The Perfect Springtime False Eyelashes (They’re Brown!)

Spring is finally here and I’m welcoming the warm weather by wearing three different brown false eyelashes on my eyes!

Just kidding, I’m only doing that for the sake of convenience. (As you can tell, I’ll be showing off three different lash styles in today’s post.) But seriously. Brown false eyelashes are the perfect way to pretty up for spring because of how soft and subtle they are.

brown false eyelashes are ideal for red hair
Brown lashes are all the rage in Japan these days and it’s not that hard to see why. (In case you haven’t got a clue, read why brown lashes are so dandy here.) Now let’s see those beauties in action!

thick dramatic brown false eyelashes

Oh yes, you know you like that velvety softness. I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #079 Brown on top and Elegant Lashes #602 Brown on the bottom. Honestly, I could never wear #079 Black no matter how much I wanted to because it’s just too big, bold, and … scary (for me). But that’s obviously not the case with the brown version.

Like I said in the Brown Lashes blog post, a brown version of the same eyelash will look totally different from the black version. Because of the lighter color, you can pull off longer, more dramatic styles without looking like a crazy person. (If you’re new to false lashes, I highly recommend starting off with brown lashes first – especially if your first pair of falsies are very thick and/or long ones.)

thick brown false eyelashes

Can you imagine what these lashes would look like in black? If you can’t, let’s just say it’ll look a whole lot thicker and longer than it already does. No wonder I’m so intimidated by them! For those who can pull off the bolder black version, I commend you! As for myself, I’ll just stick to the brown version. It matches better with red hair anyway (which is also discussed in the Brown Lashes blog post!). XD

On to the next style I’m wearing …

Say hello to subtle spikes! I’m wearing Elegant Lashes #073 Brown on top and Elegant Lashes #602 Brown on the bottom (again).

That’s my subtle attempt at covering up my other eye. X)

Spiky lashes are great for all eye shapes. I’m loving this style because it’s not too dense, it works well with the under lash I’m wearing, and the spikes, although long, are not intimidating in any way.

natural looking brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 73 brown

Gorgeous daytime eyelash, methinks!

Yay, two Lash-a-Day reviews in one post! (Well, three reviews if you count the little under lash segment I put on!) If you have any comments or questions, you can always ask us here on this blog (or on Twitter or Facebook). Don’t forget to “Like”, tweet, and share!



11 thoughts on “The Perfect Springtime False Eyelashes (They’re Brown!)”

    1. LOL nobody cares about the eyelashes! XD** But thanks for loving the hair!
      It came from a box, by the way – L’Oreal Colour Rays in Red Rays. ( I had to use 4 boxes for my hair length, though!)

      1. Awwww thats not true we love the lashes too lol it’s just i just went red for first time and love it, just na try different shaded lolol ty sweetie hv a happy easter!!!

  1. You have convinced me to purchase some brown lashes.

    I especially love the tip of sticking with brown once I am ready to bump up to a longer length.

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