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Elegant Lashes Limited Edition Holiday Lash Kit in Action!

Elegant Lashes Holiday Lash Kit False Eyelashes_Sunny & Bonnie SHYNE

Hooray for the holidays! This time of year calls for holiday parties, and holiday parties call for glamour and sparkle. Lots of it.

So how do you choose which lashes to complete your sparkly holiday look with?


You could look through our 500 styles for the best glittery rhinestone styles to suit your sequined dress, but as Sweet Brown so aptly put it, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So we did all the work for you and came up a gorgeous Limited Edition Holiday Lash Kit that compiles 6 of our most glamorous yet wearable lash styles – including rhinestone lashes! You’re gonna love it. Best of all, these styles can be layered/stacked to create a customized look.

Elegant Lashes Holiday Lash Kit Limited Edition

Sunny and I are appearing in a blog post together for the first time! Isn’t this fun?
We’ll be showing you how each lash looks like on a real human (remember, they’ll look different on everyone since everyone has different eyes) and how to stack (layer) lashes to create a fully customized look. Here goes!

M059 Mystic Lash (cruelty-free faux mink)

elegant lashes M059 Mystic False Eyelashes - Holiday Lash Kit

Mmm, ruby red curls with dramatically long yet completely wearable faux mink lashes. These lashes showcase criss-crossed hairs in the inner corner with a sweeping flared-out look at the outer corners. Who knew drama could look this good?Shyne Bonnie Elegant Lashes M059 faux mink Mystic false eyelashes

Did you know that Makeup Forever sells these exact same pairs for $16? Funny how they’re made in the same factory as ours, too. *cough cough* I just gave you a huge clue as to how to wear designer-brand lashes for dirt cheap. *cough cough*

Here are more closeups of the M059 Mystic Lashes so you get a better idea what they look like when worn:Elegant Lashes M059 faux mink false Mystic false eyelashes

When wearing dramatic lashes, it’s always a good idea to balance out your look with a pair of under/bottom/lower lashes. I used one of our best-selling under lashes, Elegant Lashes #133 Black.

red hair shyne bonnie Elegant Lashes M059 Mystic Lashes

Don’t you just want to touch these lashes? These are the perfect alternative to pricey mink fur lashes. They mimic the shape and cut of mink fur but it’s made of 100% cruelty-free synthetic fibers instead! Better yet, they last just as long – sometimes even longer – than mink fur lashes with proper care. Winning!


#535 Black + D178 Rhinestone Half Lash

elegant lashes rhinestone false eyelashes 535 and D178 rhinestone false eyelashes

Sunny wore two pairs of lashes – D178 Rhinestone Half Lashes on top of super-thick and luscious #535 Black Human Hair False Lashes. I don’t know about you but those rhinestones are looking mighty glamorous to me. They add that perfect touch of festive sparkle for holiday looks and parties.

Elegant Lashes 535 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

Here’s what the #535 lashes look like by themselves. Nice flirty cat-eye effect, eh?

false eyelashes human hair and rhinestone

More pics of the lashes stacked. The D178 lashes actually add even more volume to the already-dense #535 lashes. Talk about drama!

false eyelashes human hair Elegant Lashes 535

Sunny is smiling because we took these photos on Thanksgiving Day and she smells the turkey in the oven.


M071 Mystic Lash 

Elegant Lashes M071 Faux Mink Mystic False Eyelashes

Ah, donning my sister’s high school prom dress for this photo. Lashes look subtle and natural here. Nothing too special, right?

Let’s take a closer look: Elegant Lashes M071 Silver Metallic Hologram False Eyelashes

Whew, look at that silver tinsel!! Although this is the shortest lash style of the Holiday Lash kit, it’s definitely far from boring. The gorgeous silver strips along the lash base catch the light beautifully whenever you blink… kinda like Christmas lights on your eyes!

shyne Bonnie red dress brown wig Elegant Lashes faux mink false eyelashes

Hmm, what am I doing here? Oh, that’s right: I was thinking about how I was going to lift the turkey out of the oven while wearing my sister’s prom dress.

