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The Best False Eyelashes for Summer – 3 Styles to Keep Your Look Fresh and Summer-Ready

false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashesI always think of summer as the season where most girls opt for a more natural look: minimal makeup, dewy skin, and casually tousled beach hair. For some of us, however, long and luscious lashes will never go out of style so here are a few ways to achieve beautiful summer-appropriate lashes that look soft, natural, and effortless.   Individual Flare Lashes

false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, individual eyelashes, eyelash extensions, lash extensions, girl at pool, girl at beach
I’m wearing Elegant Lashes Individual Flare lashes in Medium, Short, and X-Short (Under)  Black.

These may take longer to apply than regular strip lashes, but they look incredibly natural once they’re on because all the little clusters are applied between your own lashes – not on top of them. (Click here for tutorial on how to apply individual eyelashes. Click here to get your own set.) If you want your lashes to last a bit longer through humidity, perspiration, and excess oil, sweep on a coat of waterproof mascara to bind your false lashes to your natural ones.

Tip: use strip lash glue for easier application and removal. In case you’re wondering why I splashed water all over myself, I simply wanted to find out if using waterproof mascara on my finished lashes would result in waterproof lash wear. I know from personal experience that waterproof eyelash glue sadly isn’t really waterproof, so I tested if waterproof mascara would provide any help.  Judging from the results…false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, individual eyelashes, eyelash extensions, lash extensions, girl at pool, girl at beach … there is no such thing as waterproof lash wear. Sure, waterproof mascara can hold a curl and beat sweat, but as for helping false lashes stay on in water…. neither waterproof strip lash glue nor mascara will guarantee all-day hold at the beach or pool. Semi-permanent individual lash glue will work, but apparently not strip lash glue, waterproof or not. See my eyelash falling off at the end? ‘Nuff said. The mascara flakes and smears on my lower lash line are telling me my waterproof mascara isn’t very waterproof, either. XP   Accent lashes, a.k.a., demi lashes or half lashesfalse eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, accent lashes, demi lashes, half lashes These are really great for beginners since the shorter band provides great control.  Accent lashes are applied on the outer corners of your eyes, giving you a cat-eye effect that’s sexy for summer but not as dramatic as a full strip lash. I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #315 Black and let me tell you: they are a must-have!false eyelashes, fake lashes, summer makeup, summer lashes, natural look, natural lashes, accent lashes, demi lashes, half lashes Can’t find an accent lash that suits your needs? No worries. You can always make your own pair of accent lashes by trimming off the inner corner – or outer corner, depending on your eye shape and the look you’re going for – of a regular strip lash.   Speaking of strip lashes… on to my all-time favorite summer lash style EVER!!     Brown Strip Lashes (any kind!) brown false eyelashes, summer makeup tips Brown lashes truly are the gems of the eyelash world. They’re great for creating a more “casual” or daytime-friendly look due to the subtle and soft effect they create on your eyes – perfect for wearing in the warmer months of summer. No need to worry about looking too dolled up when you wear these chocolate-y bad boys! I’m especially loving all the random, uneven, fuzzy hairs on these RDW Brown lashes. Makes my fake lashes look so darn-diddly natural. Gah, I love brown lashes!! XD***   If you haven’t tried brown lashes yet, I highly recommend you pick up a Brownie Lash Kit from our site! It’s a fun kit filled with twelve of our most popular brown lashes from our huge collection. (The RDW Brown lashes I’m wearing in the photo above are included!) Your summer looks will never be boring with chocolate-y brown lashes in your arsenal! brown false eyelashes, elegant lashes, false eyelashes, fake lashes, human hair eyelashes, bulk, wholesale, makeup

brown false eyelashes, natural looking fake lashes, elegant lashes brownie kit, brown fake eyelashes, false eyelashes for men


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Elegant Lashes #028 Brown False Eyelashes (Yay, Product Review!)

Pardon me, blonde Asian coming through.

shyne sunny wearing elegant lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes

I just tried a style I thought was a little weird-looking. It’s called #028 Brown and it looks like this:elegant lashes #028 Brown human hair false eyelashes in packaging

brown human hair false eyelashes

I think I’ve said numerous times that I’m a big fan of the spiky style lashes rather than the ones with even lengths. However, this style was a little too chunky-spiky for me, and the spikes were a little too few and far between for my liking.

