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Elegant Lashes #561 False Eyelashes Are Split Personality Troublemakers

Sunny Lee wearing Elegant Lashes 561xx Premium False Eyelashes

So, this just happened.

Sunny went from a sweet, innocent girl to a bold, ferocious Lee Hyori look-alike . And that kind of split personality is exactly what our #561 Black lashes are all about.

sunny lee (bonnie twin) wearing Elegant Lashes premium false eyelashes

Some people don’t like gradation (increase in thickness and/or length toward the outer corner) on their lashes, but Sunny seems to be a fan of this lash with both a sweet and edgy side. “Business in the front, party in the back.” Haha

shyne Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes 561xx for False Eyelashes Blog

My sister looks so gangstah~~

Look how tough and scawy (and cool!) Sunny looks. It’s like those lashes have a mind of their own. O.o

Elegant Lashes #561xx Human Hair False Eyelashes

Closeup up Sunny’s eyeball wearing the #561 lashes. (Also wearing #529 Black under lashes on the bottom.)

sunny lee

Those of you with larger eyes will love this lash because the lash band is noticeably longer than most of our Light Density-Short Length lashes. And if you love a little length with an extra dose of drama on the ends, then this is definitely your style.

Elegant Lashes #561xx Human Hair False Eyelashes

Another closeup of Sunny’s eyeball. Notice how the false lashes extend beyond Sunny’s eyes, elongating them. (Note: If you find that these lashes are too wide for you, you can always trim the eyelash to fit your eyes better.)

Elegant Lashes #561xx Human Hair False Eyelashes

Notice again how the outer end of the lashes extends beyond the length of Sunny’s eyes, even when the lashes are applied fairly close to her tear ducts. If you have smaller eyes, these lashes will definitely be too long for you, but if you have larger eyes or desire an elongated look, our #561 lashes may just be your perfect match.

sunny wearing Elegant Lashes 561xx Premium Human Hair False Eyelashes

If you’re drooling and dying to get a pair of your own troublemaker #561 lashes, click here – but you better hurry since these lashes will be around only while supplies last!

Let me know what you think about these lashes in the comments below! Sunny says she likes the longer hairs but ended up trimming the inner corners to make the band shorter. Now she wears these whenever she goes out. 😛