But first, stare at my eyeball! This style is perfect if you want a more natural look but still crave a little holiday pizzazz to spice up your eyes. As with all our lashes in the Holiday Lash Kit, you can stack it on top of another eyelash for added length and volume.

Elegant Lashes M071 Faux Mink Mystic False Eyelashes

Loving the natural length and flattering criss-cross hairs of M071 Mystic Lashes!


#038 Black + D126 Rhinestone Lashes

Shyne Sunny Lee for Elegant Lashes Holiday False Eyelash Kit

Aww, look at my sister <3

Once again, Sunny wore two pairs of lashes on top – a human hair strip lash with a rhinestone eyelash on top for added sparkle. Here’s what the #038 Black lashes look like by themselves:

Elegant Lashes #038 Black Human Hair False Eyelash

These #038 Black lashes are part of our Light Density – Long category, and yes, they looked very long on Sunny. Not ideal for everyday office looks, but definitely appropriate for parties and nighttime!

Elegant Lashes false eyelashes for dancers

And now with the rhinestone lashes on top! You can see that there is a mysterious bit of shimmery something on her eyes. Rhinestone lashes look so pretty under any kind of light. 🙂

rhinestone diamond false eyelashes Elegant Lashes D126

Closeup of the lashes! The D126 Rhinestone lashes are applied on top of the #038 Black Human Hair lashes. Sunny also wore #133 Black bottom lashes for a little more drama and to balance out the potentially top-heavy look.

Elegant Lashes #038 Black False Eyelashes, D126 Rhinestone Eyelash - Holiday Lash Kit

The complete look: eye-catching and sparkly holiday/New Year’s Eve makeup without looking heavy or overdone. Yay! ^O^



I hope this helped to introduce you to the Holiday Lash Kit styles and gave you some ideas on how to utilize this amazing kit! If you want a kit of your own, get it here before it’s gone!

Remember, you can combine the 6 lashes in the Limited Edition Holiday Kit in whatever way you want to create your own customized look. Or, you can simply wear each lash by itself without stacking/layering. It’s up to you and what look you want to achieve, so go ahead and be creative!

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DIY Colorful Halloween Lashes

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creativeI’ve been waiting to write a blog on this look for the longest time and what better time to post than Halloween season? This is a really simple and fun arts-and-crafts-type project for those looking for a little pop of color from their lashes but not something that’s too crazy that they would feel self-conscious in. Best part is, you can customize the color scheme to whatever you want! I chose to do a neon-colored theme which is perfect for raves, glow-in-the-dark events, 80s themed costumes, and pretty much anything that welcomes a wide range of bright colors.

What you need:
– Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes  (available here: false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creativehttp://blog.falseeyelashessite.com/D413-Decorated-Eyelash.html)
– Nail polish of various neon colors
– Toothpick or nail art dotting tool
– Tissues/napkins to clean off nail polish on toothpick/dotting tool (optional)


  1. Brush the polish of your choice onto the end of your toothpick or dotting tool.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  2. Carefully place the dot of polish onto one of the ivory diamonds on the lashes. Make sure you coat the corners of the diamond for best results.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  3. Repeat above steps until all ivory diamonds are coated with polish.false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative
  4. You’re done!false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

Don’t forget to wait for the polish to completely dry before you attempt putting them on. If you find that the lash band is too long for your eye shape, cut off the outer corners a little bit.

I love the way mine turned out! The eyelash itself is surprisingly wearable since the basic shape is a nicely fanned-out spiky lash with average density and a reasonable length. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice it made my eyes look. =P

Ready for a photo parade?

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative, asian girl
Oh, look at that lovely flyaway hair…


false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative  Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes, diy halloween custom lashes

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative, flyway hair
Gotta press down that flyaway…

Take a look at the differences between a normal Elegant Lashes D413 eyelash and my newly created neon bling version. The unexpected burst of colors that show whenever I blink or look down definitely keep this lash style from being anything but boring!

Which do you prefer? Ivory diamonds or multi-colored ones?false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

Here are some close-up shots (of the multi-colored diamonds).false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creativeGet ready for flyaway hair again!false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative

There are hundreds of color schemes you can come up. Best of all, it only take a few minutes to create and complete your very own set of customized lashes! Perfect for Halloween, don’t you think?