028 Brown False Eyelash_LRG

However…… I will never forget the time we temporarily ran out of the #028 Black for a little while and people were freaking out and yelling at us to bring it back ASAP. Sheesh.

human hair false eyelashes100% natural human hair false eyelashes

So…  somebody out there must like these chunky spikes.

I never tried it, though, so I couldn’t judge… until like 10 minutes ago, when I found an extra pair of #028 Brown lying around and decided to play with it. Yay!


Ok, so how’d it go? Let’s see…

shyne sunny lee modeling Elegant Lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes



short brown false eyelashes

false eyelashes

The #028 Brown False Eyelash is part of our Medium Density-Short category. Surprisingly, this is one of the few lashes where I actually think “short” is a good word to describe the length of this style. Actually, it’s not really short, but it is definitely one of the more wearable lengths of our gigantic collection (although this is all completely subjective). I don’t feel self-conscious at all with this length. It’s a pretty natural and believable length. Good job!

side view of Elegant Lashes #028 Brown Human Hair False Eyelashes



I feel like #015 and #028 are very similar styles in that both are very short lashes with very defined spikes that are generally on the more dense side, especially for our Medium Density section.  (The #015 lash has more spikes, is slightly shorter in length than the #028 lash, and has a shorter band, which means you never have to trim it to fit your eyes. You’re welcome.) natural looking short brown false eyelashes

I’m wearing a brown pair, so of course the lash isn’t gonna look all crazy dramatic and as defined as a black pair of the exact same style.

natural false eyelashes, neutral eye shadow makeup

Still, I like the amount of thickness in this lash because it’s not overwhelming or heavy-looking. I don’t know what the #028 Black looks like when worn, but I am completely comfortable with the short length and adequate thickness of this particular brown pair of falsies. 😉

natural looking false eyelashes



brown false eyelashes

In the packaging, the #028 lashes look kind of scary because they’re so spiky. The spikes actually remind me of those spiked clubs and round nun-chuck things that Vikings and bridge trolls used… you know, these things:

Image credit: www.digitalapoptosis.com
Image credit: www.digitalapoptosis.com


Seriously, every time I look at a pair of #028 lashes, I am reminded of this.




Remember how I mentioned the chunky spikes are few and far between?

I discovered this actually has an unexpectedly cool effect when worn. Because the spikes are so far between and are cut so close to the lash band, you won’t get a big whopping dose of volume…

brown false eyelashes

… but what you WILL get is an effect that is surprisingly very similar to a super-spiky, super-separated lash like #043 Black or #220 Black/Brown.

short natural false eyelashes

See what I mean? Very similar to the effect of wearing  Elegant Lashes #043, #220…. or MAC 7 Lash. (Ha! Didn’t think this would be a lash dupe post, did you? Well, it’s not, but still. Why would you pay $16 for MAC lashes when you can get the same effect and same high quality for soooooooo much less?)

Insert random photo of #028 Brown lashes being modeled:shyne sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #028 Brown False Eyelashes

Anyway, that is the #028 Brown false eyelash in a nutshell.

100% Natural Human Hair, flexible and comfortable band, not too long, not too dramatic… definitely not what I thought they would look like when worn. I like ‘em!! 😀

(Bonnie wore them over the weekend and she LOOOOVVES them.)

Try them out here – if I were you, I’d just buy them by the 6-pack since I’ll probably wear them every day and go through them in no time.



Elegant Lashes #001 Black False Eyelash Review (Red Cherry Ain’t Got Nothin’ on These!)

Say hello the one of the most popular styles in our humongous collection – the #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelash!

Shyne Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair false eyelashes

This is one of those classic shapes that everyone loves and everyone wants to get a hold of.

Unfortunately for me, it took forever for my tiny little eyes to work their way up to the point where they actually looked good wearing the #001 Blacks (I wore #001 Browns when I felt daring because it was simply too much for me to wear #001 Black). Thankfully, that’s changed. Whoo!

Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

The #001 Black lashes are part of our Medium Density-Short category, but at this point we all know that what Elegant Lashes calls “short” is not exactly short by other people’s standards. Still, I have an affinity for spiky lashes and I want to be cool like everyone else rocking the #001’s (in Black), so I worked my way up there.  =)

Elegant Lashes #1 Black Human Hair false eyelashes, red cherry #1 lash dupes

The Elegant Lashes® #001 Black false eyelashes provide just the right amount of flirty volume – not too sparse and not so thick as to make your lids look and feel heavy. This is a beautiful glamorous length, the thin, wispy spikes are pure precision and perfection, and the 100% Natural Human Hairs are so, so soft and luscious.

I had to work extra hard to do these lashes justice by taking cool photos. I think I did all right, so here’s another shot:

Shyne Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes, glamour natural length false eyelashes

Do you not see how perfectly and beautifully separated these lashes are?!!? They are so glamorous and befitting for an elegant evening look. (Granted I’m not wearing elegant evening attire in the photos, but that is beside the point.)

And because people love before & after photos, here’s our first-ever false eyelash before & after photo, featuring the amazing #001 Black false eyelashes from Elegant Lashes:

false eyelashes before and after - Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

Call me biased, but I think this photo is irrefutable evidence that falsies give the eyes 1,000,000x more appeal and opens them up like no other makeup can. Even with no eye shadow on the upper lid, the #001 Black false lashes make my eyes appear instantly more open and alluring. And that shape, with those flirty spikes… pure perfection.

Red Cherry what??

If you think the #001 Black lashes look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve either seen or used Red Cherry’s version, which is called Red Cherry #1. Here, take a gander and compare the similarities:

Elegant Lashes #001 vs. Red Cherry #1 lashes comparison dupe
Red Cherry images from kkcenterhk.com and buyeyelashes.co.uk

The Elegant Lashes #001’s and Red Cherry #1’s have similar names, look identical in shape, and both are made of 100% Human Hair, but one is far superior than the other. (See photo for the winner.)

So what’s the difference?

One word: QUALITY.

Quality makes a HUGE difference in the look and longevity of false lashes, and I’m not just talking about material.

Red Cherry lashes are made of 100% Human Hair (the best material), but there is always a consistent look of haphazardness that just… annoys the !@#$% out of me every time I see a pair of them.

What’s worse is that despite how long Red Cherry has been making lashes out of human hair, the craftsmanship never seems to improve, so the lashes look sub-par. Which means the people who wear them look… well, not sub-par … but they’d be a lot happier (and yes, look better) if they used better quality lashes.

green eyeshadow eye makeup, Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes
Now THIS is what I call a beautifully made, high-quality lash.

Let me put it this way:

If I paid you for professional makeup services and if you came at me with a pair of Red Cherry lashes, I would be sad. Most people may not know the difference, but I grew up thinking the precision and quality of Elegant Lashes was the norm, so I can tell right away when something is of lower quality. And to be completely honest, with Red Cherry lashes, the difference in quality is blatantly obvious.


In conclusion…

The Elegant Lashes #001 Black is an awesome, bomb-diggity style that is kind of essential for those evenings when you want/need to look glamorous. And the quality will blow you away.

Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes smokey eyes
Elegant Lashes #001 Black. Aren’t they stunning?? 😀

Elegant Lashes #001 in brown is equally as gorgeous (see photo below) and I still go to them when I wanna look pretty in the daytime. =)

natural looking brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes #001 Brown Human Hair False Eyelash
Elegant Lashes #001 Brown

Go get yourself a pair here and experience the magic of quality false lashes!

Want me to compare Elegant Lashes with other Red Cherry styles?
Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


Lessons I Learned from Elegant Lashes #067 (A Painfully Honest Product Review)

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Today I’ll be introducing and reviewing a lash style which I thought was very ugly.

Yes, you read that right.

There are some styles that we carry which I have absolutely no interest in. But I am intrigued whenever I find those certain “unappealing” styles flying off the shelves like there’s no tomorrow. And then I get curious…about people’s tastes. Just kidding! ;P

Here’s the style I’m talking about:

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash

“Dude, what’s so bad about that??” you ask.

