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All the Pretty Eyelash Photos You Missed on Instagram

Sheesh, haven’t posted in so long! Sorry! >.<

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, however, you’ll know that we’re not dead. But for those of you with neither Facebook or Instagram, here are all the photos of lashes and looks shared by us and other Elegant Lashes® fans.


Here’s our first ever Instagram post! (btw, we’re at @ElegantLashes. <– Follow to see pretty pictures!)

Big lashes and bold blue makeup

I wore Elegant Lashes® #040 Black lashes on top and #602 Black Under Lashes on my lower lash line. The #040 lashes be cray cray, they’re so thick and long and dramatic. But hey! A girl’s gotta have fun. I went all out with the under lashes and err’thang because big, bold lashes call for big, bold makeup. And more lashes.. Of course I didn’t go anywhere looking like this….

soft brown false eyelashes

These are the #028 lashes in Brown. (I wrote a review about them here. They’re also included in our deliciously cute Brownie Lash Kit. Yay!)  So soft and purty!

best favorite false eyelashes

My absolute favorite – Elegant Lashes® #046 Black False Eyelashes. Just perfect.

natural false eyelashes

Amazing lash application by @gwenfauxglaux (Follow her!) She used Super Flare Individual Lashes to create this sexy cat-eye lash look. Short on inner corners, medium in the middle, and long on the ends. So dang perfect!

fourth of july makeup and colorful lashes

And here’s our lovely Bonnie rocking Elegant Lashes® G241 “Liberty Glow” Glow in the Dark False Eyelashes for her red, white, and blue Fourth of July look. She’s also wearing #066 Black false lashes as her base lash and #133 Under Lashes on her lower lash line.

red white and blue false eyelashes

Closeup of the eyes and lashes.  🙂

black feather false eyelashes

These are the F430 Premium Feather Eyelashes. Cute, no? They also come in a slightly longer version for those with bigger eyes than me. 🙂

neutral natural makeup and lashes

Elegant Lashes® #109 Black lashes. Simple tightlining and no eye shadow. All about the lashes, baby~~

elegant lashes #109 black false eyelashes human hair

Same lashes, different makeup.  I think I took these photos on the same day, actually. One natural-looking eye, one smoky eye. Hahaha! I’m ridiculous…. -_-

most natural looking false eyelashes

Why is my sister wet, you ask? She had me throw buckets of water into her face trying to see if waterproof mascara would prolong the life of false lashes in the water. Wanna know the answer? Click here. (BTW, Bonnie is wearing Elegant Lashes Individual Flare Lashes in Extra-Short, Short, and Medium.)

thick false eyelashes with cat eye effect

Dang, haven’t taken a selfie in ages. It was quite awkward, let me tell you. Anyway, I wore our brand-new Limited Edition Elegant Lashes® #148 Black False Eyelashes to a friend’s wedding. Super huge and glamorous (at least for me). There are like a million layers of lashes on this one strip. Me likey~~~ very durable. I’ll probably get like 26 uses out of these. X)

BTW, we now have a better closeup photo these lashes. Here you go:false eyelashes human hair - elegant lashes #148 black

You’re welcome.


false eyelashes - elegant lashes 034 black human hair false eyelashes

I love this sexy green eye by @brittany_nicole_mua!!!! She used Elegant Lashes #034 Black False Lashes to top off this look. All that green and glitter.. so gorgeous. <3

false eyelashes before and after

Who doesn’t love before and after photos? @beprettybychelsea shared this photo of a bride-to-be wearing Elegant Lashes® human hair falsies. She’s so cute – she reminds me Jennifer Lawrence!!

Sugarpill eyeshadow and Elegant Lashes false eyelashes

Can’t get enough of this. @sandykani90 used Elegant Lashes® #704 Black Lashes on top and Individual Short Flare Lashes on her lower lash line. Love the colors and that gold brow. And I always love when people wear individual lashes on their lower lash line and actually make it look good. This is just yums…

halloween makeup and false eyelashes

Aaaaand last photo, posted on Friday the 13th. To get into the Halloween mood. X) Closeup photos are from this review. The creepy Glasgow look is from this post using the same pair of Elegant Lashes® #030 Black Lashes.


If you want to keep up to date with the photos we and other lashaholics are posting, follow us on Instagram at @ElegantLashes! You can also share your looks with us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #elegantlashes and the style # to get your work featured!

Which of these looks/lashes are YOUR favorite?  😀


How To: Glam Zombie Halloween Makeup Look with THREE Costume False Eyelashes

Halloween zombie makeup look with costume fake eyelashes

Halloween is only a few days away, and for those of you who don’t have a costume yet and want something simple yet Halloween-y, zombies are a no-brainer. Ha! No brains. See what I did there? 😉

There are tons of zombie makeup tutorials available on YouTube, so I’m not going to get into how I drew my face. What I will do is show you which lashes were used for this look, and why I used not one, but THREE different pairs.

But before we begin…

I wrote an article a while back giving 3 insanely practical and little-known tips on How to Wear Color Lashes. And I just realized I followed those 3 tips in chronological order.  Cool.

