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Afro Prom Birthday, IMATS Pasadena, & Sparkly Rhinestone Eyelashes

There are few better excuses to wear sparkly rhinestone eyelashes than your birthday… and a makeup artist trade show. So here is a useless post full of photos from our Afro Prom-themed birthday and IMATS LA in Pasadena. Yay, I’m kind of up-to-date because both events happened within the past 2 weeks. Let us begin…

Our birthday invitation (a.k.a., Facebook event photo) image looked a little like this:

afro prom party
Awesome afro prom-dress bobblehead birthday pic is awesome.

Fellow birthday princess Virginie came over the night before and we did some girly skincare stuff to our faces before knocking out. The next day was full of nail-painting, sash-making, food-eating, and … ready-getting. >;) To complete our birthday makeup, we all wore Elegant Lashes® rhinestone eyelashes! Bonnie wore D126, Virginie wore D179, and I wore D175. Yay, sparkles!

Glamorous bathroom photo shoot begins.

rhinestone eyelashes, bottom false eyelashes for prom looks

All three of us wore AT LEAST two pairs of falsies. I wore three: 747mini Black, D175 rhinestone eyelashes (applied on my crease to lessen the weight while doubly making my eyes ginormous), and a full strip of 104 Brown Under Lashes on the bottom.  Hey, it’s my birthday. I can wear what I want to.

shyne sunny bonnie wearing prom dresses and afro wigs

Twin photo…  Bonnie is wearing under lashes, too (probably her usual 602 Browns cut in half) on the outer corners of her eyes.

Everyone else wearing their wigs. I am a happy no-fro outcast.

afro wigs & prom dresses

afro wigs and prom dresses

Aww, shucks, I gave in.

3 girls wearing colorful prom dresses and afro wigs

No girly-girl sleepover is complete without a fun photo shoot in front of the ring light!

afro wigs prom dresses bonnie & virginie

afro wigs & prom dresses_Sunny & virginie

shyne Sunny & Bonnie_Afro Prom dresses & wigs

Our entire party of 20 people (who knew I had so many friends??) wore afro wigs and got suited up pretty nicely. (I would share photos of our huge afro-licious group, but I think some people want their identities to be kept secret.)

Some of the fabulously fro’d out ladies:

afro prom party

Fun afro-tastic times with friends. Too many photos taken that night, so I will stop with our thank-you card:

Afro Wig Prom Dress Themed Birthday Party for 3 girls

Now on to this weekend’s IMATS LA in Pasadena! It was our very first trade show, and we didn’t know what to expect. We just tried to be as prepared as possible…

… by wearing D126 rhinestone eyelashes every day of the show! XD

On the first day of the show, I wore 747-S Black lashes under the rhinestone eyelashes for more fullness.

sunny_rhinestone false eyelashes

Happy Bonnie posing in our booth before the crowds arrive.bonnie at IMATS Elegant Lashes booth

Day 2: Working hard at our booth. Putting hair behind my ear like a pro.sunny at IMATS Elegant Lashes booth

Yay, sparkly eyelashes. You can see them glisten when we look down. =)sparkly rhinestone false eyelashes at IMATS Pasadena Elegant Lashes booth

Quick photo break at the end of the day after all the shoppers got kicked out.SHYNE Sunny & Bonnie at Elegant Lashes booth IMATS

There was an after-party after Day 2 of the show. I basically went there to see if there was free food (there were tiny fancy hors d’oeuvres, but hardly any). At least I got a cool photo with this super-cool model in her cool makeup. That’s cool to the third power.IMATS special effects makeup model

Day 3: Realizing that I don’t own enough pink clothes to last me 3 entire days, I gave up on the last day and just wore blue.  Bonnie wore my pink dress. She is saved.

Haha, Bonnie showing off her rhinestone eyelashes to some shoppers. We were doing this ALL day, because no one had seen rhinestone eyelashes on a living human before.Elegant Lashes at IMATS

Bonnie: “Yeah, isn’t it insane that MAC uses our factory and they charge 80% more because of their name?!” SHYNE Bonnie at Elegant Lashes, IMATS 2013

At the end of the day, we were exhausted beyond reason… and for good reason, too!

Still, we got in a picture with our next-door neighbor, Kyira of SnogCosmetics.com. We were both newbies to IMATS!

Where the heck am I looking?? HahaSHYNE Sunny & Bonnie at IMATSSHYNE Sunny & Bonnie at IMATS

Camera angled upward at bright overhead lights = stars and laser beams in photos.

Our booth was right next to/behind Sugarpill’s, and I told Sugarpill founder/creator Amy on Saturday that I was gonna sneak over to her booth after the show to snap a photo with her. (Total fangirl moment when she walked past the Elegant Lashes booth. Whatever, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed.) Unfortunately, I got too preoccupied with cleaning up and the photo never happened. 🙁

Thankfully, as I was gracefully sprawled out in my chair massaging my aching neck on the last day after breaking down our booth, Amy came over to say hi and sorry that she didn’t visit after the show yesterday.  >O<!!!!!!!!! Why you so darn colorful AND nice?? ****DX

Elegant Lashes Bonnie (FalseEyelashesSite.com) and Sugarpill Amy Doan at IMATS

Bonnie and Amy Doan of Sugarpill Cosmetics. Hahah look at the “politically correct, unoffensive hands.” People in Korea supposedly call this “manner hands.” Hahaha! Perfect example.

Grainy phone photo. I never know what to do with my hands in photos… Sunny of Elegant Lashes (FalseEyelashesSite.com) with Sugarpill's Amy Doan at IMATS

I try to avoid the tired “hand on hip” girl-pose like the plague, but I was seriously lacking ideas. Really, I NEVER EVER know what to do with my arms/hands when taking photos. So I copied Amy and put my hand awkwardly on my hip. And now we look like awkward angry-pose smiling people. But we’re still smiling.

Sunny of Elegant Lashes (FalseEyelashesSite.com) with Sugarpill's Amy Doan at IMATS

Group photo. Featuring Stila halo above Amy’s head and blue recycle bin behind Bonnie. And cardboard boxes behind me. So glamorous.

Elegant Lashes & Sugarpill at IMATS Los Angeles

Demonstrating how to be a turtle:

Elegant Lashes & Sugarpill at IMATS Los Angeles

IMATS was sooo much work, but it was worthwhile and we enjoyed talking to everyone. (I’ve never talked so much in my life!!)

… Maybe we’ll be back next year. 😉