There’s nothing wrong with it, of course! It’s just totally not something I’d go for. Why? Because those stick-straight edges on the sides give the whole lash a very harshly geometric, trapezoidal look that really, really annoys me. (I cannot explain this, and don’t try to understand; it is just one of my peculiarities.) I prefer the more “balanced,” rounded edges of the #006 and #012 lashes, which are the same in general style and density but don’t have that irksome sharp/straight edge.

Elegant Lashes #006 Black False Eyelash  Elegant Lashes #012 Black False Eyelash

(Note: I have tried neither the #006 lashes nor the #012 lashes, so I essentially have no right to say which one is better. Nonetheless, I prefer the general shape of those two over the shape of the #067 lashes.)

Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Well… at least the #067 false lashes are curled really nicely. Like, really curled… nicely. Dang, look at those curves.




Anyway, the last time I tried something because everyone else was doing it, I was pleasantly surprised and raved about my experience not once, but twice: here and here.

So I tried the Elegant Lashes #067 Black false lashes, just to see how (bad) it would look.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Ohhhhh, man. Oh, how I was humbled. I remember just standing in front of the mirror staring at my eye for a good minute or two. Because this is NOT what I was expecting.

Question: When you’re proven horribly wrong and end up liking something you were set on hating, are you supposed to feel happy or angry? Because I sure didn’t know what to do with myself.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Remember those super-straight edges that were the main reason for my disdain of this style? As soon as I saw what the lashes looked like when worn, they totally made sense. They made total, complete sense.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

And believe me when I say that I was greatly, greatly humbled.

The full and generous width of the lash, extending from inner to outer corner without poking my inner eye, is just what I like in a pair of falsies, and I sure did not expect to get that (or anything positive, for that matter) from the #067 falsies. 

natural bridal makeup Elegant Lashes #067 Black 100% Human Hair False Eyelash Product Review

And yes, evidently Elegant Lashes #067 Black looks awesome in photos. I would never think to wear this kind of eyelash, but I do admit they look great in these pictures. Maybe this is why it’s good for bridal makeup/weddings, a.k.a., the most photographed day of a woman’s life? Hmm….


Let’s talk about length:

Elegant Lashes #067 Black human hair False Eyelash Product Review

Elegant Lashes® #067 is part of our Light-Short category, but of course our definition of “short” is not your definition of “short.” (Hey, take a look at our Long category, and then try to tell me you still think these false lashes are long.) Look at that photo above – you can see how my natural lashes (yes, those stunted hairy things) compare to the length of these #067 lashes.

Perhaps these lashes are more for those who want more length than volume from their falsies while still keeping it all low-key. I personally prefer shorter lashes with more hairy goodness (I usually grab from the Medium-Extra Short or Medium-Short categories), but I see the appeal of these. More length with fewer hairs looks softer and more romantic… I think. At least, that’s the feeling I got when I looked at my photos wearing these lashes.


And let’s talk about that curl…

curled curly human hair false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Man, these lashes are so curled, I can sometimes feel them brushing my eyelid. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to personal preference: some people like curled falsies, others like straight ones.

I, however, think it’s pretty cool that these particular lashes are so darn curly (kinda like the way our #824 lashes are darn curly). It means they’ll always look perky and sit high (not sagging or drooping down), making your eyes look open and wide. And if you think about it, isn’t that why most people wear falsies? 


bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black human hair False Eyelash Product Review

I’ll be the first admit that the #067 Black false lashes look pretty good here. And I just realized something: where the heck is the lash band? Even I am impressed by how natural-looking and undetectable the lash band is. (Seriously, I didn’t edit it out. So where is it?) Hidden among the jungle of my mini lashes, I presume.


product review Elegant Lashes #067 Black 100% Human Hair False Eyelashes

Final thoughts on Elegant Lashes® #067 Black False Eyelash:

The #067 lash is a heck of a lot nicer-looking than I thought it would be (I would even dare to call it beautiful) and looks a darn lot nicer worn than sitting in the packaging. To all those people whose tastes I questioned for purchasing this style, I’m sorry – you guys know how to choose good-looking lashes and are far less judgmental than I am!