3 tips for wearing halloween costume eyelashes

Let me just say this now: If you’re wearing fake lashes for Halloween this year, you REALLY should read that post if you haven’t done so already. You kinda might regret not having read the article when Halloween night rolls around… Just saying.

Anyway, back to creating that zombie eye:

Lash #1: The base lash

What’s a base lash, you say?

A base lash is a pair of “normal,” non-costume falsies (we use our Human Hair lashes) that are worn under costume lashes to bring definition and depth to the eyes.  Read more about it here. Trust me, it makes a WORLD of difference.

For this look, I used Elegant Lashes® #003 Black False Eyelashes as my base lash:

Elegant Lashes® #003 Black False Eyelashes

I chose this as the base lash because it looked quite similar to the glow-in-the-dark costume eyelash I was going to wear: Elegant Lashes G234 “Glow Stixx” Eyelashes.

Elegant Lashes G234 “Glow Stixx” Glow in the Dark False Eyelashes

Of course, you don’t need to wear a base lash for every costume look, but I initially tried my zombie look with just the black-and-white G234 “Glow Stixx” eyelash, and yes, it looked very, very nice …

halloween costume eyelashes

…but I knew I could do better. The lashes look awesome, but I want perfection, and the eyes just weren’t as open as I would have liked. I blame it on the white glow-in-the-dark strips of the eyelash – white eyelashes just have a way of closing your eyes like that. So I went ahead and applied the #003 Black lashes as a base lash. Like I said, it made a world of difference. (Photo will come later. Be patient.)


Lash #2: The under lash

I’ve said this before, but when you’re going all out with a dramatic costume look, you CAN’T FORGET YOUR UNDIES. If you’re going to go heavy with the makeup and lashes on top, PLEASE balance out the look with something on the bottom. I used #502 Black Under Lashes for my zombie eyes:

Elegant Lashes® #502 Black False Under Eyelash

If you normally can’t wear under lashes, Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with bottom falsies. The makeup’s crazy, and no one’s judging, so you may as well go crazy with the lashes, too!

Here’s what the eye looks like with just the base lash on top and the under lash on the bottom:

false under eyelashes and flared top fake eyelash

The under lashes on the bottom look awkward and heavy now, but it will balance out the top-heavy lashes when they come.

And here they come:

Lash #3: The costume lash… applied on the crease

halloween costume false eyelashes

Yay, perfection! Costume eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume, so make sure you’re applying them right! Otherwise, you’ll look sleepy, your eyes will feel tired and uncomfortable, and you won’t have a good time. 🙁

Follow these 2 tips to open up the eyes if you’re wearing heavy/colorful fake lashes for Halloween:

  1. Wear a base lash. I know I sound like a broken record, but… it really, really does make a world of difference, especially if you’re wearing lighter-colored lashes. The base lash truly opens up the eyes.
  2. Apply the large costume false eyelash on your CREASE, not on your natural lash line. Costume lashes are big and heavy, and they won’t feel comfortable when applied the same way that normal falsies are applied. This all has to do with leverage and physics. Place the heavier costume lashes further/higher from the lash line (I place my false lashes on my crease) to take the weight off the eyelid and also open up the eyes.

Final result:

Halloween costume eyelashes, zombie makeup look, black and white fake eyelashes

Halloween glam zombie makeup using THREE false eyelashes: a thick human hair base lash, false bottom lashes, and of course, the costume eyelashes on top!

Here’s the zombie staring at the ground so you can see her awesome eyelashes better:

Halloween glam zombie eye makeup costume false eyelashes

I think these black and white eyelashes will also work great with a skeleton look. 🙂

And since Halloween is more of a night-time occasion….. You can’t forget about the glow-in-the-dark part of the G234 “Glow Stixx” Glow in the Dark lashes:

Elegant Lashes® G234 “Glow Stixx” glow in the dark false eyelashes  in black light

This is Elegant Lashes® G234 “Glow Stixx” glow in the dark false eyelashes in black light. Aren’t they so awesome??

And here’s what they look like on a person:

glow in the dark false eyelashes_halloween rave costume

Believe it or not, this photo is completely unedited (except for cropping) and was taken with one simple black light bulb in a dark room. Yeah, these glow in the dark eyelashes are that amazing. They look so awesome under black light. Perfect for if you’re going out dancing… X)

Another photo of the glow in the dark eyelashes in black light:

glow in the dark false eyelashes zombie makeup
Shy zombie.

Just to set the record straight, you don’t need costume eyelashes to create a Halloween costume look. The zombie look can be achieved with non-costume lashes, also.

Here’s a top-down view of the same zombie makeup look, using only two eyelashes this time: #061 Black False Eyelash on top, and #502 Black Under Lashes on the bottom (both of them are 100% Human Hair).

thick long drag queen fake eyelashes

zombie makeup halloween costume ideas

Wow, I look particularly dead in that last photo.

Hope this inspired some of you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with multiple lashes/under lashes/costume lashes. Remember, have fun with your looks – on Halloween, anything goes!


One last thing

Do you have a friend who hasn’t decided what she wants to be for Halloween yet? Send her a link to this post so she can learn to recreate this simple glam zombie look and look awesome on the dance floor with some glow-in-the-dark lashes!