If I were to categorize my neon-themed lashes to a specific costume, I guess it would best be categorized as something related to Lisa Frank. (Anybody remember Lisa Frank?!? Oh man, I just visited their ridiculously colorful website and came back with an eyesore in 20 seconds flat.)

For those of you who don’t know, Lisa Frank is pretty much unicorn barf come to life: tons of neon colors, stars, sparkles, and of course, unicorns.

neon lisa frank eyelashes false eyelashes halloween
Ah, nostalgia…
courtesy of lisafrank.com

Of course, you don’t have to stick to my neon color scheme. Here are a few (really awesome) color combination ideas for popular Halloween costumes:false eyelashes, halloween, neon lashes, diy lashes, how to customize, creative Elegant Lashes D413 Decorated Lashes, diy halloween custom lashes halloween costumes, femaile costumes, batgirl, harley quinn, harlequin, captain america, wonder woman, supergirl, poison ivy

Is this little project something you’d want to try? What are you planning to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget to Like and share this post using the handy social media buttons below!

Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Myth: use mascara if you want your natural lashes to “blend in” with your false ones.

How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last Mascara with False Lashes: Do or Don’t?

Truth: NOT EVERY LASH STYLE LOOKS GOOD WITH MASCARA. Nor does every lash style need it.

False eyelashes are supposed to do ALL the work for you – fullness, volume, length, curl, separation, softness. With mascaras, you’re limited to either length or volume. And if you get both, well, it sure doesn’t look like anything false lashes can do.

Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
Mascara vs. False Eyelashes
difference between mascara vs false eyelashes
The difference is more pronounced when I close my eyes. Aren’t false lashes amazing??

See what I mean?

Now, I’m gonna break down which three general lash styles go well with mascara and which don’t – regardless of brand, quality, style, etc. As a general rule of thumb, steer clear of How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Lastmascara altogether if you want to re-use your lashes. (Read this post for more tips on false eyelash maintenance and how to make your lashes last a really long time. Or just click on the photo to the right.)

However, if you can’t pry yourself away from that mascara wand, make sure to always apply mascara and wait until it completely dries before applying your false lashes. 


Let’s get this learning party started!



Light Density Lashes
This is the style that most people go for when they don’t Elegant Lashes 082A Black Human Hair False Eyelashwant to make it look too obvious that they’re wearing falsies. Used more for length enhancement than for volume enhancement.
Mascara compatible? No


why you should not wear mascara with false lashes
So you want your lashes to look like this? Oh, I see.

Never looked at yourself from that angle, did you? Tsk tsk. Well, here’s something else you didn’t know: EVERYBODY ELSE HAS.


Individual flare lashes (eyelash extensions)
A.k.a., eyelash extensions or cluster lashes. These are individual lashes false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesindividual clusters of 6-10 hairs (depending on brand) and can be applied all across the lash line or just at the ends.
(See tutorial for DIY eyelash extensions here.)

Mascara compatible? Yes, as long as you’re using strip lash glue.

These lashes look prettiest when worn alone, but it is also the only lash I would actually put mascara on directly. Why? Because I usually just throw these guys away at the end of the day since I don’t plan on re-using them anyway. Without mascara, you get very clean, fluffy, natural, perfect-looking lashes (see below).

natural looking false eyelashes_individual flare eyelashes
Individual flare lashes applied on outer corner of eye

With mascara, you give yourself that clumpy look that mascara is so great at giving you, so although it doesn’t look as clean or perfect anymore, in a way it can look more natural because… imperfection is natural. Make sense?

how to apply false eyelashes with masacra


Knotted band lashes:
One of the most popular styles of lashes due to its false eyelashes mascara and fake lashesnatural-looking effect. It is essentially a line of perfectly spaced-apart individual flare lashes (see above) disguised as a strip lash. Provides the perfect amount of natural-looking density and comes in all kinds of lengths.

Mascara compatible? Depends.

If your natural lashes are somewhat thick to begin with, no need for mascara. Doesn’t matter if your lashes are short. If they’re thick at the roots, let the lashes work their magic on their own. However, if your natural lashes are really sorry and sparse like mine, wearing mascara will darken/thicken your lash roots, camouflaging the spaces along the lash band better.