Lesson learned: you’ll never know if you (really) hate it until you try it.

So! Give these under-appreciated (by me) #067 lashes a try. If you’re anything like me, you may be very, very pleasantly surprised.

bridal makeup natural looking false eyelashes Elegant Lashes #067 Black False Eyelash Product Review

Want another brutally honest product review?

In the next post, I’ll review and share a lash style that I thought was pretty pointless. (Mind you, I did not say “unpopular” or “ugly,” because the style IS one of our best-sellers among bridal makeup artists, and I acknowledge that it does have a pretty shape. I just considered it completely and utterly pointless … until I tried it.)

Now let’s talk:

When’s the last time you tried something you thought you’d hate and ended up liking it? Share your story in the comments below! And of course, “like,” tweet, and share this if you enjoyed. 🙂


The Ultimate MAC 1 Lash Dupe

Elegant Lashes #066 Black MAC 1 lash imposter natural looking false eyelashes

Take a look at my eyes.

Seriously, take your eyes off my hair for a minute!

Can you tell I’m wearing false lashes?

elegant Lashe #066 black MAC 1 lash natural looking false eyelashes

Aww, look at those fuzzy little hairs on my eyes! <3 Of course I’m wearing falsies – nobody has natural lashes as perfect as these!

But this is one lash that you can wear to bump up your glam factor without looking ostentatiously fake! XD

long red hair, natural looking false eyelashes MAC 1 Lashes

It’s no wonder it’s one our best-selling lashes.

And it’s also no surprise that it’s one of MAC’s best-selling lashes, as well.




Huh? O.o

If you’re making that face right now, go do yourself a favor and get yourself over to our last blog post, The Truth about MAC 1 Lashes, STAT. (Click on the image below)  the truth about mac 1 lashes, false eyelashes blog

I don’t want you to be making the same mistake that all MAC-loving victims make.

You deserve WAY better than to be charged 86% more than you should be for MAC lashes.


No lies. All truth. Now get yourself over to that post.


Now that I got that off my chest….

Allow me to introduce to you the beautifully versatile and widely loved Elegant Lashes #066 Black!

elegant lashes 066 black in packaging, MAC fake eyelash dupe

There is so much to love about this style. Let me break it down really short and sweet for ya:

  • Shorter width: no need to trim lashes to fit your eyes
  • Dense but short: get the fullness you crave without the unnecessary length
  • Believable length: pretty self-explanatory =P
  • Defined hairs: an effect you’ll never be able to get from mascaras
  • 100% natural human hair: the best stuff that false eyelashes can be made out of
  • Thin lash band: to ensure maximum comfort and quality
  • Outstanding Elegant Lashes® quality: anywhere from 5-12 uses with proper care

false eyelashes_MAC 1 lashes dupe (Elegant Lashes #066 Black)


Let’s take a closer look at Elegant Lashes® #066 Black, aka the ultimate MAC 1 lash dupe.

elegant lashes 066 black Truth about MAC 1 LashesGorgeous, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, wouldn’t you say? Now THAT’s a high-quality eyelash!


Sometimes I think, “Man, I’m so lucky I work with Elegant Lashes®. I get to try on all these beautiful designer-quality lashes for dirt cheap!” Then I realize, “Everyone else can, too!”

false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 066

You don’t need to spend tons of money to get great quality lashes, and you definitely don’t need to settle for those disgusting 10-lashes-in-a-box-for-just-a-dollar lashes, either. (I absolutely HATE those things. Hate ‘em with a passion. Why they sell that junk for human use is beyond me. Those things are made for department store mannequins, dang it!)

ebay eyelashes are not for human use
Ebay specializes in fake eyelashes for “people” like me .

If you’ve been itching to get yourself some “high-end” MAC lashes but were wary about dropping $16 for a pair, look no further. (Hint: www.FalseEyelashesSite.com)

long red hair shyne bonnie
BAM! *pops collar* Now I can look cool without paying too much for it.

Know of someone that deserves better than to spend too much of their hard-earned money on great quality lashes? Do them a favor and share this post with them! And don’t forget to “like” and tweet as well!

Thanks for reading!