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And if any of you are planning on wearing costume lashes for Halloween, PLEASE do yourselves a big, big favor by reading and sharing the How to Wear Color Lashes post. Because there are just some things you don’t think about until it’s too late and you wish someone had told you…


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Now tell me: What are YOU going to be this Halloween? Leave a comment below!


How to Get the Most Out of Your Red-White-and-Blue “Fourth of July Falsies”

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes G241 Liberty Glow

Remember this post where we introduced the G241 “Liberty Glow” glow-in-the-dark false eyelashes for Fourth of July?

Well…. It’s almost Independence Day again, and I couldn’t help donning this colorful, patriotic pair of falsies one more time. And guess what? I rediscovered an easier way to wear these big, blinged-out babies.

I’ll show you in a minute what I did to make wearing these lashes even more comfortable (and actually easier to apply), but first here’s a photo of what they look like (minus the crazy makeup and white wig I wore last year).

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july - elegant lashes G241 Liberty Glow glow in the dark false eyelashSorry for the annoying(?) face tilt. I always think eyelashes look better at this angle, though, and this entire blog is dedicated to false eyelashes, so… deal with it. >=)

(Just kidding! =X)

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july - elegant lashes G241 Liberty Glow glow in the dark false eyelash

Yes, the lashes are long (for me), and as you can see in the photo above, they reach up to just below my eyebrows. This is the length of most of our Carnival Color lashes, and now that I think of it, it’s the default length and shape for a grand majority of costume color lashes, regardless of the manufacturer. It may be helpful to know that most Halloween lashes are this length and shape.

Can you tell in the photo where I placed the false lashes? Actually, stop getting so close to my photo. Here’s a close-up:

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july

When wearing any kind of costume eyelash or light-colored eyelash (in this case, it’s both), it’s always a good idea to make use of these 3 handy tips for wearing color/Halloween lashes. I followed tip #3 and placed my false lashes on my crease, rather than directly onto my lash line. This helps take off some of the weight of heavy costume lashes, and makes your eyes look less droopy.

I have a teeny, tiny excuse of a crease, so it’s easy for me to find where to affix my costume lashes at a perfectly comfortable distance from my real lashes so my eyelids don’t feel super heavy.

However, I realize that not everyone has a crease, and some people have large/deep creases that would make the lashes look like they’re flying off their face. If that is you, here’s your tip: follow the line of your eyeliner.

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes Liberty Glow

Placing the false lashes right above your eyeliner gives you a nice dark base from the liner, and because the lashes are higher up, your eyes also look more open and awake. This is especially helpful when wearing light-colored lashes, because lighter colors on your lash line will make your eyes look smaller (which is why we don’t wear white mascara).

red white and blue false eyelashes for fourth of july

I initially applied these lashes on my lash line (without a base lash), and wondered why my eyes looked so closed and alien-y. I didn’t feel like applying a base lash, so I just removed and reapplied the G241 “Liberty Glow” lashes to follow the line of my crease/eyeliner. The result: instant alertness and much more “awake”-looking eyes. My eyes and lashes felt so perky and alive! Lesson learned and forever remembered. I decided to share on this blog. 😉

Here’s what I mean by eyes looking smaller when light-colored false lashes are applied close to the lash line:

glow in the dark red white and blue false eyelashes Elegant Lashes Liberty Glow Do you see how placing such a huge false eyelash close to the lash line actually closes the eye? Yeah, that eye on the right ain’t too sexy.

 Okay, so now that I gave you this refresher course on how to wear big costume lashes more comfortably and beautifully, on to my favorite part! Time to turn off the lights, ‘cause these babies like to dance in the dark. 😉

Here are some awesome photos of Elegant Lashes® G241 “Liberty Glow” Glow-in-the-Dark eyelashes doing their thing and *G-L-O-W-I-N-G.*

glow in the dark false eyelashes

This photo is taken in blacklight, which is why my shirt is so screaming pink. Blacklight makes glow-in-the-dark lashes look amazing, and they allow the glowing strips to luminesce much more brightly than just being in the dark.

glow in the dark false eyelashesUmm, this is kind of awesome, no? I’ve never seen glow-in-the-dark eyelashes at this angle before, and it’s pretty cool to see the shape and how the lashes really pop in the blacklight.

If you’re not going to be hanging around a black light when you’re donning your glow-in-the-dark falsies, make sure you hold the eyelashes up to a bright light source before applying them to make the glowing effect last longer and be stronger. (I shouldn’t have to explain why you should not stand next to a bright light source while wearing your falsies, right? ;P)

If you want these statement-making lashes for your own Fourth of July look, click here and get them now!
(Here’s my sublte sales pitch: BUY NOW! Hahaha)

In all seriousness, though, there is still some time to get these in by the 4th of July holiday, but you’ll really have to hurry your honey buns over and get them quick – I honestly can’t guarantee you’ll get them in time if you procrastinate. *serious face*

What do you think of these falsies? Have you tried applying big lashes on your crease/eyeliner, rather than the lash line? Let me know if you learned a thing or two in this article, and “like,” tweet, or share if you enjoyed what you read/saw. 🙂