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The Ultra-Wispy Barely-There #082A Black False Eyelash

shyne sunny natural looking human hair false eyelashes

What’s that in my hand?

It’s the thinnest, lightest (density) Human Hair false eyelash of our 500-style selection.

What exactly is the purpose of a pair of false eyelashes that are so light and wispy that they don’t add any noticeable amount of volume to your lashes?

Beats me. Those were my thoughts every time I saw the 082A lashes. Just look at this eyelash:

Elegant Lashes 082A Black Human Hair False Eyelash

There’s practically nothing there!


The Doubts:

The Elegant Lashes® #082A Black False Eyelash is super light-density, the hairs are thin almost to the point of being anorexic, and it looks like it’s only good for adding length, not volume. In my eyes, it’s not much of a stud, but maybe that’s because I’m partial to volume.

Although #082 and #082A are both very popular styles (especially for brides and natural looks) I stayed away from it because:

a)      The length seems way too long for me. (I feel uncomfortable and self-conscious with too-long lashes.)

b)      Like I said, I covet volume more than length, and from the looks of it, the #082A lash isn’t going to give me much volume.

However, I must say the #082A lash has its merits…


The Good:

elegant lashes 82a natural looking false eyelashes

False lashes with chromosome-shaped (?) knots are actually more natural-looking than the traditional knotted bands. In fact, they are virtually undetectable. So the #082A lash will definitely work for the I’m-not-wearing-fake-lashes effect. Case in point:

super natural real looking falsee eyelashes

Yeah, you know you’re impressed. It looks like I got some mad skilled aesthetician to do eyelash extensions on me, because those hairs look like they’re sprouting straight from my eyelids, not something I plucked off of a plastic tray and stuck onto my eyes.



Although this is in our Light-Short category, it looks pretty long to me in the packaging. (Maybe not to you, but for my tiny little stubby lashes, the #082A lashes are long.)

Elegant Lashes human hair false eyelashes in packagingI must be getting better at wearing bigger and longer falsies, though. Nothing else explains how I’m able to pull off a lash of this length and not look ridiculous.

I thought for sure the #082A lashes would be way too long, but I wore them for the first time to a trade show with very minimal makeup, and they looked pretty great.

wedding makeup pink eye shadow and natural false eyelashes

Side view of lashes. Neat, right? It’s not too curled, and the hairs (100% Natural Human Hair, of course) are also very soft and pliable. So is the band, which allows for easy application to any eye shape.

wedding bridal makeup pink eye shadow natural human hair false eyelashes

What did I say about natural-looking length? These fake eyelashes don’t look so fake, now, do they?

Somehow the #082A lash enhances the eyes despite a serious lack in density/volume. (Whaaat? How?) In addition, for some reason, the length doesn’t look unrealistically long when worn, and because the hairs are so few and far between, they look like my actual, real lashes (but better, of course). Funny how things work out that way.

The #082A eyelash isn’t so pointless after all…

Here’s a photo submitted by pro makeup artist Thi Liu of a bride wearing #082A Black False Eyelashes on her wedding day. =)

Wedding bridal makeup, natural looking human hair false eyelashes

Like I said, #082 and #082A lashes are popular for bridal makeup, but I’ve only very recently started to understand why makeup artists would choose to apply the super light-looking #082A lashes on a bride. It just looks believable…

By the way….

If you like the general shape of the #082A False Eyelashes but want more volume, check out this lash dupe post on its more va-va-voom twin, the #082 Black False Eyelash. You’ll be surprised to know that the Elegant Lashes #082 Black False Eyelash is almost an EXACT dupe for Ardell 105 lashes. I’m not kidding you – the similarities are uncanny. And I’ve got the photos to prove it.


Concluding thoughts:

The length is nothing to be intimidated by, and the lack of volume is not something to scoff at.

Despite looking too long in the packaging, the #082A False Eyelash is quite a wearable and believable length, and I don’t miss the volume a bit. I’ll give credit where credit is due: the thing that most surprised me about this lash it that is looks so dang real when worn. (Again, look at the photo of the lashes with my eye closed. That’s scary real-looking.)

shyne sunny Elegant Lashes natural looking false eyelashes
Trying to look cool/artsy with the eyelash. I tried hard.

Final verdict:
The #082A Black False Eyelash is not pointless. It’s perfect.