Under Lashes for Newbies

Wanna know a secret? I never posted anything on under/bottom/lower false lashes before because most of them are too long for me to wear on my lower lash line. With the exception of #133 and #529 under lashes – both of them about half the length of our other under lashes – I always wore under lashes as top lashes.

Until now.

Elegant Lashes natural looking under / bottom / lower false eyelashes
Yay for new experiences! I’m taking baby steps here, so I wore #049 under lashes in brown (always great for first-timers). Kim Kardashian can get away with dark and dramatic lower eyelashes, but I know my limits, and some faces (like mine) aren’t meant for super long or dark lower lashes. That said…

What is the best choice for those just starting out with under lashes?

Hands down, brown lashes are ALWAYS the best choice for beginners or those just starting to experiment with any kind of false eyelashes. Now, I’m no newbie to falsies, but I certainly am very new to full-strip under lashes, so of course I went for brown under lashes.

Elegant Lashes 049 Brown under bottom lower False Eyelashes

Say hello to Elegant Lashes #049 Brown. It’s been in the Elegant Lashes® family since the beginning of time and is a consistent strong-seller, which is in itself a testimony to its versatility, allure, and time-tested beauty.

So out of the 21 different under lashes I could’ve have chosen, why did I pick #049 Brown?

Honestly, … because that’s what everyone else gets. I figured there must be a reason why this is one of our staple sellers. I think people favor this because it has an overall very classic and unoffensive(?) shape and length that makes it work well both as an under lash and an upper lash. The thin pieces of hair (100% natural human hair, of course!) make it ideal for use as under lashes while the length makes it ideal for wear as a natural and virtually undetectable upper lash.

Natural looking top and bottom false eyelashes by Elegant Lashes 049 Brown

What do you think of my hairy eyes? X) This whole “bottom false eyelash” thing is a very new and interesting experience for me, but with the brown under lashes, I think I could get used to this! I’ve worn #049 Brown as upper lashes, but like I said, this is the first time wearing a longer under lash for its intended purpose, and I honestly don’t think it looks that bad! Of course, they’re too long to be my natural bottom lashes, especially for a person of my ethnicity, but they don’t look too garish to me. (Tell me if they do look garish to you, though! I want your honesty. ;))

natural looking brown bottom false eyealshes (under lashes)

Better picture of the under lashes. Don’t they look so nice and perfectly separated? I really, really like these! 😀 And I love the subtle and understated brown color. Blends nicely with the skin so the bottom lashes look soft, not scary. Yay brown under lashes!


I wanted to focus on my lower lashes for this post, so I downplayed my upper lashes with a sparse false eyelash in relatively the same shape as the #049 Brown under lash. But if you like the sparse and natural look of the lashes I wore on top, here’s what they look like. This particular style is Elegant Lashes #103 Brown:

natural looking brown false eyelashes_Elegant Lashes #103 Brown False Eyelash

Wow, look at that. How interesting. I honestly never even paid attention to this style before, but someone got a whole bunch of these and I got so darn curious I had to check it out. Pretty nice, I say!


Back to the under lashes!


Application Tip:

One thing I noticed with under lashes – if you’re going to use the entire strip, apply it close to the inner corner of your eyes, brown false eyelashes on top and bottom_Elegant Lashes #049 Brown False under eyelashesespecially if the under lash is on the longer side (extending beyond your natural lower lash length). I’m not saying to go so far in as to stab yourself in the tear duct, but I usually place my upper lashes towards the outer corner of my eye to elongate it, and this technique didn’t look so hot with the under lash. It looks funny having a big gaping empty space near the inner corner suddenly bursting into a row of long bottom lashes. So if you want your entire lower lash line to be enhanced with false lashes… apply the false lashes along your entire lower lash line.

Of course, if you’re only applying under lashes to the outer corners of your eyes like I did here and Bonnie did here, you can disregard that whole paragraph above.

shyne sunny_natural looking false eyelashes

Hmm, the more I look at these photos, the more I like the way these brown under lashes look. I like that they’re light in color so it’s not too obvious that I’m wearing under lashes. It makes you do a double-take because there’s something there enhancing the eyes but you can’t quite put your finger on what it might be….


So now that you’ve followed me to the conclusion of my first experience with under lashes, here are the major takeaway points (if you didn’t catch them already):

  • If you’re new at the whole bottom false eyelash thing (correct term is under lash, by the way), or are just unfamiliar with false eyelashes in general, STICK WITH BROWN!! Lots of people give up on under lashes because they get them in black, which looks very harsh and dramatic on most women. Try brown lashes (we have the most brown lashes of any false eyelash brand, so we’re kind of a good place to start. *ahem*) and you’ll find the under lashes don’t look so garish or difficult to wear.
    • Even if the under lash is long, the brown color will blend easily with your skin so the lashes don’t stand out so much. You’ll feel less self-conscious about your under lashes screaming for attention.
  • If you’ve bought a pair of under lashes that were too long for you, DON’T throw them away!! I never even thought of using under lashes on my lower lashes until today. If your false eyelashes are too long for use as under lashes, simply flip them over and use them as upper lashes. I do it all the time, and no one’s arrested me for my crime!
  • Unless you’re cutting up your under lashes and placing them only on the outer corners of your eyes, apply your under lash along the entire lower lash line. It’ll look very weird to have a bald gap in the inner corner and then a sudden shock of long, hairy under lashes sprouting out of nowhere.


I hope this was helpful in some way!

Now that I’ve shared my first-time experience with you, it’s YOUR turn – have you ever tried or considered under lashes? What do you think of the ones in this post? Share your own experiences – did it look awful, great, etc.- in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Under Lashes for Newbies”

  1. I love the under lashes & have been waiting for the #133 or #529’s to come in, but instead I might just try the #049;s! Sounds like they would be more natural? How do they look when wearing black lashes in the top though? Do the 2 colors blend ok?
    Also, could you tell us if under lashes should be applied over or under our natural lashes? My own lower lashes are so light even I can’t see them to apply underneath? I try tinting them but they are so short it just makes a mess!
    Twitter @MustangMommie

    1. Hey Patricia,

      Never tried the #049 Black lashes on top, but the #049 Browns were super natural (maybe too natural for some?) as top lashes. And I LOVE layering black and brown lashes (wrote an article on it here: http://blog.falseeyelashessite.com/false-eyelashes-101-tip-how-and-why-to-layer-false-eyelashes/ ) so of course I have nothing but positive things to say about blending the two!

      Top lashes are applied on top of your natural lashes; under lashes are applied under your natural lashes. 🙂

      Under lashes are a lot trickier to apply than upper lashes, so yes, you might make a mess the first few times, but keep at it! Or, you can do like some people and apply it lower than where your natural lower lashes are.. it creates a wide-eyed doll-like effect.

      1. I wasn’t sugessting using the 049 on top ? I was wondering how the 049’s on the bottom in brown & Black lashes on top looked together if they blended ok wearing the 2 different colors ?

        1. Oh! Sorry about that!
          I always wear #602 brown under lashes with black lashes on top, so I see no problem with wearing the two colors together! Then again, maybe it depends on the style? It’s always a matter of playing around and experimenting with different combinations to see what best fits your style. 🙂

          1. Ok Thanks Doll ! I love your lashes so natural feeling, good quality & great pricing & customer service ! Plus I really enjoy your blogs 🙂 Thank you !

    1. I was scared of under lashes for the longest time, too, and for the same reason! Thank goodness for brown bottom lashes! Stick to brown and you’ll always be safe and look natural. 😉

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