sunny bonnie shyne japan

When Did You First Start Wearing False Eyelashes?

Even though I grew up surrounded by the best false eyelashes, listening to our competitors repeatedly admit our quality is better than theirs, I was a tomboy until high school and didn’t care much for makeup or even wear any until my twenties.

I probably wore my first pair of false eyelashes when I competed in a pageant in high school (thus starting my transition out of tomboy-ness). Then I had to wear them when I was in the entertainment biz during my late teens and early twenties.

sunny bonnie shyne japan
I don’t know if we wore false eyelashes here, but our Japanese stylists understood I have a boyish side, and told me to wear the black dress instead of the pink one. (Yess!!!! hahah)

Other people were applying the false lashes for me, however, so those times don’t count. X)

The first time I wore false eyelashes fore real (as in, not for Halloween or dress-up, but because I wanted to try them out for myself) was in March 2009. I know, only a couple years ago.

Man, I look so young here. But I felt mad pretty this day. I thought false eyelashes were magical. 😉

I chose 747XS Black lashes because they looked short and natural-looking enough (which is what a newbie like me wants in her first false eyelash).

This was the day I realized how much a simple pair of falsies can transform a person’s face and really open up the eyes like nothing else.

When was your first experience wearing falsies, and what was it like?  Share in the comments below!


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