No clue what I’m saying? Here. Look at the photo below:
mascara with knotted band lashes


Remember, if you’re gonna opt into wearing mascara, always let your mascara dry completely before putting on your false lashesespecially if you plan on re-using them. I have a favorite pair of knotted band lashes (#705 Black, baby!!! Aka the lashes I’m wearing in the photo above) and I’ve gotten 19 applications out of them so far! Just goes to prove how far good quality and proper maintenance can take you 😉

If you still have questions, ask away in the comments section below and I’ll answer them in as much detail as I can! Remember, I’m your friend in this huge world of lashes and I’m here  to help.

For the rest of you folks out there, tell me: do you wear mascara with false lashes? Yes or no?



How to Take Care of False Eyelashes

Aka How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last… a Really, Really Long TimeHow to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last


Behold, my most-used pair of lashes, Elegant Lashes #705 Black.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastPretty, huh? =D

I first picked up this pair because I felt it wasn’t exactly fit for sale due to some of the hairs not looking perfectly uniform and all. It’s not something anyone would really notice once the lash is applied, but I didn’t want any of our customers to get something that was less than perfect, so I decided to take it home with me and use it for myself.

Here’s a close-up of my adopted eyelash with its little quirks compared to its more “perfect” twin. Aside from the fact that the hairs aren’t 100% impeccably aligned, this lash is perfectly normal looking.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last

Now, everyone who has purchased and used Elegant Lashes® knows that the quality is superb and that the lashes are highly reusable blah blah blah (you’re welcome, makeup artists and lash junkies!). But I was curious just how many uses could one get out of these lashes? Thus prompted my little experiment where I made a tally mark on the back of the lash tray every time I wore this particular style.

Here’s what I have so far:
How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last

Yup, twelve* uses as of today, and believe me when I say I feel like I can EASILY get twelve more uses out of this pair. These lashes have retained their shape beautifully through over a year and a half of birthday dinners, trade shows, casual outings, and nights out on the town… and yet they feel sturdy enough for many more uses while still managing to be light and comfortable when worn. Insane, right? Go on and take a second look at the opening photos of the lashes and tell me you’re not amazed. I mean, even the lash tray is more banged up than the lashes are. Quality really does speak for itself. Quite loudly, too X”)

*Update as of December 2, 2013: I have used these lashes for a total of 28 times so far! Thought only expensive mink lashes could get you 25 wears? Now you have proof you don’t have to blow your budget to get the most bang for your buck!

I’m pretty sure that you want to learn how I kept my lashes looking so good for so long. Well, don’t stop reading now. You’ll be surprised at what these 4 very simple guidelines can do for the longevity of your lash life.



    1. Use quality products ebay lashes are bad How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastI know we harp on quality a lot here, but that’s because so many people are unaware that quality is essential to the looks and longevity of false eyelashes. That doesn’t necessarily mean buy the most expensive lashes money can buy. Like we explained in this post, quality lashes elegant lashes vs. mac lashes shu uemuraMAC and Shu Uemura lashes are up-the-wall expensive, but Elegant Lashes uses the same manufacturer and we are one of the most affordable brands of lashes out there. It just proves that price does not always equal quality.  (Keeping that in mind, stay far away from those 10-pairs-per-box lashes. Those are a disgrace to the beauty world and were originally not intended for human use. Think about that for a minute…)
      Main point: Using high-quality lashes is the #1 best thing you can do to save yourself money and make your false lashes look great while lasting you a very, very long time.


  • Skip the mascara.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastOf course I’m all too aware of everyone telling each other that you should wear mascara with your lashes if you want them to blend with your own, but that’s not always the case (see full post here!) and it definitely won’t help in extending the life of your lashes. Do your false lashes a favor and just leave them alone. Not only will they last longer, but they will be much easier to take care of, easier to store, and far more sanitary than lashes that are worn with mascara.



