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Elegant Lashes #001 Black False Eyelash Review (Red Cherry Ain’t Got Nothin’ on These!)

Say hello the one of the most popular styles in our humongous collection – the #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelash!

Shyne Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair false eyelashes

This is one of those classic shapes that everyone loves and everyone wants to get a hold of.

Unfortunately for me, it took forever for my tiny little eyes to work their way up to the point where they actually looked good wearing the #001 Blacks (I wore #001 Browns when I felt daring because it was simply too much for me to wear #001 Black). Thankfully, that’s changed. Whoo!

Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

The #001 Black lashes are part of our Medium Density-Short category, but at this point we all know that what Elegant Lashes calls “short” is not exactly short by other people’s standards. Still, I have an affinity for spiky lashes and I want to be cool like everyone else rocking the #001’s (in Black), so I worked my way up there.  =)

Elegant Lashes #1 Black Human Hair false eyelashes, red cherry #1 lash dupes

The Elegant Lashes® #001 Black false eyelashes provide just the right amount of flirty volume – not too sparse and not so thick as to make your lids look and feel heavy. This is a beautiful glamorous length, the thin, wispy spikes are pure precision and perfection, and the 100% Natural Human Hairs are so, so soft and luscious.

I had to work extra hard to do these lashes justice by taking cool photos. I think I did all right, so here’s another shot:

Shyne Sunny wearing Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes, glamour natural length false eyelashes

Do you not see how perfectly and beautifully separated these lashes are?!!? They are so glamorous and befitting for an elegant evening look. (Granted I’m not wearing elegant evening attire in the photos, but that is beside the point.)

And because people love before & after photos, here’s our first-ever false eyelash before & after photo, featuring the amazing #001 Black false eyelashes from Elegant Lashes:

false eyelashes before and after - Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes

Call me biased, but I think this photo is irrefutable evidence that falsies give the eyes 1,000,000x more appeal and opens them up like no other makeup can. Even with no eye shadow on the upper lid, the #001 Black false lashes make my eyes appear instantly more open and alluring. And that shape, with those flirty spikes… pure perfection.

Red Cherry what??

If you think the #001 Black lashes look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve either seen or used Red Cherry’s version, which is called Red Cherry #1. Here, take a gander and compare the similarities:

Elegant Lashes #001 vs. Red Cherry #1 lashes comparison dupe
Red Cherry images from kkcenterhk.com and buyeyelashes.co.uk

The Elegant Lashes #001’s and Red Cherry #1’s have similar names, look identical in shape, and both are made of 100% Human Hair, but one is far superior than the other. (See photo for the winner.)

So what’s the difference?

One word: QUALITY.

Quality makes a HUGE difference in the look and longevity of false lashes, and I’m not just talking about material.

Red Cherry lashes are made of 100% Human Hair (the best material), but there is always a consistent look of haphazardness that just… annoys the !@#$% out of me every time I see a pair of them.

What’s worse is that despite how long Red Cherry has been making lashes out of human hair, the craftsmanship never seems to improve, so the lashes look sub-par. Which means the people who wear them look… well, not sub-par … but they’d be a lot happier (and yes, look better) if they used better quality lashes.

green eyeshadow eye makeup, Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes
Now THIS is what I call a beautifully made, high-quality lash.

Let me put it this way:

If I paid you for professional makeup services and if you came at me with a pair of Red Cherry lashes, I would be sad. Most people may not know the difference, but I grew up thinking the precision and quality of Elegant Lashes was the norm, so I can tell right away when something is of lower quality. And to be completely honest, with Red Cherry lashes, the difference in quality is blatantly obvious.


In conclusion…

The Elegant Lashes #001 Black is an awesome, bomb-diggity style that is kind of essential for those evenings when you want/need to look glamorous. And the quality will blow you away.

Elegant Lashes #001 Black Human Hair False Eyelashes smokey eyes
Elegant Lashes #001 Black. Aren’t they stunning?? 😀

Elegant Lashes #001 in brown is equally as gorgeous (see photo below) and I still go to them when I wanna look pretty in the daytime. =)

natural looking brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes #001 Brown Human Hair False Eyelash
Elegant Lashes #001 Brown

Go get yourself a pair here and experience the magic of quality false lashes!

Want me to compare Elegant Lashes with other Red Cherry styles?
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