The Truth about MAC 1 Lashes

mac 1 lash dupe elegant lashes 066 black false eyelash

Let’s face it: MAC lashes are expensive. They’re beautiful, great quality, and last a long time, but at $16 a pop, they’re expensive. If you’re a pro makeup artist with lots of clients or just an avid false eyelash user, buying MAC lashes all the time just plain doesn’t make sense (or cents. Ha!). And yet, people keep buying and justifying these unnecessary splurges because they just don’t know what I know. And wouldn’t you like to know what I know…. >=)

Thankfully, my kind little heart has decided to share with you all another little insider secret that none of the big companies want you to know:

MAC has been ripping you off.

Let’s say I put my excellent, savings-savvy little brain to work and found an affordable alternative to those beautiful yet expensive MAC lashes you love. And let’s say that this supposed lash dupe wasn’t just another look-alike wannabe, but the ACTUAL, real thing. Let’s say the MAC 1 Lash had an IDENTICAL twin. Well, guess what?

It does.


Meet Elegant Lashes #066 Black False Eyelashmac 1 lash elegant lashes #066 black false eyelashes

Now, let’s compare the above false eyelashes with the MAC 1 Lash: mac 1 lash elegant lashes #066 black false eyelashes

… Do you notice any similarities?

Let me help you out: It’s the same darn lash! Exact. Same. Darn. Lash.

How? Why? Because MAC actually uses the exact same manufacturer as Elegant Lashes®.

*insert dramatic pause*

Yeah, that’s right. MAC sells one pair of these lashes for $16 while Elegant Lashes® sells the EXACT SAME MODEL for a whopping 86% less! Ouch. Looks like you’ve been paying a little too much for those MAC lashes, huh?

Now, stop facepalming yourself. I know, I know, it is pretty depressing to think about how you spent $16 dollars on just one eyelash when you could have gotten 9 of the exact same pair for around $20. I know it didn’t help that I actually pointed out that fact just now, either. But cheer up – at least now you know where to get designer-quality lashes at awesome pro discounts! (Hint: Hooray! ^O^

So now that you know MAC’s dirty little secret, you can share this information with your friends (use the buttons below!) and blow them away with your money-saving insider secret.


Wanna see the MAC 1 Lash/Elegant Lashes #066 Black False Eyelash on a real person? Stay tuned for a Lash-of-the-Day (LOTD) post. It’s coming soon. 😉

UPDATE: You don’t have to wait – the LOTD post is here! <– clickity-click!


15 thoughts on “The Truth about MAC 1 Lashes”

  1. Are you SERIOUS?!!? thanks for the scoop!!! glad ive always stuck with elegant lashes (: …. how depressing for the rest of humanity!~ !!! =.=#

  2. You’re simply stunning Sunny. I heart you. I always tell my girls this. Thank you for shedding such sunshine on this. I’m an avid user and believe in fabulous for less.

  3. Love seeing these dupe posts! When I have recovered from Christmas spending, I will definitely be making an order here 😀 The lashes are SO reasonably priced…

  4. Retailers ripoff the public in so many ways it is not funny. Buyer beware! For example, I bought an 120 count bottle of Oscal Calcium Ultra strength formula at the Dollar Tree store for $1.00. A couple of days later I saw the same product at Busch’s in Tecumseh MI for $14.99! WTH? It was the EXACT same product. Do retailers think people have lost their minds or something? Damn high end, I have to put gas in my car! I will never pay more for a quality item I can purchase for less. It is all in the application not the name of a product that makes it work. I’m not studdin MAC

    1. Hahahaha I enjoyed your rant, especially, “I have to put gas in my car!” I agree with you 100% that people should never pay more for a high-quality item if you can purchase it for less elsewhere.

      However, I have to say this: Although application is super important, QUALITY is the #1 most important thing for great-looking falsies (or any makeup). I’ve seen too many women with perfectly applied lashes who look horrible anyway because they used cheap eyelashes (eBay, dollar store, Halloween shop, etc.).

      Long live reasonably-priced, high-quality products! (And lash dupe posts! Hahaha)

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