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Hey, y’all!!

We know a lot of you come here to the False Eyelashes Blog to get the best tips on all things false eyelashes, but sometimes a written explanation just might not cut it.

And we get that.

That’s why we put our insecurities and reservations aside and decided to give you video versions of our blogs. Yes, that’s right: we finally made a YouTube channel!

If you didn’t know, our How to Remove False Eyelashes Painlessly blog post is our most popular post so it was only natural for us to create a video version of it. Hope you learn a thing or two from the video! And if you haven’t read the original blog post yet, get your butt moving and read it. It’ll save you from sagging elephant-like eyelids, you know. 😉

We’ll mostly be covering all the False Eyelashes 101 topics that are popular on this blog, but if you have anything in particular you want us to cover, leave a comment on our YouTube videos or on this blog and it could be the topic of our next videos!

Take a peek at our first video, by the way (above). Obviously still need to work on improving our editing, lighting, focusing, etc. so bear with us while we learn to ride this new beast and watch us grow in the process! How about donating a quick thumbs up to motivate us? XD

And finally, our most recent video, uploaded today!! I think it’s a vast improvement from our first video (you can already see our growth through just these three videos, can’t you?!). Based from another popular blog post of our, DIY Eyelash Extensions. (Read the original blog post here.) Please show your support by liking our videos and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Tell us: What topics would you like us to cover in future videos? Do you have any tips for us to improve our videos?


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