make sure your lashes, not the glue, take the spotlight.


 how to wear color lashes


In other words, always match your glue tone to your lash tone. 

BTW, if you’re looking for some really helpful tips on how to wear your color lashes, we’ve got a fabulous blog post about that right here. —–>





If you’re looking for more intensity from your lashes…

false lashes used in mascara ads use dark tone glue for more dramatic looks

…dark toned glue can take you there.
We all know that false eyelashes can do wonders for your eyes (mascara ads just wouldn’t be the same without them! ;)), but pair them with a dark-toned adhesive, and you’ve just given yourself a whole new upgrade.

Dark glues dry black, making them perfect when paired with thick, black lashes or smoky eye makeup. Dark adhesive intensifies and darkens the lash line, gives extra depth to your eyeliner, and makes your eyes look brighter and more sparkly with its sleek, inky, semi-shiny finish.





If you’re wearing under/bottom/lower lashes…how to wear bottom lashes, lower lashes, under lashes…think of clear adhesives as your insurance policy.
Applying under lashescan be quite tricky – if you’re not used to the process, you’re almost guaranteed to get some adhesive on your under-eye area. We’re lucky that clear adhesive is so forgiving. Clear glues are the definite choice for a clean, natural-looking under lash application.

If you’re feeling bold, go ahead and bottom lashes elegant lashes under lashes lower lashesuse dark-toned adhesive to intensify your lower lash line. For those of you who want the intensity but are not yet ready to start using dark toned adhesive with your under lashes, we were kind enough to provide an under lash with a black band. You’re welcome. 😉




If you’re looking for instant eyeliner (or are just plain lazy!)…

clear glue vs. dark glue
Sunny in Elegant Lashes M520 Mystic Lashes


… dark adhesive can take care of that for you.
This works best if you have naturally dark lashes and are going for a very minimal look. (Steady hands will help, too!) False eyelashes don’t always have to be dramatic, so choose a pair that are light in density or are similar to your natural lash length for a subtly enhanced look. Our gorgeous Mystic lashes (like the pair that Sunny is wearing in the picture above) all have thicker lash bands, so you get even more of that effortless eyeliner/lash line-darkening effect. Curl your lashes, apply a thin strip of dark-toned adhesive onto your falsies, and lower them onto your eyes as close to the lash line as possible.brown eyelashes natural looking false eyelashes what's the difference between clear glue and dark glue

Voila, instant eyeliner! You can even draw on a tiny little wing tip if you like.brown eyelashes natural looking false eyelashes

Clean, simplistic, natural, and easy to do.




I know that was a lot of information at once, but I’m pretty sure you’re now better informed compared to before you read this blog!

Up until now, all information was pertaining to strip lash glues … which leads us to the final installment of this ridiculously awesome All About Adhesives series:

what is the difference between Individual Lash Glue vs. Strip Lash GlueAs with all our superb blog posts, you should definitely read this! (Or else I’m never going to post anything this informative again. XD**)

This is Professor Bonnie, signing off…

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