The Most Practical(?) Rhinestone Eyelashes Ever!

Elegant Lashes D179 Diamond Rhinestone Accent Half False EyelashesSo you want the dazzle of a rhinestone eyelash without the fuss of a full strip lash, eh?

Half lashes are the way to go!Elegant Lashes D179 Diamond Rhinestone Accent Half False EyelashesRhinestone half lashes are perfect for those who want to add intrigue and glamour to their look but aren’t too experienced with embellished false lashes, or want something a little more subtle (however subtle a rhinestone eyelash can be).

Here are our two rhinestone half eyelashes:

Elegant Lashes D178 Rhinestone Accent Half False Eyelash (demi lash) Elegant Lashes D179 Rhinestone Decorated False Eyelash (half / demi / accent lash)Aren’t they so pretty?!?!?!!!

The criss-crossed hairs make these lashes look like your own when applied. (Yay for cheating! natural beauty!) Plus, the shorter band guarantees that you will have an easier time applying these babies, and they will never poke the inner corners of your eyes, because they just don’t go that far. 😉

I tried the Elegant Lashes D179 rhinestone half eyelash – one of our 41 new styles! ^O^rhinestone false eyelashes natural look

And here they are close up:half false eyelashes criss cross style with rhinestonesMmm, the hairs are so soft and fluffy. I love it…

These are the perfect lashes for a festive party *ahem, New Year’s Eve* or special occasion/night out where you want to get noticed and be the star of the show. Heck, just wear them whenever you want to feel fabulous – every girl deserves to feel fabulous. 😉Elegant Lashes D179 Diamond Rhinestone Accent Half False EyelashesHope you give these beauties a try!

And the next time you’re out and someone asks you, “Did your father steal the stars and put them in your eyes?”

… you can smile sweetly and say, “No, foo. They’re just rhinestone eyelashes.” (-_-)


7 thoughts on “The Most Practical(?) Rhinestone Eyelashes Ever!”

  1. I also love the modern, updated take on crimped hair. I still have my eighties crimping iron SOMEWHERE, I think. But I bet I couldn’t make it look as awesome as you do.

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