The Ultimate MAC 1 Lash Dupe

Elegant Lashes #066 Black MAC 1 lash imposter natural looking false eyelashes

Take a look at my eyes.

Seriously, take your eyes off my hair for a minute!

Can you tell I’m wearing false lashes?

elegant Lashe #066 black MAC 1 lash natural looking false eyelashes

Aww, look at those fuzzy little hairs on my eyes! <3 Of course I’m wearing falsies – nobody has natural lashes as perfect as these!

But this is one lash that you can wear to bump up your glam factor without looking ostentatiously fake! XD

long red hair, natural looking false eyelashes MAC 1 Lashes

It’s no wonder it’s one our best-selling lashes.

And it’s also no surprise that it’s one of MAC’s best-selling lashes, as well.




Huh? O.o

If you’re making that face right now, go do yourself a favor and get yourself over to our last blog post, The Truth about MAC 1 Lashes, STAT. (Click on the image below)  the truth about mac 1 lashes, false eyelashes blog

I don’t want you to be making the same mistake that all MAC-loving victims make.

You deserve WAY better than to be charged 86% more than you should be for MAC lashes.


No lies. All truth. Now get yourself over to that post.


Now that I got that off my chest….

Allow me to introduce to you the beautifully versatile and widely loved Elegant Lashes #066 Black!

elegant lashes 066 black in packaging, MAC fake eyelash dupe

There is so much to love about this style. Let me break it down really short and sweet for ya:

  • Shorter width: no need to trim lashes to fit your eyes
  • Dense but short: get the fullness you crave without the unnecessary length
  • Believable length: pretty self-explanatory =P
  • Defined hairs: an effect you’ll never be able to get from mascaras
  • 100% natural human hair: the best stuff that false eyelashes can be made out of
  • Thin lash band: to ensure maximum comfort and quality
  • Outstanding Elegant Lashes® quality: anywhere from 5-12 uses with proper care

false eyelashes_MAC 1 lashes dupe (Elegant Lashes #066 Black)


Let’s take a closer look at Elegant Lashes® #066 Black, aka the ultimate MAC 1 lash dupe.

elegant lashes 066 black Truth about MAC 1 LashesGorgeous, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, wouldn’t you say? Now THAT’s a high-quality eyelash!


Sometimes I think, “Man, I’m so lucky I work with Elegant Lashes®. I get to try on all these beautiful designer-quality lashes for dirt cheap!” Then I realize, “Everyone else can, too!”

false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes 066

You don’t need to spend tons of money to get great quality lashes, and you definitely don’t need to settle for those disgusting 10-lashes-in-a-box-for-just-a-dollar lashes, either. (I absolutely HATE those things. Hate ‘em with a passion. Why they sell that junk for human use is beyond me. Those things are made for department store mannequins, dang it!)

ebay eyelashes are not for human use
Ebay specializes in fake eyelashes for “people” like me .

If you’ve been itching to get yourself some “high-end” MAC lashes but were wary about dropping $16 for a pair, look no further. (Hint:

long red hair shyne bonnie
BAM! *pops collar* Now I can look cool without paying too much for it.

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Thanks for reading!




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