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How to Apply False Eyelashes – 5 Tips You Wish Someone Had Told You

According to the instructions on the back of DUO adhesive boxes, false lash application takes just three simple steps:

how to apply false eyelashes instructions
The illustration is not applying false eyelash glue correctly, by the way. Ha!

Seriously? Just three steps?

Anyone who’s ever tried applying false eyelashes for the first time knows it’s not this easy.

Well, Step 1 is easy enough, and I’ve done a terrific job of explaining Step 2 in my How to Properly Apply False Eyelash Glue (All about Adhesives, Part I) post here. *pats self on the back* X) But Step 3 is where people have the most trouble, and that’s why I’m here to provide you with five tips you wish someone had told you when you first learned how to apply false eyelashes.


Tip #1: Everything’s Better with Curves
The more curved the lash band is, the easier the lashes are to apply. And don’t worry if you think you overdid it; it’s actually a lot easier to apply a severely curved false eyelash onto your eyes rather than try to pin down both ends of a lash that is too straight. Use one of the methods below to get that optimum U-shape:
how to apply false eyelash, fake lashes

Note: lashes not made of 100% Human Hair will not bend as easily due to the stiffer lash band. You can read more on the difference between synthetic and human hair lashes here.


Tip #2: Oil-Free is the Way to Be
Oil makes it hard for the adhesive to bond to the lash band and to your eyes; it’s like trying to make tape stick onto a greasy forehead. If you have naturally oily eyelids, blot the excess oil with oil blotting sheets. If you’re re-using your lashes, make sure you NEVER remove them with oil-based makeup remover as the oil will stay lodged within the lash band, making it hard for you to glue them back on. (Read How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly for more tips on lash removal and care).

how to apply false eyelashe fake lashes tips


Tip #3: Keep your elbows on the table
If you’re new to false lashes, mirror placement and stability make a HUGE difference when it comes to successful application. Most people apply their lashes while standing in front of their bathroom mirror or sitting at their vanity, and that’s usually where the trouble starts. Try one of these setups instead to make your life a little bit easier:

1)      My favorite setup:how to apply false fake lashes use mirrorLay a mirror flat onto a table and, with your elbows on either side of it, look down into the mirror with your false lash all glued up and ready to apply. This angle seriously provides the PERFECT view of where to apply your lashes. Try it out for yourself – you’ll see exactly what I mean!

2) Just a different version of my favorite setup: how to apply fake lashesInstead of a hand mirror, use a swivel mirror and place it just beneath your face. Adjust the angle and prop your elbows up on the table for support.

The key thing is to always place your mirror somewhere beneath your face. This will provide you with the perfect view of where your natural lashes are and where your false lashes should be.

3) If you can’t stop shaking, go ahead and plant that chin onto the table as well. Like this: 

Can’t get more stable than that, right?! Shakiness eliminated to the max! XD**

Tip #4: Start Small
Accent lashes/demi lashes/half lashes are a beginner’s best friend. They’re shorter in width (they only cover the outer half of your eye or less) so they’ll stick onto your eyes much more quickly and easily than when you’re handling full strip lashes. 


Tip #5: Take it One Step at a Time
If you’re in love with a pair of full strip lashes but can’t seem to get them on correctly, try cutting them up in two or three sections. Here are two ways to wear them:

1. As a half/accent lash: tips for how to apply false fake eyelashes


2. As a full strip lash cut up into two or three sections (I did three sections):cut false lashes up for easier application

One word of advice: this tip will not work well with thick lashes since people will be able to see exactly where you cut them. But then again, if you’re new to falsies, you should be starting off with light density and short lashes anyway. =P


Other Tips That I’ve Mentioned in Previous Posts:
If you’re handling false eyelashes, you should also be well educated on their adhesives as well. I’ve done an informative series called All About Adhesives to touch upon eyelash glue basics that all false lash users should know. Check out these posts to expand your lash knowledge:

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Know of other helpful tips that you want to add to this post or have questions on the tips I wrote above? Share them in the comments below! If you like this post or think someone else would benefit from reading this, Tweet, Like, and Share away with the buttons provided below. Remember, we’re here to spread false eyelash knowledge to the world, one little eyelash hair at a time. =)