Thick, Long Caterpillar Lashes! (Elegant Lashes #040 Black Product Review)

Just another short post reviewing a pair of lusciously thick #040 Black falsies I stole off the shelves. >:) First off, here’s our first-ever photo posted onto our brand-spankin’-new Instagram!

elegant lashes #040 and #602 Black human hair top and bottom false eyelashes
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Y’all know I don’t feel comfortable (a.k.a., I look silly) with super-thick, super-long drag-style falsies. However, remember my stupidly simple golden rule for wearing big, dramatic, over-the-top lashes:

If your lashes are too dramatic for you, simply wear more (dramatic) makeup.

Big makeup makes sense for big lashes. And that’s how I was able to pull off this look using Elegant Lashes® #040 Black and #602 Black Under Lashes:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black and #602 Black Bottom False Eyelashes

Mmmm, big, thick, hairy caterpillar falsies and a very defined bottom lash. I don’t think I have the courage to actually go out in public like this (so far it only looks cool in photos. Ha!), but still,  I managed to make these huge lashes work for me by wearing bolder makeup than I am comfortable with.

bottom under lower false eyelashes, 100% Human Hair Elegant Lashes #602 Black

Yum, look at those delicious bottom lashes. This is the first time I’ve ever worn the #602 Under Lash in Black, and also the first time I ever wore the #602 lash (black or brown) in a full strip. (I usually cut it in half and apply only on the outer corners only.) With a more dramatic makeup look, however, the under lashes don’t look so garish or overpowering at all. 🙂

elegant lashes #040 thick long black human hair false eyealshes

The #040 Black falsies are part of our Thick-Long category. And trust me, these aren’t even anywhere close to how long our other lashes can get. The #040 lash is actually one of the more “wearable” lengths in our Thick-Long Human Hair category. These lashes are perfect for dancers, performers, cheerleaders, and evening/night looks. Or maybe for just a casual trip to the supermarket. 😉

thick long Elegant Lashes #040 Black Human Hair false eyelahes

Okay, so I’ve been constantly saying that big, bold makeup makes big, bold lashes less overwhelming. So to prove my point, here’s the #040 Black lash on a more natural, naked eye:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black human hair false eyelashes
Yeah, yeah, my tiny, sparse lower lashes are absolutely to die for. Hahaha!

See how the hugely thick, long lashes are overwhelming and actually look heavy on my more naked eye? This is why bold lashes call for bold makeup. End of story.

Ending this post with another electric blue eyeliner cool photo to make up for that awkward naked eye one.

elegant lashes #040 and #602 Black top and bottom false eyelashes

If you want your own pair of either of these luxuriously soft human hair falsies, get em here:

Elegant Lashes #040 Black False Eyelash
Elegant Lashes #602 Black Under Lash

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2 thoughts on “Thick, Long Caterpillar Lashes! (Elegant Lashes #040 Black Product Review)”

    1. Hey Ellen!
      Well, I have a little theory regarding big lashes:
      Always match the intensity of your makeup to the intensity of the lashes.
      Like I said in this post, big lashes = bigger, bolder makeup to make the lashes look less overwhelming.

      Anyone with any complexion, skin color, or eye shape/size can wear any kind of lashes as long as the makeup complements it. 🙂

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