  • ALWAYS remove lashes with OIL-FREE makeup remover
    We all know and love how easily oil-based removers remove heavy eye makeup, but if you want to get as much use out of your false lashes as possible, never let oil touch the lash band.How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastOils act like a repellent so unless you want some drama when trying to re-use your newly oil-infused lashes, I suggest you heed my warning. Learn more cool things you didn’t know (and how to do it right) by checking out my post on How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly.



  • Store your lashes in their original package
    People don’t realize just how quickly and easily false lashes can collect dust when they leave their lashes out in the open on either their vanities or their bathroom counters. This is a bad habit that I beg you to correct because not only is it unattractive to see dust bunnies on eyelashes, it is also very damaging and irritating to your beautiful eyeballs.How to Take Care of False EyelashesAka How to Make Your Fake Lashes Last… a Really, Really Long TimeMoreover, leaving your lashes so exposed means that there’s also a very good chance that a spider and a few poop-loving flies paraded all over your lashes during the night as well. But hey, what you can’t see can’t hurt you so those don’t count, right? How to Take Care of False Eyelashes How to Make Your Fake Lashes LastIf you want clean, comfortable, long-lasting lashes, store them in their original trays. This will not only protect them from dust and accidental spills from water, lotions, cosmetics, etc., the tray’s rounded molding will help retain the lovely curve of the lash band.


…Another reason why those 10-pair-per-box lashes are so ridiculously stupid.



Well, there you have it. Now you know where to get the best quality lashes on Earth (ahem, at www.FalseEyelashesSite.com) and how to make them last forever!

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P.S. What is the most number of times YOU wore a pair of lashes? Leave your comment below!

DIY Eyelash Extensions: How to Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself

Update (April 24, 2014): We have a video version of this tutorial!! Check it out here.

Eyelash extensions. Everybody’s getting them, everybody’s talking about them, and everybody’s going gaga over them. But the sad truth is, not everybody can afford them.

eyelash extensions
source: http://beauty-care-blog.tumblr.com/

As always, there is a much more affordable route to this beauty craze. And as always, Elegant Lashes® is here to help.

I’ll be showing you a temporary version of eyelash extensions that will give you that lush, natural look without the unnecessary risk and expense.

We’ll be using individual flare lashes with strip lash glue instead of the traditional semi-permanent individual eyelash glue used to apply eyelash extensions. This method is widely used by makeup artists for brides and “natural look” photo shoots and is completely customizable to your tastes and needs. Better yet, there is absolutely no commitment required – you can remove the extensions easily along with the rest of your makeup at the end of the day without worrying about maintenance and costly touch-ups.

Important: There is a difference between the glue that I’ll be using and the glue that extensions experts use. DO NOT attempt to follow along if you’re going to be using individual lash adhesive because that’s a wholeindividual eyelash adhesive strip lash adhesive false eyelashes extensions ‘nother story. (Wait a minute…was that even proper English??? Now that I think about it, “a whole ‘nother story” doesn’t even make sense. O.o!) Oh well…

If you need to brush up on your adhesive knowledge, read our sensational post on strip lash glue vs. individual lash glue here. Your newly acclaimed knowledge will help you make wiser and more informed decisions and you’ll be glad you did it!


Some tips before I enchant you with your life-changing lesson on how to apply your own eyelash extensions:

  • Choose individual lashes of varying lengths. (I chose Medium, Short, and Under.) This will ensure that your complete look is more natural and you can use the shortest lashes to fill in blank areas along your lash line without making your overall effect look “crowded”
  • Curl your natural lashes before you start applying your individual lashes.
  • Draw your eyeliner on before you apply the individual lashes. Think of your extensions as your finishing touch and hold off from doing them until the very end of your makeup routine. It’s a little difficult to draw over extensions without making a bit of a mess.
  • Choose dark tone strip lash adhesive if you’re applying black lashes, clear tone for brown.
  • When applying, try to refrain from any excessive eye movements while you wait for the adhesive to dry since constant opening and closing of the eyes may warp how the lash extensions set.
  • If you want to apply mascara, do it after you’ve applied your extensions.


