Winged Cat-Eye Lashes: #696 Black

Who doesn’t love a sexy, butt-kicking, gun-wielding, tougher-than-tough woman?
I’m a huge fan of Angelina Jolie and I love the characters she plays. Her cat-like come-hither eyes make her an obvious shoo-in for sexy-tough roles in action films such as Salt and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
I’m doing a “mash-up” of both those characters and if you’re trying to duplicate any of her characters’ looks this Halloween, just know this: nothing says tough and sexy better than a nice, strong cat-eye.Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelashes
Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelashes
Of course, no winged or cat-eye look is complete without full, lush lashes that are flared at the ends like the beautiful Angelina Jolie’s… which is why I introduce to you Elegant Lashes® #696.
Elegant Lashes #696 Black False EyelashThese lashes are fierce. They’re much shorter (especially in the inner corners) than your average false eyelash length, but they definitely pack a whole lotta punch.
If you’re anything like me and suck at doing winged/cat-eye looks, then these lashes are your best friends. They do all the work for you.
They’re incredibly dense (look at all those luscious layers!),

Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelash

sweep up and flare out at the ends,
Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelash
and make your eyes look smoking hot.
Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelash
These lashes make you look good even when you’re just sitting in your car! XD** (I kid)Elegant Lashes #696 Black False Eyelash

Main point: if you plan on being a tough-and-sexy butt-kicking heroine this Halloween, make sure you have the eyes to ~*smolder*~.

Everyone loves a nice cat eye. Meow!

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