Ready to get lashed? Let’s begin!
What You'll Need for DIY Eyelash Extensions

  1. Select the length you want to use on your outermost corner (I chose Medium Black) and squeeze a bit of your strip lash adhesive where you can quickly and easily dip the knotted ends of your individual lashes. I’m using a tray of individual flare lashes that I’ve used before and just squeezed out a dot of glue into one of the empty notches.squeeze out a dot of glue eyelash extensions elegant lashes
  2. Gently pick up one knot (or cluster) with your tweezers and dip it into the adhesive. Too much adhesive on the knots will make your eyelashes look messy, even with clear tone glue, so try to use only as much as you need.how to apply your own eyelash extensions at home elegant lashes
  3. Looking down into a mirror, place the first knot on the outermost corner of your eye, making sure the knot is flush with your skin and not just clinging to your lash follicle. Remember: we can do this only because we’re using strip lash glue. Individual eyelash adhesive is NOT meant to come into contact with your skin – only your lashes. how to apply individual eyelashes_DIY eyelash extensionsFor the most natural look, try to shimmy your lash extensions between your natural lashes. Eyelashes do not grow in a neat single-file line, so take advantage of this fact by placing the knot where it can be hidden within the forest of your natural lashes. The closer to your lash line the better because your own lashes will cover the knots on the individual flares.
    apply the individual eyelash between your natural lashesWithout placing the knots too close to each other, repeat steps 2 and 3 and work your way inwards until you’ve covered the outer third of your eye. Don’t worry about filling in any blank spaces yet. Focus first on the overall effect the lashes have on your eyes.

4. Select the next shortest length and dip it into the adhesive. Use this length to fill in any blank spaces in the outer third of your eye. This creates more volume at the base of the lash while keeping the length a bit more subtle.

fill in the empty spaces how to apply your own eyelash extensions at home

Of course, this is just my preference. You can always fill in the empty spaces with the longest length again to put more emphasis on length while providing overall volume from root to tip (and not just at the base). Remember, it’s totally up to you!

natural looking false eyelashes_individual flare eyelashes
On the outermost corner of my eye, I used Elegant Lashes® Flare Medium Black individual lashes and filled in the empty spaces with Elegant Lashes® Flare Short Black individual lashes.

5. Continue to apply the lashes along the rest of your eye, using the middle length for the middle third of your eye and the shortest length for the inner third of your eye. Fill in empty spaces as you need using either a shorter length or the same length.  how to apply eyelash extensions (individual flare lashes)Notice how I did not apply any lashes along the innermost corner of my eye? If you have a small crease or have monolids, do what I did and leave the innermost corners empty. That way, when you open your eyes, your eyelid will not push the extensions down, making your eyes look sleepy and half-closed.


Aaaaaaand you’re done! Finished Eyelash Extensions do it yourself appy at home elegant lashes

This process may seem long and arduous at first, but don’t get frustrated – it’s totally worth it and really not as hard as it looks. Remember, just like with regular strip lashes, practice makes perfect. In no time, you’ll be able to do your own eyelash extensions in mere minutes. Best of all, you didn’t spend over $300 to do it – YAY!

Here are some close-ups of my eyes before and after my extensions:

Finished Eyelash Extensions do it yourself appy at home elegant lashes
Left: my eyelashes au naturel, Right: with individual flare lashes/eyelash extensions

See how small and wimpy my eyelashes are before? And look how naturally fuller and longer my lashes look with extensions! I don’t care what anyone says – no mascara in the world can make my lashes look this good.

Now for some headshots to show you the overall effect that longer lashes can have on someone. Just so you know: I’m wearing nothing but my regular eyeliner on my upper lash line in the ‘before’ photos – no mascara – and simply added individual flare lashes (a.k.a extensions) to the upper lash line in the ‘after’ photos, also sans mascara.

Eyelash Extensions before and after_Side

Eyelash Extensions before and after DOWNThe after photos are definitely more appealing, do you not agree? Aside from the hairstyle being slightly different, I did absolutely nothing else to change my look except to add some extensions to my eyes. Eyelashes are such a small part of the face, but they really do make a huge difference!


If you’re itching to ask any questions regarding how to apply your own eyelash extensions or want to add your own tips, let me know in the comment section below! And if you found this post helpful, don’t forget to “Like” on Facebook, Share with friends, and Tweet away using the handy buttons below! ^^